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Review: Undulating Penis Plug for UberKinky


Posted January 27, 2013 by

I was lucky enough for ÜberKinky to send me one of their Undulating Penis Plugs recently.  It’s not the first urethral toy I’ve reviewed, and not even the first in the same range, but as I enjoyed the last one so much I jumped at the chance to review another.


The Undulating Penis Plug is similar to the Smooth and Deep Penis Plug I reviewed last year.  It’s the same length, the same ultimate width and is crafted by the same people.  So I had high hopes for this one!  It’s three and a quarter inches (83mm) in (insertable) length and it’s widest point is 8mm, although this width is only at the insertable end and in the middle.  The rest is narrower.  This makes the sensations noticeably different from using the standard Smooth and Deep Penis Plug.

So what’s it like to use?  Well, first I’d like to dispel a couple of myths that people always ask me about.  Firstly, it doesn’t hurt. At all.  If you use a lubricant (I use Very Deep) then it will slide in easily and not cause any uncomfortable sensations.  If you feel burning or any kind of pain then stop and have yourself checked out.  If you feel it stretching then this plug is too big for you and I’d advise buying something slimmer. That’s probably unlikely though as this isn’t a wide toy.  Certainly, for me, I had room for it and more.  Secondly, you don’t need an erection to experience urethral play.  In fact, it’s often easier if you don’t.  Certainly, even if you start with one, it can be hard to maintain it during a long play session using just urethral penetration.  If you start or become soft, don’t worry!  You don’t need to take steps to keep hard at all.  Just relax and enjoy the sensations!  Thirdly, the name “plug” is a misnomer. It isn’t really a plug at all. It won’t stay in, for a start.  The head of the penis contains no muscles to contract that keep plugs of this kind in place. It’s not a fault of the plug, this is just human anatomy.  That said, they could have named it more accurately.  So if you’re looking for something to wear, that won’t fall out. Sorry, but you’re out of luck.  What you need is a Prince Albert piercing.  The only sure fire way to keep a penis plug in.


So if this isn’t a plug, what is it for?  Well, it’s for moving in and out.  It’s not a ‘thruster’ as such, as thrust is too vigorous a verb for what you will be doing.  It’s for moving in and out gently. Delicately. This toy is designed to be moved slowly so you can appreciate the sensations.  Let gravity do it’s job and let it slide in naturally before slowly pulling it almost all the way out at the same speed.  It’s not for slipping inside your penis and then masturbating furiously.  You need to take care when using one of these.  I simply move mine in and out slowly, enjoying the undulations and experiencing the pleasurable feeling of something deep in my penis.  Think of using it like savouring a fine brandy.  You don’t just knock it back in one go, you warm it in your hands and you take your time.


So, does it actually feel good?  Yes!  Sensational, in fact.  Better than its smooth equivalent.  Not that the smooth plug is bad, but the undulations on this one are noticeable and very pleasurable.  I haven’t actually used my smooth plug since trying this one.  This is now my “go to” urethral toy.  And urethral play in general feels fantastic.  I can understand why guys might be a little apprehensive about penetrating their penises but seriously, it’s worth it.

Should “you” try it?  Well thats up to you, but if you’re looking for something a little different then this might be the toy for you.  Check it out by clicking here. It’s a very reasonable £29.99 at the moment (cheaper than a lot of their other plugs).



    Great review, very fair and honest!

    Have you ever tried our electro urethral sound?


      Thanks Helen,

      I haven’t tried one as yet, but it looks really interesting. Thanks also for your email. I shall reply shortly.



    Hi, Where i can find this to buy? thanks.


    Hi Andy. Having read all four (so far) of your Urethral Toy Reviews, this is the one that provides the most detail about how you went about using it, which really helped me avoid the involuntary ‘Yecchh!’ that I’ve had about anything to do with urethral play until now.

    I also find it interesting that in your review of the Hollow Princes Wand which you posted in January 31, 2012 you said “Thirdly, this particular wand is quite wide. I found it a tight fit. Not too tight, but a fraction smaller may have been slightly easier for my first time.” for a Wand of 8mm in size, and in this review of another 8mm plug posted almost a year later you said “If you feel it stretching then this plug is too big for you and I’d advise buying something slimmer. That’s probably unlikely though as this isn’t a wide toy. Certainly, for me, I had room for it and more.” which I can only assume is because of your repeated urethral play with at least the other items you reviewed. So I guess it does get easier the more you do it.

    If it does in fact get easier the more you do it, does it also get better? It’s been almost two years since you posted this review, and I’m curious whether you still participate in any form of urethral play (with this device or others) and how do the sensations compare if you’ve increased your expertise.

