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Review: Tenga Flip Hole Black for Lovehoney


Posted October 9, 2012 by

The Tenga Flip Hole has been a slightly disappointing toy for me, but I really don’t want that to put you off.  At least, not before you’ve read this review.  It really is a finely crafted, well designed toy.

But it’s just a bit too small…

You see the Tenga Flip Hole is not like ordinary sleeves that can expand a great deal so that larger penises can use them.  The Flip Hole isn’t tighter to start with than most sleeves, but due to the way the silicone is cut and formed it is inside the toy in many layers, like a series of baffles, that don’t move as freely as a regular sleeve that’s just effectively a single hole.  This isn’t a bad thing, at all.  Unless you’re too big.  And that wouldn’t be an issue either, if Tenga didn’t market it as being good for penises up to 2″ wide. Because it isn’t…

If you’re 2″ wide then you’ll just about manage to use it, but it won’t be easy and you won’t be able to use all the buttons.  I only say all this because, according to the Tenga website, this toy is fine for penises up to 2″ wide. So Tenga, please, could you update your copy?  Or, better still, make a bigger Flip Hole?

I still don’t know how they even managed to put that in their copy.  I can only imagine the guy testing it was a little generous in measuring his own endowment… “Hey Steve, you tested the Flip Hole, right?  You always brag about how big you are! How wide are you?” “Erm, yeah, err, 2, err, inches? Yeah, 2 inches” *flex* “OK, thanks I’ll write that it’s good for 2 inches. Thanks Steve.” “Err, no problemo…”  In reality Steve is probably far less than 2″ wide. Thanks Steve. Thanks…

Anyway, now that that is out of the way, the Flip Hole is actually a great toy.  It’s easy to use, has a great texture and really is different from using a regular sleeve.  The Flip Hole isn’t a thruster, you see. Most sleeves are designed for you to penetrate and then either move your penis in and out or move the sleeve back and forth over your penis.  This is different.  Sure, you *could* do that.  But you’d be missing out as the buttons on the Flip Hole are where it’s at.

The Flip Hole has three buttons and each do the same thing, but in different places.  Pushing down on them pushes down the silicone baffles and creates suction inside as well as applying pressure to the penis itself.  If you’re fully inside then the nearest button to you creates pressure towards the base of the penis, the middle button on the shaft and the final button is designed for the head of your penis.  (It’s at this point I need to qualify that I can push the nearest button down a little and can use the final button but unfortunately cannot move the middle button at all.)  For me though, a combination of pressing the outside buttons is great.  The final one in particular, feels amazing.  The combination of the soft silicone being pressed against the head of my penis and the suction feels great.  I’m sure lots of people try to compare it with oral sex, due to the suction, but it really is quite different. The silicone baffles create a number of sensations due to the amount of individual ones there are, and you can vary things by turning the Flip Hole the other way (as each side is different from the other).

It’s here that I need to point out another small flaw in the design.  I say flaw, but it must have been deliberate…although I’m not sure why.  If you check out the next image, you could be forgiven for wondering which end of the flip hole you were looking at.  It’s actually the entrance and yes, that’s right, there isn’t a hole.  You see before you reach any of the good stuff inside, when you start using the Flip Hole, you have to punch your way through a silicone barrier that doesn’t look like it was designed to be penetrated at all.  It’s not impossible and, in fairness, doesn’t make a huge difference but it’s quite annoying and doesn’t benefit the toy in any way.  It doesn’t add to the suction or the tightness so I’m really not sure why it was ever put there.

Other than the toy itself, the Flip Hole comes with sample pots of three different types of water based lubricant: Mild, Real and Wild.  The Mild lube feels pretty standard.  It’s thick, not sticky and probably my favourite of the lot.  Real is slightly slipperier.  Wild is the thinnest and is infused with menthol which smells great and feels tingly when you use it.  You can buy each lube separately but there’s enough for a good few tries of each before you need to pick your favourite.

Before I end, I should point out that, although this review has been slightly negative, there are lots of things I really like about it and I’d only really caution anyone who has a larger than average penis.  The Tenga Flip Hole is a very well crafted toy.  I like the futuristic feel is it.  It looks and feels like the latest Japanese gadget.  I bought a Sony PS Vita recently and had the same excitement when opening this.  It feels technological, geeky, cool.  It also feels great to use (I really do hope Tenga create a larger version).  It’s also easy to clean.  Simply open and clean with soap and water then let it dry.

If you want to buy one of these, you can find them here at Lovehoney for the price of £64.99.  If you hurry, you’ll find a bottle of delay lube in with your purchase, too.  Thanks Alice for sending this to me for review!

Free Delay Lube with TENGA Flip Hole

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