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Review: Andrew Christian Werkin Boxer with Show It Tech for UberKinky


Posted October 8, 2016 by

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed some underwear so I was very pleased when Mistress Vikki from UberKinky emailed me offering me these (Andrew Christian Werkin Boxer with Show It Tech) in exchange for this post. I’d had my eye on Andrew Christian underwear for ages, but hadn’t owned any, until now.

Slightly different to my usual thongs, these tight boxers are a little more modest, whilst still showy enough to stand out. They’re made mostly from cotton, but with a little spandex so they keep their shape well, even after a few washes (I tend to hand wash my underwear to be on the safe side). They’re mostly white, but with enough bright colours to be classic Andrew Christian.


What makes these boxers different from most others is their ‘snuggle pocket’. It’s basically an additional layer of material at the front, with a hole just big enough for your genitals that gives you access to a smaller pouch than normal. The idea is that, once inside, everything is pushed forward slightly more than normal to provide you with a bigger bulge. And it works. You can see from the photo above that the bulge is pronounced, but not too excessive (like some other enhancing underwear I own). Personally, I don’t mind a slightly larger bulge, but some can look too pointy. This one looks pretty good, in my opinion. You can see what the ‘snuggle pocket’ looks like from inside, in the photo below.


The other difference between this pair and most boxer shorts is the tiny window at the back that just shows a small section of flesh below the waistband. This is ok, but it’s not my favourite part. If I were going to show more flesh, which I tend to do, I’d want a higher cut on the thighs, or I’d wear something skimpy in general. That said, it doesn’t look too bad to me. I’ll let you judge for yourselves after looking at the last photo, below.


Overall, I like these. They’re very comfortable to wear (the material is fantastic) and they look good. They’re not low rise, but they’re low enough to show off my V shape, at the bottom of my abs, well. They’re also showy, without being too showy. So perfect for gym changing rooms, etc.. They’d also be perfect for wearing on a date if they’re going to be seen. Date underwear is a balance, if you’re with a new partner. You don’t want too brash, but you don’t want too dull, either. These would work well, in my opinion.

So if you’re convinced, you can pick up a pair from UberKinky for £19.99 by clicking here or on the banner below. Happy shopping!




    Very nice, I think that they look better from the front, I am not to sure what I think about that back. I do like the fit though, I wish I could convince my OH to wear something like that.

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