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Review: Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X40 for


Posted December 9, 2015 by

This is one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever written. If not, the hardest. JoDivine kindly sent me the top of the range Bathmate Hydromax X40 in exchange for my thoughts on it here. Little did I know it would take a lot more reviewing than my usual dildo or butt plug!

The Hydromax X40 is the top of quite a large range of penis enlargers by Bathmate. This one is designed, in particular, for already reasonably sized penises. For those of us that, you may argue, don’t really need to be any bigger. But it has to be worth a go, right? I mean, who doesn’t want a larger penis? It’s like being taller. I’m 6’2″ so well above average, but if you offered me an extra couple of inches or so I’d jump at the chance! So when JoDivine asked me if I wanted to give this the old college try, I said yes without hesitation.


Before I go much deeper into the detail of my experiences, let me explain briefly what the X40 does. It’s a penis pump, but it’s a little different from most on the market. It’s similar to many as it forms an air (and in this case water) tight seal around the penis, then begins to create a vacuum inside it, which sucks blood into the penis, thereby making it bigger. A lot bigger, as it turns out. Unlike many pumps, the Bathmate series is designed to be used with water, which is allegedly safer than just using it with air. When suction is applied, the corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue) fills with blood. This happens already when you become aroused, but with a penis pump you can force more blood than you otherwise would into the tissue, thereby increasing the size of the penis.

Penis pumps like this one are designed for immediate and long term effects. After one session, the penis should grow larger in size than usual and if you use it repeatedly for three or more months then you should start to see some permanent gains in both length and girth.


What’s In The Box

I was lucky enough to receive the whole package. As my penis is longer than 7″, I needed the larger X40. With the package I was sent, I had everything I needed. It comes with a smart, lockable box, a towel, shower strap, a ruler, a handball pump for extra pressure and a cleaning kit. As well as the pump itself, of course.

It’s all very nicely packaged. Everything, even the individual components come sealed in little plastic bags. Everything is crafted to a high standard and fits perfectly in the box.

First Experiences

Regardless of whether I would see any long term results with continued usage, I was astounded the first time I used my X40. I found it a tiny bit awkward to use at first, but when I managed to set it all up, the immediate effect was a lot bigger than I expected.

I say awkward, but really there was only one thing about it that was (and still is, sometimes) a little difficult to set up, and that’s creating an airtight seal around my penis. If you read the instructions then you’d be forgiven for thinking you just slip your penis into the tube and start pumping away, but in reality it can be a little tricky to set up. At first, I couldn’t create any suction at all. Next, I thought I created a vacuum, but air was slowly seeping back in. Finally, after a bit of experimenting with position, I finally managed a perfect, watertight seal that enabled me to pump it up and leave it for each 5 minute session.

I’ve found that even though the seal is pretty good around the base of the X40, it pays to ensure that your skin isn’t bunched at all before use. I’ve found that stretching out the skin on my scrotum by gently pulling down on my testicles helps a lot. If my skin is tight then I’m much more likely to create a vacuum the first time I try.

So, the first time I used this was in the shower, (I’m not really a bath person). I filled it up with water, attached the pump at the end, slipped my flaccid penis in and started to pump. It took me a few goes to sort out the vacuum. The trouble with not having a perfect seal, especially when in the shower, is that air replaces the water and it changes from being a water pump to an air pump. For this reason, it’s best to start from scratch again if you don’t have the seal quite right, and fill it up with water before your next attempt. Once I had my vacuum, I kept the pressure up for the full five minutes, then released the valve at the top and removed my penis. It was huge, already. It wasn’t longer, but it was visibly a lot girthier than normal. I wasn’t that hard, but my penis was definitely bigger than it normally would be when erect.

I then continued to shower for a couple of minutes, making sure to massage my penis a little, as suggested in the instructions, then started again. The second time, it was a lot easier to create the vacuum. I kept the pressure up for another five minutes and then released it as before. After another couple of minutes or so, I started the third and final five minute session. When I was finished, I was huge. I was at least half an inch wider in diameter and the whole of my penis was enlarged. My skin was puffier and spongier to the touch. It felt very strange walking around, too. I wasn’t used to having something so big between my legs. It felt like I’d had a penis transplant.

At this stage, I should point out that even in my first session, I pumped the X40 as hard as I could, which was actually slightly painful. I don’t really mind that kind of pain at all so it didn’t bother me, but you don’t need to keep pumping until you reach the maximum, if you don’t want to. You can just pump until you feel comfortable and you’ll still see good results. I just like to take things to the extreme, particularly when testing things out.

After my shower, I went along with my day. I went to the gym, had lunch etc.. Once I had my underwear on, I didn’t really notice the increase in size. It was only when I stripped off, approximately seven hours later than I discovered that I was still huge! I was expecting it to shrink to a normal size very quickly, but it didn’t. I stayed huge for hours afterwards.

My First Week

After the success of my first try, I couldn’t wait to try it again the next day. It was easier this time. I didn’t need to fumble around as much to create a tight seal. Unlike the first time however, I started without using the handball pump. I thought I’d give it a try with just the pressure from pushing on the device itself. If you look at it, you’ll notice that the bottom part is is like a concertina. You can push down on it to expel water from the end and it creates a vacuum the same way that the handball pump does. With the handball pump, the water travels through the tube and out the end of the pump. Without it, water just shoots out the end. I have a wet room so this wasn’t an issue at all, but if you don’t and are just in the bath, be careful where you aim as it shoots out with a lot of force!

