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Review: PPU Low Rise Thong


Posted April 17, 2011 by

I bought this underwear for its looks.

I was quite aware that they may not be as comfortable as my usual Calvin Kleins but I didn’t really care. I wanted to look good.

The underwear itself is a small, low rise thong. At the front there is a small pouch that stops very low down to provide a large space between it and the thick waistband. Moving from front to back, there is the waistband itself and some material below to provide an even thicker band. At the back, it’s cut away quite quickly into a thong.  At the front there is a metal buckle in the middle of the waistband that’s purely for show but looks good and they’re made from 94% cotton / 6% spandex.  That said, the material itself feels like 100% cotton so I’m not sure where the 6% spandex comes into it.  The only annoyance with these is the label at the back. It’s made of a cheap scratchy material that irritates a little.  Fortunately, you can simply cut it off or unpick the stitching, if you’re careful.  The only other thing that may be an issue for some is that these are supposed to be hand wash only.  It’s such a quick job, though, that for me it’s worth it.

As far as looks go, I’m very happy with them. There’s always the chance that, when buying clothes over the Internet, they won’t look as good on you as on the model in the pictures. Fortunately, these appear to look ok on me! The front looks fantastic. The back is pretty good, too, although it could be more of a thong, in my opinion, for both looks and comfort, but I’m being picky.

The thick waistband helped sell it to me, personally, as I’m very tall and have a long body. I’ll write about this more in another post but choosing the right shape underwear for the right shape body makes a huge difference. If I buy underwear with a small band, it doesn’t look as good. Often, even when buying items deliberately small, more material can look better, depending on your physique.

Comfort wise, they’re actually not bad at all. Underwear like this will never be as comfortable as something a little bit more substantial, but these are perfectly fine for long term use, something I wasn’t expecting. I’ve worn them all day underneath a business suit and have been perfectly comfortable. The one thing to bear in mind is that the pouch is very small. Normally, when wearing briefs, my penis points upwards, the most comfortable position for me. With these, that’s not an option as that part of the front just isn’t there. This means that I have to point a little more South than perhaps I’m used to. Ideally, the pouch could be a bigger to allow for this, but it’s certainly not something to worry too much about.

Since buying these, I’ve actually bought a second pair, as I liked them so much. I now have them in blue, which looks better with denim.  Here’s a link to buy the PPU Underwear from Lovehoney, where I bought mine.  I’m actually on there as a user submitted photo.  Go check them out 😉

Lovehoney Generic




    I have a sudden urge to do sit ups. Or starve to death. LOL

    Great review! Looking forward to the guide to undies and body types. No more bikini briefs for tubby old me. haha


    You look good in that thong! Honestly, I never met a guy who was open to wearing a thong. In my world, you’re a rarity. Quick personal comment though, because I can’t seem to look away from them… I love your little hips 🙂

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