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Review: Apollo Alpha Stroker 2 for Lovehoney


Posted November 17, 2014 by

I received the Apollo Alpha Stroker 2 in the mail recently from Lovehoney, in exchange for a fair review. It had been a while since I reviewed a sleeve so was keen to try a new one, particularly from a manufacturer other than Fleshlight, just to see what else was out there.

The Alpha 2 is a motorised sleeve with a clever outer hard shell that allows the user to squeeze the sides to change the pressure felt inside. Most sleeves are one or the other. There are soft sleeves, like the Erolution range, that come without a shell and allow the user to apply pressure in different ways when they hold it.  Then there are sleeves like most Fleshlights, that come with a hard outer shell. This means that the pressure applied is constant, but the sleeve itself is much better protected. It also means that the sleeve is easier to grip.  The Alpha 2, with it’s simple but effective design, somewhere in the middle.

The casing of the Alpha 2 is made from firm durable ABS plastic that’s been treated to give it a wonderful luxurious feel. Most people would, inaccurately, describe the surface as ultra smooth, but that’s not really the case at all. The smoother the texture, the more surface will be in contact with your skin, which means more friction. I’d need a microscope to prove it, but I suspect the ABS treatment gives the plastic a minute texture that reduces friction, making it feel smooth to the touch. If you use a MacBook, you’ll know how good the touchpads feel to use.  This is because they’re not strictly smooth, either. They have a tiny texture, designed to reduce friction and enable your fingers to glide across them with ease. It’s the same with the plastic shell here. It feels amazing.

Other than the hard plastic, there are a couple of extra features on the shell. As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of sections (one each side) that are also hard plastic, but movable via what appear to be silicone surrounds. With these, you can push in about 1cm or so each side. On the top of the case is a large handle. I find it easier to hold just like a regular sleeve but, if you were going to use this with a partner, it would be far easier to hold using it. Finally, on the handle is the control and charging panel. It’s easy to charge. You just slip the point in the hole, much like using the toy yourself, you just don’t need any lube. A red light will appear above the power button and you can just leave it charging.


It comes already charged though, so you don’t need to wait before using it. You can just open it up, slide inside and turn it on. There are two buttons so it’s simple to use, but there are 30 different pulse settings so you’ll never remember them all (at least, I never will), but they’re all pretty usable and feel good. The one thing I usually dislike about vibrating toys is the pattern selection. I almost always end up not using them at all and just using the regular vibration settings. What I particularly hate are patterns that stop completely before starting again and patterns that have too big a difference between the softer and rumblier vibrations. With the Apollo, most of them are decent. There aren’t many annoying stop/start patterns and most of them always have a base level of vibration that’s reasonably powerful.

So far, so good. But what’s it like to use? Well, it’s simultaneously the best and the worst sleeve I’ve tried. I say simultaneously, it’s actually the best I have, right up until the point where I ejaculate, when it instantly becomes the worst. Why? Because it’s a pain to clean.  To use it is great. The vibrations are quite powerful and you can really feel them stimulating your penis. The sleeve itself feels great and the addition of the squeezable sides is a good idea, especially if you’re using the vibe function. But cleaning? Less great…

The other sleeves I have are all open ended, so they’re easy to clean. You can just hold them under a tap, which will clean them almost fully, then you can just turn them inside out and give them a proper blast. With this one? Oh no. This one has a closed end so when you ejaculate, your semen is collected in there and you have to remove it. It doesn’t sound awkward in theory. I mean, it’s quite slippery, right? But in practice, it’s a pain. Even if you give it a good jet wash, you won’t be sure you’ve cleaned it thoroughly and removed all your semen until you turn it inside out, which is more awkward with a one ended sleeve. You’ll probably decide, like I did, that you may as well just do that from the start and end up with semen all over your hands. No? Not what you wanted? Me neither. I know it sounds like I’m being picky, too. I mean, surely you almost always end up with semen covered hands when you masturbate? Well yes, but somehow it’s a lot worse when you’ve cleaned yourself up, put your clothes back on, picked up the toy (making sure not to spill anything on the way to the sink), turned on the tap and then slipped your fingers inside to try and turn it inside out. I’m not sure if it’s the time delay or the fact that you’ll probably end up trying to see if there’s any semen left inside by slipping your fingers into a fake vagina. Probably both.


The Alpha 2 is a great toy, in many ways. It’s certainly the most pleasurable sleeve (to use) that I own. It’s a Jack Off Of All Trades and master of all of them. Except cleaning. If you can cope with the cleaning then buy it, it is awesome. But if you want an easier life post orgasm, then maybe choose something else.

You can pick them up from Lovehoney for £69.99 with free delivery. Thanks Lovehoney!




    You can get it on Amazon in the States for under $60.00 USD. But, search carefully, as it’s also on Amazon Canada for $149.00! Amazon actually has 2 listings for Prime member, and one is just below $60, with the other just over $60. As for the cleaning, did you check thoroughly for an exit hole in the other end of the sleeve. Mine has one. It’s very small,and it only passes water if you slide the opening of the sleeve over the end of the faucet, causing water pressure to build up within the sleeve. But use caution, as mine had a thin spot along one side of the sleeve, that if not watched, could burst. My biggest complaint is the size of the entry opening. I’m 69, and don’t always attain a rock hard erection, even with pills. And, my penis is small in girth. Yet, in spite of that, even when very hard, it’s difficult to enter, and if I’m only partially erect, it’s impossible! Not sue how a man of serious penile girth could even use it. But, like the man says, it feels fantastic. If you can get your penis inside the thing, you just may have the best orgasm you ever had without a partner!


      I wonder if we have different toys.

      I only say that because my penis is 2″ in diameter when erect and I find lots of sleeves too small. All Tenga toys, for example, are impossible for me to use. This one, however, was fine. The hole was plenty big enough and stretchy.

      I wonder if we have different ones or if yours is just a different size.

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