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This week’s Toy With Me Tuesday post is another fantastic photograph by Juliettia. You can see her last post here. Thank you so much again! If you want to take part in Toy With Me Tuesday, or if you wish to view other ent...

The Legend of Narcissus

Hi! This is your fair warning that the following post is not from Andy, but instead from Juliettia. Yeah, who the hell am I right? Anyways, Andy has been kind enough to allow me to guest post on his blog from time to time. Hope...

Review: Star Delight Frosted Dildo for Crystal Delights

Recently, Shellie from Crystal Delights emailed me and asked me if I wanted to review another toy for her.  I had the freedom to choose any toy I liked so, after much deliberation, I chose this one.  It wasn’t easy. IR...