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Review: Envy Black Mesh Thong for Bondara


Posted December 23, 2013 by

I’ve been meaning to review this pair of underwear for a while and, as Bondara have them in their latest sale, I thought it would be a good time! Just to be clear, Bondara did send me these (and a bunch of others) in exchange for a few honest reviews.

So, more Envy underwear. I was pleased with the first Envy underwear I reviewed, the Athletic Fit Brief, but these are completely different. These are also made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, but they feel different. They’re much thinner than the briefs and, more to the point, they’re transparent (as you can see from the photos). Whilst technically a mesh material, the weave is very fine so it doesn’t feel that mesh-like when you wear them.  It just feels like very thin underwear, which is great when moving around as you can often feel your outer clothes rubbing against them, which reminds you you’re wearing them.



Comfort wise, these a great to wear all day. They’re also comfortable enough to sleep in.  Lots of thong underwear can be quite uncomfortable after long periods of time but these, as they’re not too tight and the material isn never too narrow, are fine.  They’re the sort of underwear I pack to sleep in when I’m staying away in a hotel with my other half.  I know she’ll enjoy seeing me in them and they’ll be fun to rip off me in the middle of the night if she wants to…


Worth noting is the pouch at the front of these is a good size, too. With so many thongs, the pouches appear to reduce in size with the size of the waistband. I have a 29″ waist (not bad for someone at 6’2″!) so usually have to order underwear in “small” or “very small”. Most of the time this leaves me with a tiny pouch that I struggle to fit into.  Not with these. They’re quite big (and quite stretchy) enough to not restrict me when I’m wearing them, which is a nice change from many of the thongs I own. For those of you who like to show off your designer gear, there’s a cool little label on the left hand side with “ENVY” on it in a square, too. So if you’re in the mood for some sexy underwear for yourself, or your partner, go ahead and check these out. They’re in the sale at the moment at Bondara for £8.99 (reduced from £10.99). You can find them by clicking here or on the banner below!

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    Love that it’s see through

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