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Review: Fun Factory Boosty


Posted July 17, 2012 by

Everyone – this is my new favourite butt plug.

The Boosty is the latest anal toy from Fun Factory. Their entry level butt plug, the Bootie, was released a few years ago and received high praise from many reviewers, myself included, due to its fantastic shape, soft silicone and amazing base. The Bootie was, and still is, a fantastic plug. I’d still recommend it to anyone wanting to experiment in anal play and it’ll stay in your toy chest forever as it still feels good even if you’re a little more advanced and used to something a little bigger. There’s been a gap in the market however, for a toy with all the fantastic attributes of the Bootie, but with more size. Until now.

As you can see from the photograph above, the Boosty takes the form factor of the Bootie and builds on it. It still has the same familiar attributes, but it’s bigger. It’s like the Bootie on steroids. It could easily be called the Sterootie. If the Bootie is Ed Norton in Fight Club (in good shape, but small), the Boosty is Ed Norton in American History X.

When I heard about the Boosty, I was a little worried Fun Factory may change a few of the things I loved about the original Bootie. It’s so easy, when trying to improve on an already perfect design, to make it worse. They haven’t. It’s crafted from the same velvety silicone so it feels amazing and is squeezable. It has a similar asymmetrical shape so can be inserted in two different ways: Backwards, for a natural feel and, for those of us who have prostates and enjoy something pressing on them, forwards. Most importantly though, it has the same base. I cannot stress enough how good the base is. It’s so simple, yet still unique to Fun Factory. I raved about the base in my Bootie review and I’m happy to report that the Boosty’s base is identical. Not similar…identical. They haven’t thought, like so many do, “This is a bigger plug, it needs a bigger base.”. They’ve realised that it didn’t need changing in any way, and they haven’t.

The most important similarity between the Boosty and the Bootie is that they both feel fantastic. Again it’s easy when trying to improve on something to actually make it worse. On paper, a design might appear to share all the attributes of an already proven design but still may not work. The Boosty is not like that.

When I first received the Boosty in the mail, I fetched my old Bootie to compare them. The Bootie felt as amazing as ever and when I tried the Boosty, it felt like a proper successor. It was easy to insert, didn’t move or twist inside me and the base felt perfect. It felt great when I first slipped it in and still felt amazing after an hour. In fact, the only differences I noticed were due to the size increase: I felt fuller and it required a little more force to pull out.

Buy the Fun Factory Boosty. That’s all I can think of to end this review. Just buy it. Your butt will thank you for it. If you’re an absolute beginner then buy the Bootie first but if you’re not, buy this. At 3.5″ long and 1.5″ wide though, it’s still small enough for most of us and you won’t regret it. You can buy one here from Lovehoney for £25.99.

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