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Review: Hegar Sounds (Complete Set)


Posted October 17, 2016 by

I’ve used urethral sounds for years. I have a number of reviews for individual urethral penetrators on here, but you may be surprised to find out that this is my first review of a complete set. I actually own lots of complete sets; I have this set of Hegar sounds, a complete set of Pratt sounds, some curved Van Buren sounds and a complete set of Rosebud sounds, too. Along with all my individual ribbed and electro sounds, of course.

The main reason for not reviewing a complete set until now is that I’ve bought them all myself. Toys I purchase with my own money, as a rule, tend to stay near the bottom of my review list. Toys sent to me always take priority and it’s only when I run out (which is very rare) or if I need to mix things up a bit (like now) that I will review something I’ve bought myself. The other reason is that I wanted this first review to be a good one. Not just enjoyable to read, I wanted to be experienced in lots of different designs before writing about my first batch. I’m always wary of people reviewing items of a genre they have no experience in. We all have to do it on occasion, of course, but articles where the reviewer has extensive experience usually contain a lot more worthwhile data for the reader. So, here we are. I’ve used many different styles and sizes of sounds and have chosen this set as my first, as they’re great for beginners, as I once was.


If you don’t know too much about sounding, I wrote an article for my friend Cara Sutra a while ago that’s a good introduction. You can click here to read it. There are a few points though, that I’m going to reproduce here, as I think they’re worth reiterating:

  1. Use proper urethral sounds. Penis plugs are ok too, although not usually as long, so won’t be as pleasurable. But the rule here is to only use things designed to be inserted into the urethra. Please don’t scrimp. Buy sounds made from surgical steel from a trusted source or online shop. Don’t be tempted to use a cotton bud or anything like that. You’ll only regret it.
  2. Use plenty of lube. I use Surgilube, but there are other products like Very Deep, which are specifically designed for urethral play. Cover the sound in lube first and also apply a little lube to the urethra, directly. If it ever feels like there’s too much friction, gently remove the sound, add more lube and start again.
  3. Start slow. You should never force anything into your urethra. I use gravity at the most when sounding. Most of the time, I go even slower. I gently allow the sound to slide in. The only time you apply force is when you (gently) pull it out.
  4. Don’t go too big or too small. I doubt many of you would attempt to use anything too big, but too small can also cause issues. A urethral sound of about 6 or 7mm thick should be about right. Too big and it’ll just never go in. Too small and you’re liable to poke yourself with the end, which would not be pleasant. The ideal size is approximately the same width as your urethra, but with a little room for lube.
  5. Don’t masturbate furiously whilst sounding. Whilst it will be very tempting to stroke to orgasm at the same time, be very careful. Slow, delicate strokes are fine, but fast, harsh movements could be dangerous.
  6. Don’t worry if you’re hard or not, or if you stay hard or not. Sounding is possible, and indeed pleasurable, with both erect and flaccid penises. Urethral stimulation can sometimes make you lose an erection if you have one and sometimes give you an erection if you start when soft. It will be pleasurable either way. Just relax and enjoy the sensations.

OK. Now that we’re all good with what we’re doing. Let’s talk about these particular sounds. I picked Hegar to review first as they’re great for beginners. Now I don’t mean the entire set is suitable for beginners, of course. The biggest sound in the set is 18mm, which is about the width of a small bullet vibe. What I mean is, the shape is perfect for beginners and the smaller sounds (although probably not the smallest) will be great for those starting out. They’re not completely straight, but they’re not curved enough to be awkward to use. They’re made from stainless steel so they won’t rust and they’re also hollow, which makes them lighter than some of their solid friends. Heavy can be good sometimes, but for beginners, I think something light would be best as it won’t be applying too much pressure if you loosen your grip and allow gravity to guide the sound in.


Now these weren’t my first sounds. My first complete set was a set of Pratt dilators. They were ok, and I loved using them at the time, but in hindsight the shape wasn’t brilliant. I enjoyed them as they were a lot longer than the penis plugs I’d used in the past. My biggest frustration with all my plugs was that they just weren’t long enough. For me, the greatest pleasure to be had with sounding is if you go deep. I mean deeper than the base of the penis. It’s not easy. You need to be at precisely the right angle or it won’t go any further, but it’s worth taking your time and penetrating yourself just that little bit more. This is impossible with most penis plugs. You need something longer than your penis to do this. This is why I enjoyed my first set of Pratt sounds. Not due to the shape, but the length. When I bought this set of Hegar sounds, I enjoyed urethral play even more.

These sounds feel great. They’re so smooth (far smoother than my Pratt sounds, and some others I have, which have a brushed effect on the steel), so they need little lube. The delicate curves feel amazing going down, too. What I also found to be an improvement, is that the width of the sound is consistent. Pratt sounds graduate in size from the tip to the first bend. This may sound good if you want to gradually increase in size, but I have found it a lot easier to increase in size if the toy was bigger from the tip.

Now I know many people look to using sounds as a way of improving masturbation, or at least adding to it. For me, that’s not the case. For a start, I struggle to maintain an erection when I use sounds. Certainly when I use larger ones. I also enjoy the sensations so much I don’t want to do anything that might distract me from them. I’m the same with lots of toys. I don’t masturbate when I’m using dildos or anal toys, either. I enjoy anal play so much that I don’t need to masturbate at the same time. It’s the same with sounding. For me, it’s so much fun, I don’t need to stroke to enjoy it. I prefer to enjoy the sensations on their own.


As I mentioned above, I own various sets of sounds. These are, in my opinion, the best ones for beginners. They’re still fun for those of us who are experienced, but they’re particularly good for beginners. Experts may want something a little longer. These are only 8 inches long and I’ve gone about 11 inches deep in the past. But 8 inches will be fine if you’re just starting out. Bear in mind that you only need an inch to hold on to and your penis will most likely not be erect when you play. 8 inches is still deep enough to go beyond the base of the penis, which is where the magic happens.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re tempted to try something a little out there, maybe this set is what you’re looking for. Urethral sounds have a bit of a reputation of being BDSM gear, but they’re really not. There’s no pain involved, just pleasure. They may look hardcore, but they have a place in every penis lover’s bedside cabinet. You can buy this set from Bondara for £34.99 by clicking here.


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