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Review: Limited Edition Svenjoyment Black Net Thong for Bondara


Posted November 8, 2012 by

As you may know from my last underwear review, I was lucky enough to be sent lots of limited edition items from Bondara.  Quite a few have the same netting style to them.  This is the first… When I first received this item (and others) from Bondara, I must admit I was a little sceptical about them.  Sure, they were good quality items and they were definitely sexy, but I was worried they were a little too feminine for me and, from a distance, looked a little too much like lace.  Of course, that can be seen as a positive for many guys, who specifically want something a little more feminine than the usual underwear aimed at chaps from most stores.  But for me, I was worried it was a little too much… Having worn them though, and after seeing the photos I took for this review, I have changed my mind.  I really like them.  Yes they are a little feminine, but I like the contrast between masculine and feminine when I wear them.  What do you think? Please note that I’ve darkened the two front view photos slightly as I didn’t want to show you guys everything… They’re more completely see through in real life 😉 As for wearing them, they are now the most comfortable thong I own, surpassing this Blue Line pair I also love.  The material used for them (91% Polyamide, 9% Elastane) is very soft, it’s very stretchy and the pouch at the front is a decent size (not too small, like many pouch underwear styles).  The thong back also doesn’t chafe.  It’s amazing how many thongs are made from too much material, which can feel uncomfortable when worn as it squashes over time.  This one does not as it’s so small. They also provide a kind of unique sensation when wearing them underneath clothes that I haven’t experienced with other underwear.  Because the netting is so wide, lots of skin is exposed, which feels amazing when walking around in clothes.  You can really feel the material brush against your skin when you walk.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Surely it’s similar to walking around without wearing any underwear?  You’d think that, but it isn’t.  Without underwear there’s much more movement so the feeling is different. The sensations are created by your penis moving against the material of your jeans or shorts or whatever.  With these, everything is held into place which causes different sensations. Sensations caused by the material of your outer clothing rubbing against you, not the other way around.  It feels great!  Of course, if you’re wearing these all day then you’ll become desensitised to the sensations eventually, but on a night out?  You’ll feel amazing.

Yes, this is the right way up. Not sure why but these (and other Svenjoyment thongs) are attached in an asymmetrical way.

With regards to the build quality, they’re good. Although there is one strange thing about them, which is consistent with all Svenjoyment string underwear I own, and that is that the back is attached in an asymmetrical way.  Let me explain.  Most string underwear has a waistband that’s attached to the ‘string’ right in the centre.  The string is then attached to the pouch.  When looking at it from the rear, it looks like a ‘T’ shape.  Now this underwear is still a ‘T’, but turned sideways… Instead of the waistband being a singular piece of fabric, the string part is attached to the left hand side of the pouch and another piece of material attaches in the middle to form the right hand side of the waistband.  You can see from the photo below that it looks like I’m holding the underwear sideways. I’m not.  That’s just the way they’re crafted.  It’s a little odd and I can’t think of a reason why they do it, but fortunately it doesn’t feel any different and doesn’t really notice visually, either. See the image below and make your own judgement. So, are these for you?  Well, they’re a little more specialist than the usual underwear I review so they’re probably not for everyone, but if they’re your thing then you’ll love them.  Yes, they do look a little like lace from a distance. Yes, you do need to hand wash them carefully.  No, you probably wouldn’t want to change into them in the gym in front of your buddies.  But, if you’re looking for something sexy that’ll make your partner gasp when you unbutton your jeans in front of them then these are for you.  If you’re looking for underwear that will make you feel aroused just by wearing them, these are for you.  If you’re looking for something showy or see through, these are for you. You can buy them here from Bondara, but be quick! They’re limited in numbers! Thanks again Bondara for sending me these. They’re fabulous.

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    I think I may have to get Maverick a pair of these. The asymmetrical style of the back though may drive both of us nuts. I know my eye twitches just looking at it.


      It’s actually only annoying when you look at it before you wear them!

      I didn’t even notice at first until I took a closer look. And when worn you can’t really tell, either.


    Oh, I think men’s “lingerie” underwear is much underappreciated!

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