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Review: Erolution Super Sckr for


Posted June 2, 2012 by

This is my first masturbation sleeve.

I just wanted to put that out there in the spirit of full disclosure as I don’t want anyone thinking I’m some kind of Fleshlight aficionado. I’ve used Tenga Eggs but that’s it. This is my first proper sleeve.  I was a little hesitant about reviewing something I had no experience in, but Chris from convinced me to review this one for him as he was sure I would like it. So here goes…

Erolution sleeves themselves are well crafted. They’re made from a very soft form of TPR and nothing else. This makes them very, very stretchy and malleable. Although it looks like they have a hard casing, that’s just the TPR changing colour.  They come in three variations, each with a different entrance of vaginal, anal or oral. I chose oral for mine so I have a mouth on the end of my sleeve.  They arrive in a box with a small drawstring pouch for storage. It fits quite snugly so I like to think of it as a sleeve sleeve…

The material itself is some of the softest I’ve touched. It feels similar to my Mr. Limpy packer (my stunt cock). With something as soft as this, it’s very easy to scratch the exterior, but this won’t affect the toy itself.

When I first opened the toy, I was a little sceptical of the mouth, as the hole you slip into is tiny. It’s probably smaller than a pencil sharpener. I was unsure even my little finger would fit inside. Due to the stretchiness though, this isn’t an issue at all. The mouth opens very wide to accommodate a penis, which you can see in the animation below:

Using the sleeve is as easy as you might imagine. Simply lube yourself (or a partner) up and slip inside the end. Once inside, you can move back and forwards yourself by thrusting, or you can stay still and move the sleeve instead. Both work well, although I’ve discovered I’m more of a sleeve mover myself. Using the toy really is as simple as that. There’s a hole at the other end to reduce the pressure whilst thrusting, but you can cover this with your hand once you’re inside for a different feel, if you wish. The are also ridges inside the sleeve which make it feel different the deeper you go, but not so you’d really notice unless you were deliberately trying to. All in all though, the inside of this sleeve is a pretty nice place for your (or a partner’s) penis to be.

One of the things I like about using a sleeve, even this super soft one, is that you can’t vary pressure as much as you can with your own hands, which forces you to approach orgasm slower than you normally would.  When you’re reaching the edge with your hands, you can choose to increase your grip, increase your speed, or most likely both. Any of those will make bring you to orgasm faster and also reduce the length of the orgasm.  With a sleeve, you can’t vary the grip or pressure very much so, even if you increase speed, you are still at the mercy of the decreased grip and soft texture. For me, this meant that it took me slightly longer to orgasm and that the orgasm itself was prolonged. Prolonging an orgasm is a fantastic feeling, but it can be hard to do as the temptation is always there to go as fast as you can. With a sleeve, it’s easier to experience as, to a point, it’s out of your control.

Once you’re finished, cleaning the sleeve is easy. It’s actually stretchy enough to turn inside out so you can wash it with soap and water. You can then leave it to dry, turn it back the right way, then replace it back in the sleeve sleeve.

Overall I’m happy to own my first masturbation sleeve. If I could change anything, I’d probably remove the mouth from the end and just have a generic hole, but that’s not anything that would put me off something like this.  I’d also like to try one with a hard casing, but sleeves like that are a lot more expensive than this one.

You can pick one of these up from for the offer price of £36.00 (reduced from £45.00)

Thanks SexHealth for sending this to me!



    I LOVE that first shot! Amazing, as always.


      Thank you!

      Couldn’t resist that shot after I saw the mouth 🙂


      I agree, it’s a great photo, but mostly I’m mesmerised by that gif, I just can’t take my eyes off it!


        Haha, thanks!

        I’ve found myself staring at it for long periods of time, too. It was actually really easy to make with some free software. If you ever need one for yourself, let me know and I can show you how.


    God I love the gif.

    Do you think that the sleeve would accommodate a penis with more girth in the same way as it does the Maverick with as much ease?



      I was sceptical at first as well as I’m quite a bit thicker than the Mustang, which was the toy I used for the .gif animation but there’s no issue at all. It’s a very stretchy and supple material.

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