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Review: Blue Line Sheer V Neck Top


Posted August 1, 2014 by

It had to happen eventually. One of these days someone was going to send me some underwear that looked ridiculous. OK, ridiculous is probably a bit strong, but sadly I’m not a fan of the way this top looks on my physique.

I was lucky enough to receive the Blue Line Sheer V Neck Top from Lovehoney in exchange for this review. Now, I mentioned that one of these days I was going to be sent something daft. I’ve been offered silly things many times before. Fancy dress costumes, Borat mankinis, all sorts… But this one I actually thought would be good. I looked at the product photos & saw the model and he didn’t look too bad. I know see through tops are very unforgiving, but I’m in pretty good shape at the moment so I thought “why not?”. Sadly, it doesn’t look quite as good on me as I imagined.



The top itself is well made. It’s made from a very thin sheer material, which is like a fine mesh. It’s tight, but in a good way. It clings to my abs which makes my pecs stick out and it’s tight around my arms. All good so far. It’s also comfortable. Now, I personally wouldn’t wear this out. It’s too posey for me. Even on a fetish night or something similar, I think I’d dress a little more conservatively. But for the bedroom? This material is great.

So why don’t I like it? It’s the collar. That’s it. That’s the only thing that I don’t like, but it’s enough to put me off wearing it again. It’s just too feminine for my tastes. The wide V neck is, I think, designed to accentuate the chest, but it doesn’t do that. It would need to be narrower and longer to do that, so it would actually show the bottom of my pectorals. Instead, it just makes it look like I’m wearing some kind of ballet outfit.

The back of the neck is just as bad. It’s far too low down. Possibly it’s to show off my traps, but vests are far better for doing that. This collar just has the swooping curves of some feminine gym gear. Or a super hero costume.


I’m showing my age now, but does anyone remember Helen Slater as Super Girl from the 1984 film? It reminds me of her outfit.  She was fitted with a costume similar to the late Christopher Reeve’s, but with a much wider collar (see below). That’s what I feel like when I look at myself in the mirror, wearing this.

Helen Slater as Super Girl

Now that might be exactly what you want. I’m being a bit snarky here, but I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who would prefer something a little more feminine. In which case, this might be exactly what you want. It’s well made, comfortable and the material really does show off a ripped physique (in my opinion, I’ll let you judge for yourselves from the photos). Personally though, with my shaved head and muscular upper body, I prefer to think of myself as more Bruce Willis than Helen Slater so if I’m going to wear something from a film, it’ll be the vest from Die Hard.

If you want one, you can pick up a Blue Line Sheer V Neck Top here from Lovehoney for £16.99 (and it qualifies for free delivery). Thanks Lovehoney for sending it to me!




    You have a great body. Have you considered posting your workout routine?

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