Posted August 7, 2012 by Andy in Photographic

Toy with me Tuesday – Packing

I had to pack some things recently for a long weekend away with my other half.  As usual we took away a bunch of toys with us.  I have a few travel bags specifically for sex toys (I usually take quite a few with me!) but for this photo I thought I’d show a couple trying to escape from my toiletries bag.

This photo is a little different from some of my others as the sex toys aren’t the focus of the shot.  They are merely included.  You should be able to spot them both though.  There’s a Bad Dragon Tentacle poking out from my toiletries bag (I like to think it looks like a sea monster trying to escape) and also a Velv’Or JNaja cock ring not quite fitting in the side pocket (I’ll be reviewing both items soon).

I’ve applied a filter to make the shot look a little warmer but other than that it’s exactly as it was taken.  Hope you like it!

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