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Review: Hollow Princes Wand for Titus Toys


Posted January 31, 2012 by

This is my first urethral toy. Well, that is to say my first of two toys that I have been kindly sent to review from Titus Toys.

This particular toy is a surgical steel princes wand. A long, slender tube that slides down into the urethra, attached to a ring that sits around the head of the penis. A little hardcore for a first urethral toy? Possibly. But never let it be said that I am not up for a challenge!

Before I describe what it’s like to use the toy, I need to note just how well it is made. Build quality is important in all toys of course, but especially so in products that are inserted into the urethra. Tiny seams can be unnoticeable in dildos or plugs, but when using a toy in an area so sensitive, one cannot take any chances. To that end, this product delivers. It’s superbly crafted from end to end. It’s entirely uniform and there are no imperfections. At all.

The first time I used this toy, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I’d heard good things about urethral play and had been keen to try out a sound or wand for some time. When I opened up my parcel from Titus Toys to see this shining in front of me, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Leaning back comfortably with my ‘Very Deep’ lube and Princes Wand to hand, I was ready. Keen not to cause injury, I applied a generous amount of lube to the entire wand and also to the tip of my penis and began to slide it in.

It felt a little unusual to start with but not unpleasant. Like the first time you insert an anal toy, strange but not at all uncomfortable. I took it slow and held my penis pointing to the ceiling so I could let gravity pull the wand deeper, whilst I stabilised it with my other hand. It was after a couple of inches or so that I began to feel a familiar sensation…

I stopped as soon as I felt it. I wasn’t was I? Really? After so short a time and with so little stimulation?

The feeling I’m referring to, of course, is the sensation of an approaching orgasm…

So I stopped. Briefly. It subsided. I stated again and immediately began to feel it once more. This time I carried on. The deeper it went, the more I felt that familiar sensation except now it didn’t feel like it was approaching any longer. It actually felt like a long, slow orgasm. But nothing happened… I didn’t ejaculate. I didn’t feel any muscular contractions, involuntary or otherwise. My penis wasn’t even fully hard. So what happened?

I wasn’t sure, but after such a pleasant sensation, I wanted to try more. By this time, the wand was deep in my urethra, as far as it would go. I tried to flex my PC muscle and it pushed the wand out just a little bit. I relaxed and it slipped back inside. More of the same. That familiar feeling. I wasn’t ejaculating, but it felt so similar, the feeling of something sliding up and down my urethra. I gently pulled the wand out a few more inches and it felt even more like a tiny, controlled orgasm.

By this point, I knew I wasn’t actually approaching or experiencing orgasm, but it didn’t matter. This was so good. Different and unusual, but fantastic. I carried on sliding the wand deep into my penis, then out until it was barely penetrating the tip, then back in again. Over and over. At this point my eyes were rolling back into my head. Even someone like me who likes to tease out orgasms, making them last as long as possible, wasn’t used to such a long sensation. I was used to orgasms lasting about ten seconds but this went on and on. Between thirty seconds and a minute I carried on sliding it in and out.

It’s a strange feeling, the first time you use one of these. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting something so intense or so akin to that of an orgasm. Ok, it’s not exactly the same. It doesn’t peak like an orgasm and you don’t experience any involuntary muscular contractions, but it’s the closest thing I’ve felt to an orgasm without actually having an orgasm.

The feeling doesn’t become old, either. I wondered if it would feel less impressive the second time I tried, but not a bit of it. Thinking about it now, why would it? Jacking off and masturbating doesn’t become old, so why would any other kind of self stimulation? I’ve used this a number of times now and haven’t been dissatisfied once.

I know what you’re thinking. “It can’t be perfect, Andy!”. You’re right. There are a couple of things you need to bear in mind.

Firstly, the loop at the top is a little small for me. I really can’t mark Titus down for this though, as they just sent this to me on a whim without knowing my size. If you’re thinking of buying one though, check that you have the correct size.

Secondly, using one of these is a little advanced and requires a little more effort than most other toys. It’s not like jacking off. You can’t really just do it anywhere. You need to be relaxed, sober, with a steady hand and plenty of time to take it slowly.

Thirdly, this particular wand is quite wide. I found it a tight fit. Not too tight, but a fraction smaller may have been slightly easier for my first time.

Other than those three minor points, I can’t recommend one enough. You don’t just have to use one the way I have described, either. There is a perfectly drilled hole through the centre that enables you to urinate through it, should you so wish. Instead of concentrating on the sensations felt by moving the wand, it is very pleasurable to stroke yourself (or indeed be stroked) whilst it is fully inserted. I’d advise against masturbating furiously when it is inside, but slowly bringing yourself to orgasm is very pleasurable and, due to the hole in the middle, entirely possible. It’s also possible to stroke slowly with no intention of reaching orgasm and just enjoying a state of near orgasmic bliss.

Thank you so much Titus for sending it to me. I now have a strong desire to order a complete set of urethral sounds! If you’re interested in urethral play, then please check out this CloneZone page, who sell the complete set of Titus products that includes a number of urethral toys, including this one for Β£29.99.



    It’s interesting how you describe the sensation of having the toy inside you. Fascinating stuff… I really really should interview you about all these things!



    Great review once again my adventurous friend.

    Yep I’ve tried one of these and encountered the same responses you had, though the toy i used was significantly narrower and I think I would balk from a toy this width.

    I really need to get back in to toy reviewing…



    Fuuuuuuuck!! How reading this turned me on I don’t know. But seriously, the way you describe that tapped into something in me.
    I do love your reviews, although pictures would add to the *ahem* experience for me πŸ˜‰

    Mia xx


    Like Mia, your review had the startling unintended consequence of a rather lovely arousal – and I have bookmarked so I can return at Christmastime for gift-giving!

    You do make it sound extremely desirable (especially in light of the fact I fully expected to be mildly turned off.)

    Would you recommend this as a first-time “adventurous” toy for someone very, very new to even vanilla kink (stockings, light spanking), or would you say it’s a bit much and I should wait until we have “grown up” more?


      This toy may be a little bit much for an absolute beginner, but sounding itself can definitely be what you’re looking for.

      I’d suggest buying a set of sounds of differing widths. This one may be a little too big for some, but if you buy a set you’ll be sure to have something perfect πŸ™‚

      Feel free to email me at ruffledsheets [at] gmail [dot] com if you need any more help πŸ™‚

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