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Review: Barcode Kostja Black and White Jock Strap for UberKinky


Posted August 12, 2014 by

I was so glad to receive the Barcode Kostja Jock Black and White after my last underwear post. UberKinky sent them to me in exchange for this review. They’re much more ‘me’ than the wide collared Super Girl style top I had to wear last time around!

Recently, UberKinky have been steadily increasing the number of products in their underwear for men range. They’ve started stocking a few new brands and Barcode are one of them.  They specialise in jock straps and backless underwear designs and this design looks a bit like something a pirate might wear, I think.


The Kostja Jock is crafted from cotton and polyester and is quite comfortable. I won’t kid you, jock straps are an acquired taste. At first, they can feel a little odd to wear, as there’s nothing between the skin of your glutes and whatever else you’re wearing. The elastic bands that support you can also feel quite different as they’re far lower down than on any other type of underwear. That said, wearing a jock strap is far easier to get used to than wearing a thong and you can wear these all day without thinking “I can’t wait to get home and rip them off”, which is how I feel wearing some g-strings after about half an hour… With these, it’s more likely your partner will want to rip them off…


So it was all going so well.  They look good, are comfortable, my other half even said she liked the look of them…and then I tried to tighten them up. Not fasten the laces, I’d already done that, but pull the underwear so the laces look good and in a uniform position. And that’s when I heard a tearing sound.  Sure enough, one of the eyelets had torn.

Now I thought I may have just had a dodgy pair and that particular eyelet may have been a one off, so I slipped them off and grasped another eyelet and pulled it against the material with about the same force as I would tie my shoelaces. It ripped easily.  I tried again. The same.  You can see all three rips, below:

WP_20140811_14_40_17_Pro 1

It’s a real shame these aren’t made well, it really is. I could recommend them if they lasted a while but then ripped over time, but this pair tore before I’d even washed them.  I’d worn them for about half an hour before trying to perform a minor adjustment that ruined them.  I have worn them since to test out comfort and practicality.  They’re fine, but I don’t like wearing them any more. I just feel like I’m wearing old, worn out underwear, which isn’t enjoyable. They’re not the first pair of underwear I’ve owned that has had eyelets come loose or tear (see here). Please underwear manufacturers, if you’re reading, make them a bit stronger. Please?


If you are looking for something like this, then UberKinky have lots more in their underwear for men range. But just avoid these! The rest of the underwear is well made and appears sturdy, but avoid anything with eyelets.  If you want a jock strap, then there are more in the Barcode range, like this pair, the Barcode Boris Jock. But if you simply must have a pair, you can find the Barcode Kostja Jock Black and White here for £29.99. Just be careful with them…

Thanks for sending them to me, Uberkinky!


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    Such a shame they broke way too easily they look really nice though. The rest of the range looks good though. Great review. Nice arse. 😉


      Thank you!

      Yes, such a shame they were so flimsy. Let’s hope they strengthen them with a better design. They’d be a lot of fun if they worked!

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