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Review: Rev1000


Posted November 1, 2011 by

I’ve had to keep quiet about this one…

The Rev1000 is released today and I was lucky enough to have been sent one by the good folks at in exchange for a review. I had to wait until today to publish this, so here it is…


The Rev1000 is a new type of masturbator. I can’t really compare it to anything else I know about, to be honest. It’s a big device that’s shaped like half a rolling pin with a motor in the middle, a handle with a multifunction control and in the wide end is a soft sheath that you slip into. The reason this toy is different is that, whilst motorized, it doesn’t vibrate. Instead of vibrating, the sheath turns. Either consistently one way or a pattern of twists and turns.

The control panel has five buttons that control the toy. One central button with four buttons around it in two pairs. The central button is for turning on and off, left & right change the pattern and up & down control the power. It has seven patterns in total and seven speeds so you can pick a combination of both. The patterns range from gentle movements side to side to fast twisting in a single direction with a bunch of them in between as well.

The toy itself is nicely put together. The handle is made from some very soft to touch plastic and it fits nicely together with the other parts, the see-through middle area, the internal sleeve and the soft TPR end. All in all it’s a well made device and is easy to take apart and put back.

It also comes with a charger that plugs in the base of the toy, rather like charging a mobile phone. This is my preferred method of power as you don’t need to worry about batteries and you won’t have any cables in the way when you’re actually using it. Which brings me to…

Using the toy

Using this has been fun. So far, although it will probably be bought mostly as a solo toy, I’ve only used it with my other half. It’s easy to use and after about 30 seconds you’ll be able to remember which settings are which, something that after months of trying to workout I still cannot do with my Fun Factory Cobra Libre. To make it even easier, there are little LEDs that let you know which pattern and speed you are on which, although may sound an obvious feature, is unfortunately missing on so many multifunction devices. There’s also a description of all patterns in the manual. This also may sound simple but it’s often hard to remember specific patterns in the heat of the moment…

It’s best to enter the toy when you’re already hard. If you’re too soft then you won’t feel the sheath brush against your skin and you may struggle to become erect just by using it. Once in, simply switch it on and choose your desired setting or, as we have been doing, mess around with all the settings.

Once inside and switched on, the feeling of the soft bobbles is unique. Similar to the Cobra Libre, the Rev1000 concentrates mainly on the head of the penis. Indeed you’ll have to be inside the toy about three inches before you’ll reach the sheath. Like the Cobra Libre though, you really don’t notice as there is so much sensation being directed at the head of the penis.

Unless you need to relube, as we did once, there really is nothing more to it. On that note, I’d advise using plenty of water based lube. If you don’t use enough, it can dry out and won’t feel as nice. As with any toy anyway, it’s always better to use too much lube than too little so to avoid having to stop mid way through play, use a little more than you think you’ll need when you start.

Reaching orgasm

This is the million pound question: What does it feel like to orgasm whilst using it?

There isn’t really one single word that I can use but if I had to describe it succinctly then I’d say ‘slow and intense’. Both building up to orgasm and actually ejaculating last longer than usual. I don’t mean it takes ages to approach it, it doesn’t. In fact, as the stimulation is pretty intense, it can only take a few minutes. But once you reach the point of no return things last longer. That point where you know you’re going to orgasm and there’s no going back lasts ages and when using it, I ejaculated for longer than I usually do. Earlier today it must have lasted for about 20 seconds.

It also took me a while to respond to my other half when she was speaking to me afterwards. Usually when we’re trying out new toys we’ll chat about them straight away afterwards and think about what will go in the review. This time I had to take a minute or so to come to.

Reaching orgasm with one of these is definitely more intense and unlike reaching orgasm with a regular vibe or toy. In a good way.


Cleaning is quite easy. If you were in a hurry, you could simply unscrew the top, remove the sheath attachment and clean that easily. Personally, I like to take it completely apart. The sheath is attached to a plastic inner compartment which locks shut with a piece of plastic. It can be a little fiddly the first time you remove it but after a couple of goes it’s easy. I’ve used soap and water to clean so far and it’s been fine.

Pros and cons

On the good side it’s nicely made, easy to use and produces a fantastic intense, slow orgasm. It’s easy enough to clean and is rechargeable.

On the bad side, it’s a little loud. It’s marketed as ‘discreet’ but I’d have to disagree a little with that as it does tend to whirr quite fiercely. It’s just a product of the motor, which is quite powerful. It’s not terrible but if you’re looking for something quiet then you might need to look elsewhere. I didn’t expand on it earlier but the soft parts are made of TPR or thermoplastic rubber. I’m not entirely sure if it’s TPR silicone or regular TPR. Neither of which contain phthalates so they’re safe, but they’re unfortunately not totally non-porous. The inner sheath is replaceable and indeed you are supplied with a spare but the outer end is not, unfortunately.

If you want to be completely safe then, as with all TPR compound toys, you’re better off using a condom.

The verdict

This is a great toy. If it were made of silicone (and possibly a little quieter) then I wouldn’t knock off any marks at all. As it is, there are a couple of small improvements to be made but it’s still great. It’s easy to use, feels fantastic and produces almost mind blowing orgasms. Thank you so much for sending me this..

Click here to check it out!



    It… kinda looks like my chop-the-food thing (yea, I have no idea what it’s actually called). But, it sounds like a nifty toy. ๐Ÿ™‚


      I have the same food chopper!

      I nearly. Took a photo of them both together for the review but I didn’t want to put anyone off ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m pretty sure I’d be happier with my penis in this toy…


    My inner nerd wants to understand what it must be like to ejaculate into something that high-tech. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Wow what a great idea, it looks really intense, Im almost jealous.
    It certainly is more star trek, yes I know the chopper you mean, I think we all have one, it would have been funny to see them togther, but your right maybe its a gruesome idea.
    Great review as always.


    You mention the Cobra Libre. I’d be interested to hear how this compares with that. Have you reviewed it? I can’t find it on your blog.


      I haven’t reviewed it yet.

      It’s a toy I bought myself so it’s been low down on my list (I always review toys sent to me first), but I need to review it at some point, for sure!

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