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Review: Tantus Charmer


Posted February 20, 2012 by

The Charmer was my first Tantus toy.

I remember searching for it online.  Not it specifically, but for a new toy in general that fit a particular description.  I was always fussy about materials so it had to be something safe, preferably silicone, and I didn’t want anything too big.  I also wanted something that would feel good on my prostate.

I hadn’t purchased anything from Tantus at the time (or indeed from many companies, this was one of my first toys) but I’d heard of them and of their reputation for producing 100% body safe products so I had a look at their range.  The Charmer immediately jumped out at me.  It wasn’t too big, it came in purple (possibly my favourite sex toy colour!) and it had those wonderful prominent ridges that looked like they’d hit the spot.  So I bought it…

As soon as it arrived I couldn’t wait to use it.  I’d had bad experiences with a few other toys before (see my reviews of the Aneros MGX and the Rocks Off Rude Boy) but was confident this one would be better.  And it was!

This was the first toy I bought that really felt good, right from the first time I used it.

I remember using it for the first time.  Unlike the majority of other toys, the head is the largest part of the Charmer so I lubed it up, relaxed and tried it out.  To my delight it was easy to insert.  Partly due to the shape of the head and partly due to being crafted from Tantus’s super smooth silicone.  It’s reasonably firm, but not so firm that you can’t squash it (much softer than a Lelo toy, for example) and the surface is very smooth (so it doesn’t attract dust like a Fun Factory toy).  Once the head was inside, inserting the rest of the toy was a breeze.

Slipping the toy inside though is just half the fun.

This toy is a thruster.  The ridges on the Charmer are there for a reason.  They separate this toy from all others.  Pulling the Charmer out feels as good as pushing it in and repeating this over and over feels even better.  However, it’s not for hard, furious pounding.  No.  It’s quite a thin toy and very flexible so it’s more designed for you to lie back, relax and slowly, gently, delicately move it in and out.  This isn’t a toy for a ‘quickie’, it’s a toy that’s meant to be savoured.  Treat it not like a shot of Victory Gin, designed purely to intoxicate you as quickly as possible; but like a fine wine, fermented for you to enjoy slowly, to prolongue the experience.

Treat it well, use it wisely and you won’t regret it.  I still enjoy using mine.  It’s the ridges that provide a unique experience.  Pointing them towards my stomach feels fantastic when I slide it in and out as I can feel them running back and forth.  It’s more of a tease than other toys as it doesn’t directly stimulate my prostate but gently runs over it again and again.

This was the first product I bought that really excited me about sex toys and is one I still enjoy using to this day.  You can buy one here!


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