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Review: Blue Line Microfibre Thong

Spandex is soooo comfortable!  Who knew?  OK, there’s wrestlers.  Superheros, too, I guess.  Oh, and the cast of Star Trek.  But other than them, who knew?  I certainly didn’t so when I bought this little thong I ex...

Photo: Lovehoney Model of the Month

It was my honour this morning, to be given the award of Model of the Month from Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people for the image I submitted when reviewing the PPU Low Rise Thong. I was lost for words!  Here’s the pho...

Review: PPU Low Rise Thong

I bought this underwear for its looks. I was quite aware that they may not be as comfortable as my usual Calvin Kleins but I didn’t really care. I wanted to look good. The underwear itself is a small, low rise thong. At t...