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Review: Smooth & Deep Penis Plug for UberKinky


Posted July 2, 2012 by

“You’re going to stick that in where…?” where my other half’s words when I mentioned I’d been sent a penis plug by ÜberKinky.  I imagine that’s quite a normal reaction to such toys as they are a little hardcore, but there really is no need for alarm.  As long as you’re careful, penis plugs are both safe AND a lot of fun!  And this one is great if you’re just starting out.

I was actually lucky enough to be sent not one but two penis plugs by Vikki of ÜberKinky, recently. This is the first one I’m reviewing for them, their “Smooth & Deep Penis Plug“.

It seems strange to write the words ‘beginner’s urethral plug’ together as urethral penetration is usually seen to be a fairly advanced type of play, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s very safe and if you’re looking for a first penis plug then this is as good as any I’ve seen.  Here’s why…

For a start, at 8mm it’s a manageable width. Not so thin it might stab you on the way down and not too wide that it’ll stretch your urethra.  It’s a manageable length with about three and a quarter inches of insertable steel and has a ring attached to the end that moves freely.  It’s very finely crafted.  There are no imperfections at all and even the ring at the end is completely smooth all the way around.  This is an extremely well made product.

For me, this particular penis plug is a breeze to use. It’s a perfect width for my urethra and, as such, glides down with ease when I use it.  I found the whole process very easy as the ring at the end aids holding and manipulating.  Many people seem to have a phobia about urethral play, but really it’s no more difficult than inserting a butt plug and can feel as natural as putting a spoon in your mouth.

If you’re new to urethral play there really is nothing to be afraid of.  As long as you’re careful, you won’t go wrong.  Just remember to go slow, use plenty of lube and don’t force anything. Other than that, you can play any way you like. You can be hard or soft, lying down or sitting, with a partner or on your own. Personally, I like to be lying back when I play. I like to rest my head so I can relax and contemplate the sensations I feel. For me, it’s a slower type of masturbation.  I never rush.  I always take my time and enjoy it.

I always enjoy urethral play on its own, but you can combine it with other forms of masturbation.  With this toy you need to bear in mind that it’s solid so you can’t ejaculate with it in, although you can masturbate right up until that point and either pull it out gently or let it slide out naturally when you release.  Personally, I just like to feel it slowly move up and down.  It’s a unique feeling.  In some ways it’s similar to a long, drawn out orgasm, but will last as long as you want it to.  If you haven’t tried it, you really should!

Although you might think that these kinds of plugs are meant to be worn throughout the day, realistically they’re not.  A plug this size is too heavy to stay in place and the head of a penis can’t grip onto a toy the way your sphincter can with a butt plug.  These toys are really just for having fun with, the way you would with a urethral sound.

If you want to try this yourself, which you really should, you can purchase this exact plug online, here at ÜberKinky or you can choose from their large range of plugs.  Thanks again Vikki for sending this to me!


    truly loving

    I’d never even thought of this kind of play before until I’d read you review. It’s something I’m now curious about and will be looking into it further. Thanks for showing me something I never knew excised..


      Hey – you’re welcome!

      It’s great fun. I’ll be reviewing more similar items, soon 🙂


      Hi andy awesome review, sounding toys always used to scare me (well always assumed some degree of pain would ensue) but after reading some reviews from you on the subject I’m willing to give it a try 🙂 which would be my best bet as a complete beginner? This one sounds a likely candidate


    My husband loves these things, but none of his have beads or decoration on them. I may have to grab this up for him. I showed him your picture of it and he really likes it. They have a great selection of plugs on that site! I’ll have to let him look around some. I wish I would have known about this a week or so ago. His birthday is this week and this would have made a nice addition to his present!


      Sorry I posted this too late for your husband’s birthday!

      This particular one isn’t really for ‘wearing’ as it the shape doesn’t encourage it to stay in place. UberKinky do stock those that do, however.

      Let me know if you decide to buy any or if you need any more help 🙂


    Wow, I worked in Adult Retail for 10 years and had never encountered penis plugs until I found them on the website of one of my suppliers the other week. I am now fascinated and may have to do some research. Thanks for a great blog.


      Hey – you’re welcome!

      Glad you’ve stumbled across them. They are a little more rare than other toys but they’re great fun. I hope my blog helps to spread the word about them a little 🙂


    I was inspired by you and reviewed a silicone urethral sound today, but I have to say it wasn’t really to my taste.

    It seemed like a good choice because I love silicone everything else, but perhaps I should have opted for something more traditional and metal.


      Sorry to hear that you silicone sounds weren’t that great 🙁

      I’ve been a little wary about silicone urethral toys as I wasn’t sure whether silicone would cause too much friction.

      I hope the ones you reviewed haven’t put you off completely 🙂

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