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Review: Limited Edition Svenjoyment Purple Crocodile Print Boxer Shorts for Bondara


Posted October 17, 2012 by

I was lucky enough recently to be approached by Bondara, who asked me if I would like to review some new underwear for them. They said they had some limited edition items they’d like me to model and review, including this pair. Well, you know what I’m like with cool underwear so I said “of course!”   Firstly, let’s not beat around the bush. This underwear is small. They’re tiny. I know what you’re thinking… “Of course they’re small! They’re tight boxers. That’s what they’re meant to be like.” True. But these take small to another level. These are show off shorts. These are for the bedroom. They’re for looking awesome right before you take them off (or have them ripped from off you).  They simultaneously scream “Look at me, I’m hot!” and “They’re not covering much, you might as well pull them off me!” at whoever is in the room with you at the same time.   It sounds strange describing some boxer shorts like that, but that’s how these feel. They feel minuscule. Even though they cover slightly more than briefs, I feel exposed wearing them. I feel like a stripper in my own bedroom. I feel good. I didn’t actually expect to, either. I thought these would be just like any other tight trunks but they’re small enough and tight enough to be different. I thought they’d feel familiar and all I’d be reporting on is the disco feel to them but I was wrong. These definitely make me feel hotter than when I wear other, similar underwear.

Does my butt look big in these…?

So on to the look. Pretty rad, huh? Rad. I don’t think I’ve used that word since the 80s and even then it feels too new to describe these shorts.  When I wear them I feel like a backing dancer for a disco band on Top of the Pops in the 7os. How would they have described them then? I wasn’t around for much of the 70s so I’m going to stick with “rad”. This pair of short trunks is rad. And in a good way. The crocodile print is quite bold and stands out. It was difficult to portray that with the photographs, but I think I’ve just about managed. They’re bright, colourful and fun. Exactly what you want with underwear this ridiculous. And I mean ridiculous in a good way. Nobody looking at this pair of trunks will be thinking “Gosh, they’re practical! I shall have to buy myself some of those for the long winter nights.”. No. These are not for practicality or anything sensible like that. These are to make you look and feel good. They’re to make your partner turn their head when you walk by the bed. They’re to make you feel good when you take off your jeans in front of them.  They’re to make you feel sexy when you pull them on after  gym session and a hot shower. You should leave them in your gym bag. Imagine the scene… You’ve just finished hitting the weights. You had a good session. You bench pressed more than you were expecting. Your pecs are huge and you feel great. You’re just drying off after a hot shower and your partner is waiting for you at home, eager to run their hands all over your still pumped body. What do you wear? Do you wear something practical? Of course not, you want to look ravishable. Do you wear a see through mesh thong?  Sexy, yes. For the gym locker room?  Probably not if you want to avoid strange looks from fellow athletes.  So what do you wear?  You wear these. Is there anything I don’t like about these? Sure. There are a couple of things I’d change.  There are a couple of layers to the front of these trunks: the outer layer and an inner layer designed to hold your genitals in place and keep them at the front to make sure you bulge out of them.  To do this, you have to pass your penis and testicles through a small hole in the inner layer that makes them sit in a kind of front compartment.

The pouch at the inside front of the trunks.

Sound good?  It’s not a terrible idea but it’s not fantastic, either.  Sure, it probably makes you bulge a little more, but the amount of space at the front is tiny so it doesn’t make much difference.  Also, if you want these ripped off you, you won’t want your genitals through a hole in a tight compartment…  It just makes removing them very unsexy as you have to be careful. A real moment killer.  If you’re going to wear them and not take them off then there’s an argument for using this compartment, but I just don’t bother.  I can’t see that really happening. Even if I was a stripper, I wouldn’t finish wearing just these. I’d still want to remove them to reveal some kind of tiny thong underneath. And after a while it can also chafe so I just wear them as regular trunks. They still look sexy and they still feel good.  The only other thing I’d change, which I mentioned briefly just now, is the size of the pouch at the front.  It’s a little small. I know these are supposed to be tight but they could be tight everywhere else and not cramp your style where it’s important. They’re not too tight to wear by any means and they’re not uncomfortable, but it would be nice to be able to show off a little more. So overall these are great. They’re fun, they’re sexy and they’re not impractical either. You can wear them all day and look fantastic when you arrive home from work and undress in front of your partner. The only thing is… they’re limited edition!  So you need to go grab a pair (or pairs) now if you don’t want to be disappointed. You can pick them up here from Bondara for £16.90 with free UK delivery!