Posted July 3, 2012 by Andy in Photographic

Toy With Me Tuesday – Hard And Soft

Welcome to this week’s Toy With Me Tuesday entry!

I took this photo yesterday evening with my other half.  I had the idea of combining a few steel toys with other steel (or steel lookalike) items.  If you look closely you should be able to spot a few sex toys and a new non-sexual items in the mix!

We tried a few different materials to place the items on for the photo, including different colour fabrics, but nothing looked that great.  My other half then had the idea of combining the masculine items to something feminine, so she fetched some knitting.  We placed the items on it and took a few shots.  The result is above!

I really like the idea of contrast in photos, hard & soft, masculine & feminine. This isn’t the best photo, it’s not particularly well framed and the depth of field is probably too shallow, but I really like it.  I especially love that this one is a combined effort from my other half and I.  Hope you enjoy it too!

Can you name all the items…?

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Toy with me Tuesday