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Review: Fleshlight Flight for Lovehoney


Posted February 23, 2014 by

The Fleshlight Flight – the new Fleshlight with a “stylish, aerodynamic design and discrete insert”.  Really Fleshlight? Aerodynamic? I’m not saying the original Fleshlights are perfect, but I don’t think anyone, anywhere, ever, has thought to themselves “You know what, I wish my masturbation sleeve had less drag when moving it through the air.”.

Hyperbole aside, the Fleshlight Flight is basically a slightly shorter, smaller version of a regular Fleshlight with a hole that is just a hole (it doesn’t mimic a mouth, vagina or anal canal). Lovehoney were kind enough to send me this one in exchange for a fair review as I’d been curious about them since trying out my first Fleshlight some time ago.


Whilst I enjoyed my first Fleshlight, it was a bit on the big side. I’m not embarrassed to say that I don’t quite reach the end of the 9 inch tube so a slightly shorter version is a little welcome.  This version is about 7 inches long so is long enough for most.  Should you be about 7 inches or longer however, fear not, as you can do what I do and unscrew cap at the end which will enable you to thrust in fully.  If you’re not that long then you can leave the end screwed on, unscrew it a little, or completely, to change the amount of suction involved.  It doesn’t make that much difference though.  The end is mainly for fixing other attachments.


Other than the size, there’s not a massive difference between the Fleshlight Flight and a regular Fleshlight, I’m pleased to report.  The Flight feels great.  It’s crafted from the same material (whatever it is, Fleshlight won’t exactly say) and feels great.  There are two different textures to choose from when you pick a Fleshlight Flight. I have the “Flight Instructor” in white. The other version is just called the “Flight”, which is in black.  The regular version is more textured inside with more bobbles and bumps in the inner canal.  I can’t compare as I’ve never used the regular version, but the Instructor feels great.  Like a regular Fleshlight, it feels better than your own hand.  Sliding my penis through the different bumps, ridges and nodules feels great.  There are lots more sensations to feel than with regular masturbation.  I found myself climaxing faster than I normally would, because of this.


Like other Fleshlights, it’s also very easy to clean and care for.  I wash mine using soap and water and then use a little corn flour (or corn starch if you’re across the pond) to keep it feeling soft.  You can buy specific powder from Fleshlight but it really is just corn flour.  You’d be crazy to buy something so expensive that is 100% just a rebadged household ingredient.

So far, so good.  It’s smaller, easier to wield and feels great.  But is there anything else we need to know?  Yes.  The Flight is compatible with both the shower mount and the virtual reality attachment.  So if hands free solo shower sex is your thing or if you’re likely to want to watch your favourite porn star react to your thrusting then you’re all good.


Anything to improve?  Well, there’s nothing especially wrong with this Fleshlight. At all. But I wonder why they didn’t create a transparent case like the Ice Lady Fleshlight.  The insert appears to be crafted from the same, see through material as the Ice Lady and the best thing about that device is the ability to see yourself (or a partner) thrusting inside it.  It’s a novelty that you don’t really tire of seeing.  With the Flight they have a similar insert but have rendered the transparent aspect completely useless by using a regular plastic exterior.  For me, an easy upgrade would be to have a see through case to make the Flight like a mini Ice Lady.

Other than that, I can’t see why I’d ever use a regular Fleshlight.  I’ll certainly use my Ice Lady on occasion as I like to see myself thrust, but that’s it.  The Flight is easier to carry around, a more manageable size and is cheaper than a regular Fleshlight.  Unless you specifically want to see yourself inside a sleeve or have a penis significantly longer than 7 inches, I don’t know why you’d buy anything else.


You can pick one up by clicking here at Lovehoney. Thanks again for sending me this, folks!

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