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Review: Sextreme Stainless Steel Ribbed Urethral Dilator for Lovehoney


Posted July 1, 2015 by

The Sextreme 6mm Double Ended Stainless Steel Ribbed Urethral Dilator is an awesome toy. If I’m honest, I knew I’d like it the second Jess from Lovehoney offered it to me to review. As you may well know, I’m a huge fan or urethral play and, in particular, toys that are a bit bumpy in nature. I’m definitely a texture freak when it comes to insertibles. Urethral sounds are no exception.

For those of you that may not know too much about urethral play, this is a urethral sound. A slim insertible toy that is designed to slide into the urethra and provide pleasure to the recipient. Sound a little scary? Don’t worry, it isn’t. It’s perfectly safe and amazing fun.


I have lots of different sounds at home. I have complete sets of Heger sounds, Pratt sounds, Van Buren sounds, Rosebud sounds, an electro sound that connects to a TENS machine and a few other penis plugs as well. In my experience, straight urethral toys are the best (or those with a very slight curve). This Sextreme dilator falls into that category as it’s completely straight. Also, I tend to prefer sounds that undulate in some way or that have texture. Again, this toy has plenty of texture. This one is certainly one of my favourites.

To give you a little more information, it’s a reasonably long ribbed sound with a smooth handle. The ribbed insertible end is 7.5” long and overall the toy is about 9” in length. I’ve inserted it about 8.5” inside me with just the tip pointing out so there’s no need to stop just because the ribbed part ends. In fact, it’s actually sold as a double ended toy, although I have no idea why you would want to insert it the wrong way. It’s 6mm in width, which is probably about right for most people. Personally, I prefer sounds that are a bit girthier. 8mm wide is about that for easy play and I can go as wide as 1cm if I warm up. However, after a few years of speaking to people about it (in particular, readers of my blog), it seems that my urethra may be slightly larger than most. From my limited experience, 6-7mm is fine for a beginner. I think I was a little unusual starting with 8mm toys!

Now how you use urethral sounds is up to you. There are a couple of different ways to approach them (please use lots of lube however you play, of course). You can slide them in and leave them there while you masturbate. You have to be a bit more careful, particularly if you’re going in deeper than the base of your penis (like I always do), but it’s great fun. Stroking whilst there’s something inside the penis is an amazing feeling and one you should try, if you haven’t already. Or, you could opt for sliding your toys in and out. This is usually my preferred option and the Extreme dilator is perfect for this due to the amazing texture. You can really feel the ripples in the toy as you slide it in deep and then out again.

Ruffled Sheets with dilator sound

That’s another thing about this toy. It’s long enough to penetrate you deep inside. Something that’s sadly lacking in a lot of penis plugs. I’ve never really understood the term penis plug. The penis doesn’t have any muscles that can prevent urethral toys from falling out. It’s impossible to use a penis plug the way you would, say, a butt plug. You can’t slide one in and expect it to stay there. They’re not wearable like butt plugs are. They’re for use during play and that’s it. So having shorter plugs with fancy ends may look good, but they don’t work in practice. Whenever I’ve used one, even a good undulating plug, I usually enjoy play but feel like I’m not going deep enough. Not so with this toy. For me, the fun starts when you go right to the base of the penis and beyond.

Going beyond the base does take a little practice. You need to work out precisely which angle to slide the toy in at. If you don’t have the angle right then you’ll stop at the base. I always let gravity do it’s thing and let it slide in as far as it can go. Then I change the angle of my penis slightly until I feel (and can watch) it slide in deeper. Going deeper than the base is my favourite way of playing, especially with textured sounds, such as this.


So for a beginner, this toy is perfect. If you’re curious about dabbling in urethral play but don’t want to fork out on a complete set, this may be the toy for you. It ticks every box that I can think of. It’s inexpensive, it’s long, it’s textured and it’s not too wide. For beginners, this impossibly the best urethral toy I’ve ever tried. Go buy one now! You can pick one up from Lovehoney for £18.99 by clicking here (and if you spend a little more for your order to be over £20, say with some lube, delivery is free).

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