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Review: Ergowear thong


Posted March 15, 2016 by

This is a long term review. So long term, in fact, that I don’t believe you can actually buy this particular set of underwear. But the style & form factor are both still very much alive, so I think it’s still worthwhile to produce this write up. I actually took the photos a year or so ago as well, during a time when I was injured and losing muscle mass. So please forgive my chest being a bit flat. I’m not in the best shape in them at all.

Anyway, I bought this pair of underwear from Ergowear a couple of years ago now (maybe more), after catching a glimpse of their unique style on the internet. I liked the thong style back, the thicker waistband (which suits me better as I’m tall with a long, lean torso) but what caught my attention was the style of the front pouch. Ergowear have deliberately tried to create a pouch that enhances the bulge at the front, whilst aiming to maintain a comfortable experience for the wearer. It’s a style that I’ve seen elsewhere since, particularly in some of Andrew Christian’s designs, but I think Ergowear may have been the pioneer for this particular style (please correct me if I’m wrong). For the record, these weren’t sent to me. I have no links or affiliations with Ergowear. I just bought them and wrote this review because I liked them.


The front pouch design is a simple one, but it’s very effective. Everything is lifted a little higher than is usual and is pushed together slightly so that it protrudes out the front more than a regular pair of underwear. They’re also designed so that the penis is held pointing downwards and pushed out towards the front. This is worth bearing in mind if you’re likely to find that uncomfortable. If you absolutely must have your penis pointing upwards or to one side, then these may not be the underwear for you. But it’s easy enough for you to try before buying a pair. Just wear a regular pair of briefs in the same way and it will feel very similar.

Personally, I tend to wear my penis upwards (when it’s not locked in a chastity belt, of course…) so these did feel a little different at first. However, after a while I didn’t notice them at all and they just felt like I wasn’t wearing them at all. The thong, in particular, is very comfortable. Personally, for almost all of my underwear, I like to be able to function in my daily life without being reminded I’m wearing them. They need to be more comfortable than not wearing anything at all, which in itself can be distracting. Right now, I’m at work and sneakily writing this post in notepad on my laptop. I’m wearing a small, stripey, half see through Envy thong and I can’t feel it at all, even when I concentrate on it. When I put one on in the morning, I want to be able to wear it all day and not be wanting to remove it by early afternoon. I have some great, really sexy thongs that I love the look of but after a day wearing them I can’t wait to get home and tear them off. After which, I’m usually confronted by marks of where it’s been all day.


Fortunately, this Ergowear design is not like that. You can wear it all day and be fine. It’s quite comfortable and, in my opinion at least, it looks good. In fact, the only criticism I do have is that the design, in some situations at least, can actually work too well. Check out the photo above and see how much things protrude. If I’m wearing jeans then it’s quite a nice, slightly protruding bulge. However if I’m wearing, say, some thin gym shorts, I’m actually a little self conscious as the bulge can be very obvious indeed! It’s almost like I’m wearing a codpiece underneath. I was a little worried at first that people might think I had an erection just with a very small penis, but even though the penis is pushed out more than on regular underwear, it’s pointed downwards so there’s no danger of that happening.


Overall, I really like this style of underwear. They’re comfortable and they look good. The thong doesn’t chafe and the whole style is demonstrative without being overly flashy. I feel confident walking around wearing just these and not at all self conscious. I’d be as happy and comfortable slipping these on in a gym changing room as I would in my own bedroom.  That’s one of the sad issues facing guys who want to wear sexy underwear. Tiny, skimpy, fun underwear unfortunately isn’t the sort of thing that you see people wearing in public. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else wear one in a gym changing room, nor have I seen any guys wearing thongs on the beach, which you’d think would be the perfect place for them. Personally, I’ve worn them in locker rooms, but then I’ve worn a steel chastity device in one before so I’m probably a little more adventurous than others. Even I feel self conscious slipping into something so tiny though. With these however, I don’t feel as noticeable. They’re like a middle ground. Sure, they’re still a thong, but they’re not quite string underwear. The waistband is nice & wide and the thong itself is substantial. They both look and feel like some serious underwear, not just some show off garment designed purely for posers. Take a look at the rear view above and let me know what you think. I’m keen to hear your views!

As I mentioned, I can’t find this particular pair anywhere at the moment, but Ergowear have a whole host of similar underwear in the same style. As far as I can tell, it’s just the logo on the waistband that has changed. So what are you waiting for? Click here  or on the banner below if you wish to browse their wares.



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