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Toy With Me Tuesday – Crystal

Welcome to Toy With Me Tuesday!

I was struggling to think of something to shoot for this.  I didn’t just want to take a photo of a toy, I wanted it to have a theme.  Whilst rummaging through my toy chest, I decided to take out a few toys, all crafted from different materials.  I have steel, aluminium, silicone, glass (crystal) and ceramic.

I didn’t have much time as the sun was setting by the time I arrived home from work so I stuffed my pockets with a bunch of different toys, grabbed my camera and ran downstairs.  I was going to take a photo of one of them outside in the garden but I couldn’t decide which one so I thought I’d set up a few shots and see which one looked best.  Just as I was taking a few toys out a neighbour, who was on the phone at the window a few doors down, waved at me to say Hi…

I just tried to look natural and gave my best “Hi, I’m not really taking photos of sex toys in my garden” wave.  Foiled.  So after wandering around pretending to inspect my garden for a few moments I wandered back inside.  It was at this point I walked past a few of my crystal decanters.  I have a few on display in my living room.  A couple of ship’s decanters, the wide circular ones that don’t tip over whilst at sea, that contain brandy (Hine, Sir Winston Churchill’s favourite, allegedly) and rum.  I also have a couple of square decanters that contain whisky. One contains an 18 yr old Glenlivet and the one I’ve taken below, which holds a 16 yr old distillers’ edition Lagavulin (one of my favourites).

It was then that I decided to photograph my Crystal Delights plug alongside a decanter so I took the decanter and placed it outside on a garden table and placed the plug by the side of it (in such a way that my neighbour wouldn’t be able to tell what I was doing…).  I then fetched a lead crystal glass, poured myself a whisky and placed it on the other side of the plug. Here is the outcome:

Crystal Delights Butt Plug next to a decanter of Scotch whisky

It’s not the best shot.  I was struggling with light as the sun was setting by the time I arrived home from work and the vast majority of my garden was in the shade. I don’t think it looks too bad, though.

I did attempt another photo. It’s not great at all, but I wanted to post it here as an addendum as it highlights just how the Swarovski crystal in the plug glints in the sunlight.  This particular shot had to be taken right in the corner of my garden, as that was the only place left in the sun.  The setting isn’t great and it’s a little over exposed, but you can see the blue crystal reflecting a piercing green light.  One day I’ll try to combine the two photos but until then, these will have to do.

Crystal Delights Plug glinting in the sunlight next to a decanter of whisky

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