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Review: Mens Net Rio Thong


Posted August 9, 2012 by

It’s about time I reviewed some more underwear!

I’d been wanting some new underwear for a while and was looking through Bondara’s selection when these caught my eye: The Mens Net Rio Thong.  I liked a number of features about them so I bought them right away, along with some other stuff I’ll be reviewing shortly.

Finding underwear that suits you isn’t as easy as you may think. We all have different body types and shapes.  What may look good on a model on a website, may not look good on one of us, due to a number of different things.  Lots of little things make all the difference between underwear looking ok and underwear looking fantastic.  Personally I’m 6’2″ and have a very triangular torso.  I have a very long body, broad shoulders and a tiny waist (about 29″).  For me, large waistbands look good.  Small, narrow, string like waistbands don’t look bad, but they don’t suit me as much as something wider, which is due to my height.  A shorter person would be different, but for me, the wide waistband on this pair was practically shouting “Andy – buy me!”… So I did.

Now I’ve reviewed see through underwear before.  Lovehoney sent me a pair a few months ago.  They were crafted form a kind of tight mesh.  See through, for sure, but easy to darken with a little post processing so you can’t really see through them in my photographs.  These?  Not a chance!  The mesh is so large that there was no way I could hide everything using Lightroom.  So please be warned, you might see a little more of me than usual on the following photographs.  Fortunately my other half was around to protect me on the one below!

The underwear itself is very well made.  There was no loose stitching and it feels very well put together.  The label at the back was a little large and tended to show through the mesh, but I chopped it off so it no longer bothers me.  The waistband is large, as mentioned before, and quite high, but the underwear is quite tightly cut at the front so shaving or some kind of grooming* would look the best.  Personally, I like to shave everything anyway as I like the way it feels and as a bonus I think smooth skin visible through the mesh on this pair just looks fantastic, but I’ll let you judge.

The back is a thong style and is more ‘string vest’ than ‘string’, but it still looks great and is very comfortable.  The large mesh nature of this pair does take a some time before they feel normal as you can feel so much more through them.  This can feel strange, at first, when wearing them underneath clothes, but can feel wonderful when being touched through them.  I absolutely love it when my other half touches me through them.

Overall, I love them. I’ve bought a lot of underwear recently that’s been “OK, but not great”.  This pair however, I’m struggling to find fault with, and they’re only £8.99, which is a fair few pounds cheaper than most of the ones I buy.  If you’re shorter than I am, then the other see through thong I reviewed earlier this year might look a little better on you, but if wide waistbands are your thing then you should look no further.  OK, they might look a little odd in your gym changing room, but that’s not what these are all about.  This is underwear to wear in front of a partner.  This is underwear to strip off to whilst playing Barry White.  This is underwear you’ll want to keep on longer than normal so that your partner can both see you and touch you in them.  Let’s be honest.  This is sex underwear…and it’s great!

 If you want to buy some for yourself, they’re available here for £8.99 at Bondara with free shipping to the UK.


*What do they call it these days? Manscaping?  Whatever.  You know what I mean…!



    Ohai Andy’s other half’s hand! 🙂

    I have a hard time reading your underwear reviews, Andy. Scrolling down past photos quickly or blocking them with my hand usually helps though. hehe

    Great review!


    Gorgeous, as always!

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