    UberKinky also have a number of Guides on Penis Plugs (and Urethral Sounds) which I read through, as a result of the links you provided in the review. Unfortunately, one of the issues covered in the Guides hasn’t been covered in any of your reviews, which is about the sterility of the instrument, lube, and hands. Even though your urethral toy reviews (and this one in particular) have piqued my interest, I have to admit I’m a little worried about whether I can keep everything as sterile as it needs to be, so I’m not exactly jumping into this one just yet.

    Thanks for the review.


      Hey – thanks for the great feedback.

      I didn’t realise both toys were (allegedly) the same size until you noticed. I have the 8mm Princes Wand stashed somewhere so I need to find it and compare it with the other plug. I remember the wand being a tight, but good fit, but I didn’t really use it that much. Certainly not enough to stretch my urethra. I also, until quite recently, didn’t use anything bigger than the 8mm toys I already have. All of which makes me think that either the wand is larger than 8mm or the plugs are slimmer.

      I could be completely wrong and my urethra could have grown, of course. But I’d be surprised. Either way, I’ll find out for you. Thanks again for pointing it out.

      With regards to continuing urethral play. I do more now than I ever have. I have three sets of urethral sounds. Pratt, Heger and Van Buren. All are slightly different. My favourite are the Heger sounds, which are the lightest and the nicest shape to use. I find them easiest to use and I can go deeper with them than any other. I wouldn’t say it’s that much better now, as it’s always felt amazing to me, but I know what I’m doing a lot more now, so can have a more consistent experience. I know how to hit the spot every time and how to go deep, which can be a little awkward at first and is where the real pleasure lies. So yes, definitely easier over time, like anything.

      I must admit I’m not an expert on sterilising these kinds of toys. Personally, I clean mine thoroughly then boil them, then use alcohol wipes before lubing them up and using them. Lubricant wise, I either use ‘Very Deep’ lube or regular water based lube.

      I can’t say enough how enjoyable urethral play is, though! I love it. I need to review my sound sets. The only reason I haven’t is because I bought them all myself. I always review things I’ve been sent first, so I have a huge backlog of toys I’ve paid for myself. I should really take some time to do so, though.

      Shout if you need anything else!



        Hi Andy. Actually, I think I know why the Princes Wand may have felt larger, and it didn’t occur to me even when I was looking at side-by-side pictures of both the Wand and the Undulating Plug. Could it be that the Wand felt larger because (apart from the tapered tip) it’s 8mm for the remainder of its length, compared to the Undulating Plug which is only 8mm wide at its bumps and mostly less than that (looks to be 5-6mm)?

        I’m actually surprised to hear not only that you’re still indulging in urethral play, but that you’re doing more so now than you ever have. Surprised, but really, really happy to hear that. Also very excited to hear about the three sets of Sounds you now own, as I’ve been checking them out (and the others that exist like Dittels, Bakes/Rosebuds, Henks, and Guyons) as well. Primarily because I’ve read that there are some sensations that can only be experienced when you go deeper, and Plugs just aren’t long enough. You’ve even said the same thing above where you say “…and is where the real pleasure lies”.

        If you didn’t know this already, there’s very little in the way of reviews for the types of Sounds you own, and what little is out there seems to have been written by people who apparently find it difficult to string more than two words together. It seems that most sex toy reviewers aren’t into Urethral Sounding (or they’re keeping quiet about it), so it would be great to see reviews written by you on all your Sounds (especially the Van Burens which look to me like the kind of device that would either kill you or send you into orbit!). I would love to read in detail what you mean by “I know how to hit the spot every time and how to go deep, which can be a little awkward at first and is where the real pleasure lies.”

        Thanks for the insight on what you do in regards to sterilisation. I’ve read about how some do much more than what you do, and some do much less. The common thread with that seems to be that more is necessary only if an infection occurs, which kind of makes sense I guess. Very Deep lube is specifically marketed for urethral play on the UberKinky website, and seems to be the lube of choice for this activity, but that could just be marketing hype. I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether Very Deep is at all special, when (not if) you get around to reviewing your Sounds.

        Dude, yes, you need to review your Sound sets, (These aren’t the droids you’re looking for [waves hand]) and you need to do it soon! But seriously, the reason I believe that a review of your Sounds would be so good is that unlike the stuff that you get sent for free, which you review as soon as possible after, you’ve been using these Sounds for some time and you’ll be able to speak from a non-beginners position, which can’t be said for the Plugs, Wand, and E-Stim Sound you’ve written about so far. I think that’s a good thing.

        YOU NEED TO REVIEW YOUR SOUND SETS, NOW! (Sorry, but you said I could shout. 🙂

        Thanks again Andy, and hope you get around to it soon.

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