Posted October 13, 2014 by Andy in Photographic

Photo: Lovehoney Model of the month…again!

I have had the honour of receiving the Lovehoney Model of the Month award again!

I won it way back in 2011 with this photo and this time I won it for my shot wearing the Blue Line Sheer V Neck Top, which is below.


Jess was kind enough to say the following:

Dominating this month’s competition is ruffledsheets who has won the top prize for his captivating photo featuring theBlue Line Sheer V Neck Top (£16.99).

Set against a plain background and edited to a greyscale finish, this photo highlights the sheer, form-fitting quality of the garment, while flattering ruffledsheets’ torso to perfection. He’s cropped it just right so as to show off the entire ensemble, without showing his face. Not only does this maintain some privacy for him, but also adds a  hint of mystery to this classy, sexy photo.

Thank so much again, Lovehoney!