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Review: Blue Line Microfibre Thong


Posted June 22, 2011 by

Spandex is soooo comfortable!  Who knew?  OK, there’s wrestlers.  Superheros, too, I guess.  Oh, and the cast of Star Trek.  But other than them, who knew?  I certainly didn’t so when I bought this little thong I expected the exact opposite.  I thought they’d look good but that would be it.  Completely impractical and uncomfortable.  I thought I’d only be wearing them when I knew they would be removed quite quickly 😉

Well, it’s nice to be wrong, every now and again…

This thong is fantastic.  It’s both comfortable and, if I dare say so myself, looks pretty good when worn.

It’s classed by Blue Line as a ‘V-String’ and you’ll see why when you take a glance at my next photo.

It’s a type of thong, but the waistband attaches at the top of the string, as opposed to the sides, to give that nice V shape, which you can see in my final photo.  The other ends of the sides attach to the pouch at the front via a couple of small metal rings.  The pouch is a reasonable size, not too small like some can be at this size (I have a tiny 29″ waist so have to order ‘small’ in all my underwear). It also stretches a lot due to the material content.  It’s made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, which sounds bad, but makes it more comfortable than any cotton underwear I own.  The spandex makes it extremely stretchy and, as such, it fits snugly around me better than anything else.  The shape of the pouch is also not too wide, either.  Personally, I think many thongs can be too wide and don’t look that great.  This one is about right, in my opinion, but you can judge for yourselves.  I also know I said I preferred larger waistbands in my last underwear review, and I still do, but I made an exception with these as I loved everything else about them.  I still prefer larger bands, but I think in all honesty, this particular thong would look a bit silly if it were a lot thicker.

For long term wear, i.e. a full day, this thong is very comfortable.  More than comfortable.  I love wearing it.  I can’t wait to wear it again when I slip it off in the evening. The spandex not only feels good when it’s the only thing I’m wearing, but feels fantastic underneath Jeans or, my favourite, a business suit.  There’s something about wearing this underneath my suit at work… Not only does it feel wonderful when my suit brushes across it, just knowing I’m wearing something extremely sexy underneath is a huge turn on.  It also makes any kind of sexual touch that little bit more intense.  It’s hard to describe, but being touched, scratched or stroked through it feels better than when I’m wearing nothing.  Even having it removed from me is a pleasure.

This is another one of those items that I just had to buy more of, and did just that.  You can find them here (and look out for my submitted photos, too!).  If this particular thong isn’t quite right for you, Blue Line have a whole range.  Most of which are available from Lovehoney on this page here.  If you buy a pair (or pairs), I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Enjoy ‘clicking’ through this review 😉




    I gotta say, those metal rings look uncomfortable to me.

    You, however, look fabulous!


    Looks good on you! Never thought that spandex could be so comfortable. Thanks for the e-mail, doll 🙂


    I swear, you look great in everything you wear! It’s fantastic.


    That thong really does look super comfy! The rings spice them up a bit.


    Looks very very sexy – and the fact that you love it is even sexier!


    I think the rings are a nice touch, especially if I left this pair in a cool room before having him put them on. (He enjoys light temperature play) This pair wouldn’t work since it’s a thong ( ironically my hatred of weaing the things has him refusing to try male versions), but you’re right, there arre others in the Blue Line set that he would be okay with *happily claps hands* so thank you!
    Btw, since that link is for a special offer and the offer is over it doesn’t show any underpants. Searching the Lovehoney site showed me what you were referring to, I just thought I’d tell you in case you wanted to change that link.

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