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Review: Limited Edition Svenjoyment Black Net Boxers for Bondara


Posted December 12, 2012 by

I present to you the second pair of netting underwear I was sent kindly by Bondara.  This time, featuring more net…

As you can see, I was lucky enough to be sent some more items from Bondara, who have recently refreshed their underwear range to include a good number of limited edition items for guys.  The recent thong I reviewed and this one are both from the same netting range and, as you can see, this one doesn’t disappoint, either.

If you liked the look of the last pair but maybe don’t fancy wearing a thong, then this pair might be for you.  They’re tight fitting boxer shorts, are made from the same materials (90% Polyamide,10% Elastane) and have that same slightly feminine lacy look and feel about them.  Like the thong, wearing these underneath clothes feels different from most other underwear as you’re held in place whilst still letting the outer layer of clothing caress your skin.  It doesn’t sound like much but, trust me, you’ll notice it.  And with this pair, even more so than the thong.

So, like the thong, this pair leaves nothing to the imagination.  Nothing… Sure, the photos I show here don’t show everything but, believe me, I have had darken them significantly to stop my entire distribution seeing my penis…  They really are that see through.  The front is predominantly made from a wide hole mesh coupled with a (very) see through sheer material.  The back is entirely transparent.  The result is that whoever sees you in them will see everything.  So, unlike the crocodile skin boxers I recently reviewed, possibly not for the gym changing room…

So, they may not be for public view, but that’s what makes this pair (and most of the pairs I review) so great.  One of the reasons I love this kind of underwear so much is precisely because it’s a little shocking.  I enjoy wearing it underneath my business suit when I’m at work, in meetings in Canary Wharf.  It’s fun wearing them on a night out when only you and your partner know.  It’s like having a little secret!

So is there anything bad about them?  Not really.  There are things to consider, but like all pairs, it’s about personal preference and nothing more.  For example, they do look a little feminine.  in my opinion, more so than even the thong.  So if you’re looking for some underwear to show how masculine you are, you may not choose these.  They’re also hand wash only, which requires more effort than just throwing them in your washing machine, but no underwear this delicate will be machine proof.

So basically this pair boils down to looks.  If you like the look of them then I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to buy them.  You just need to be quick… Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Thanks again Bondara for sending these to me.  If anyone wants to buy them, click here or on the button below before they run out…!



    You’ve convinced me that I need to get Maverick a pair of these.


    Sorry, is there a review here? all i see are some scrumptious photos :p

    p.s good review

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