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Review: Blue Line Lycra Lace Up Boxer Shorts


Posted September 19, 2012 by

I bought this underwear from Lovehoney recently.  I’d bought several items by Blue Line and have been happy with them all so I thought I’d give these a go.  In particular, I liked the lace up front. As I didn’t have any medieval stripper underwear yet, I bought them…

As you can see, they look pretty good.  In fact, I was so pleased with them when I bought them that I instantly ordered another pair, should Lovehoney run out or stop stocking them. So far, so good….

They’re also very comfortable.  They feel great underneath clothes and being touched through them also feels fantastic, which is usually the case with lycra.  As you can see they’re quite stretchy and, when worn, look nice when they’re quite taut.  I have a tiny waist (29″, small for a guy who’s 6’2″) so I ordered the small size.  With lots of underwear in a small, the pouch at the front is also reduced in size, which can cause discomfort and look silly.  These however, are fine.  They’re stretchy and comfortable enough to not cause any issues whatsoever.  Still looking good, Blue Line

Unfortunately, looks and comfort aren’t the only things to look for when buying underwear… and I’ll emphasise ‘wear’.

Sadly, this pair started to fall apart after wearing 2 or 3 times.  Seams started to unravel, thread started to undo.  Even a metal loop hole snapped off.  Unfortunately, they’re unwearable now.  I’ve highlighted the issues in the next few photos.

This seam on the crotch has come undone.

This metal loop hole has snapped and only half remains.

The seam behind the loophole has also come undone.

This stitching has started to come loose.

This seam on the inside is coming away.

Another external seam is undone due to the thread coming loose.

With all that occurring, after such a short space of time, I can’t really recommend this underwear.  Perhaps my particular pair was defective and others are stronger.  I haven’t worn the second pair I bought yet as I wanted to save them for a special occasion (in case they only last as long as this pair).  If I wear them and they last longer then I’ll change this review but, as there are so many individual issues with wear and tear, I can’t advise buying these unless you’re prepared for them not to last long.

If you’re a stripper, or just want to perform for your partner, and these won’t be worn much at all, then they might be fine.  They do look fantastic.  Just be aware that if you use them like regular underwear, they won’t look as good for long…

If you do wish to purchase them, they’re available here at Lovehoney for £12.99 (with free uK shipping).

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    The Temptresss

    I reckon they were worth the money just for those lovely shots ….. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

    They look ripe for peeling off to me ….. 😀

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