I wasn’t happy with the amount of pressure from using just the X40 on its own though, so I quickly attached the handball pump and pumped it up to the maximum again. It was a bit more painful this time. My penis hadn’t really recovered from the session the day before, but I persisted and was amazed with the results again.

I experimented with different ways of using the X40 throughout my first week with it. The first few days I continued to pump to the maximum, but once I had that out of my system, I tried different amounts of pressure to see if the results differed in any way. Unsurprisingly, they did, but not in the way I thought.


Initial Findings

To start with, I found it important to ensure my foreskin wasn’t in an odd position. If you don’t have one then you have no need to worry, but if you do then you’ll notice it can make a real difference what you do with it before you start pumping. When the penis expands with the pressure, the foreskin is often pulled back. I found three different ways of using it, because of this. If I pulled my foreskin forward and was very careful not to pull it back when inserting into the X40, I found that it wouldn’t be pulled back as much during use. Using it this way was the most comfortable and caused my foreskin itself to grow the largest amount. The next way was to do nothing and just slide into the X40. Usually my foreskin would pull back a lot, if not completely. It then wouldn’t grow as much, but occasionally one side would expand and the odd bulge would occur, which looked a little odd. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to pull my foreskin back, either. The third way was to pull my foreskin back before use, slide it in with the glans of my penis fully revealed, then start to pump. This way was also quite comfortable, but I’d never be able to pull my foreskin back afterwards and I’d still sometimes have the occasional bulge in it. So after a few experiments, I found that pulling my foreskin forward was provided the most aesthetically pleasing results most of the time. When I tried pulling my foreskin back and didn’t use as much pressure, that looked good as well as I was far less likely to create any non-uniform bulges, but occasionally parts of my foreskin would grow more than others with this method.

One unexpected finding was that it was harder to maintain an erection if I pumped to the maximum. Pumping as much as I could produced the biggest results, but I couldn’t stay hard. I found that when the erectile tissue expanded greatly, my penis needed a lot more blood to stay hard and it was just too much to maintain. I could still masturbate of course and orgasm, but I couldn’t keep erect when at my maximum size. This is worth bearing in mind if you want to try one of these devices to combat erectile dysfunction, which lots of people do. If you want a maintainable erection, don’t go too mad. I found that if I pumped a little less and didn’t go too mad, then my penis wouldn’t grow as much but I’d be able to stay hard afterwards without issue.

I’d avoid the shower strap. I found it much easier to hold the X40 in place myself and on the odd occasion I needed both hands, it would stay in place under suction anyway, even when walking around my wetroom. It’s also far easier to use with the handball pump. You don’t have to worry about the top of the X40, which twists to enable you to push the end in and release the pressure. If that’s not set correctly then you’ll just lose water when you fill it up. With the pump attached, you don’t have to worry. You can still start off without using it by just pressing the Bathmate against your body and you can continue using the pump when you’re comfortable.


Temporary Increases In Size

Now the manufacturers claim that increases in length and girth can occur and, over time, become permanent. For me, personally, I never noticed any overall length increases. My penis stayed around a steady 7.5″ long when erect, even when pumping. What I did notice, was that the flaccid length of my penis increased dramatically. Normally, my penis is about 4″ long when flaccid (unless it’s particularly cold!). After pumping, it would stay at around 6-7″ long for along time afterwards, which is why it felt so odd walking around naked or in a towel.

I did notice significant increases in girth however, both when erect and when flaccid. If I pumped to the maximum, I sometimes increased the width of my penis from its usual 2″ when erect to almost 3″! It looked and felt incredible. Even when flaccid, it would stay at around 2-2.5″ wide afterwards.

Permanent Increases In Size

Now, I didn’t notice any, but I have to admit that I couldn’t manage to keep up the sessions every single day for three months. It just takes too much time. Each pumping session consists of three lots of five minute pumps. When you take into account the time in between and the time taken to set things up, you’re looking at around half an hour. As much as I’d like to be able to shower for half an hour every day, sometimes I just don’t have the time. Or I’m just shattered after a long day. So I managed *most* days every week, usually five or six, but I’d rarely go seven days in a row. So maybe this is why I didn’t notice any permanent increases.

That said, I have noticed changes. It’s a lot quicker for me to increase in size, now. I grow immediately as soon as I pump. I can also grow to a girthier size when pumping than I could initially, too. I just don’t notice any differences in the size of my erections if I stay away from the pump for a few days. From what I read, if you do put the time in, then it is possible to gain permanent increases in size, but I never managed it. As much as I’d love to be able to confirm it in this review, I’m very comfortable with the size of my penis so the motivation just wasn’t really there to dedicate three and a half hours a week consistently for three months.


I’m very happy with my pump!

Sure, I haven’t experienced any permanent gains, but it’s a lot of fun to use and the temporary results are awesome. I love watching myself grow when I use it in the shower. I love how my penis feels afterwards when I walk around the house naked. I love the bulge when I wear tight underwear or clothing. I love feeling huge and having my penis played with when it’s girthier. It feels great and looks amazing in the mirror.

The Bathmate Hydromax X40 kit that I have is available from JoDivine for £219.99, but you only need the bigger size if you have a penis over 7″ long. The Hydromax X30 is cheaper at £189.99 if you just need the standard size and every bit as good as the X40. The Hydromax pumps are the top of the range, though. You can pick up a standard Bathmate pump for as little as £99.99. Simply click the banner below and browse away!



    Rich Walton

    I have to tell you that I am really intrigued. While I don’t really want or need a bigger erection; I’m pretty happy with the average length I have. I am seriously interested in the idea that I can hand larger flaccid in all respects. Your reveiw was amazing, and I’ve ordered my own product just for the fun of it! Thanks, man!

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