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Toy With Me Tuesday – Hard And Soft

Welcome to this week’s Toy With Me Tuesday entry! I took this photo yesterday evening with my other half.  I had the idea of combining a few steel toys with other steel (or steel lookalike) items.  If you look closely you...

Urethral Toy

Review: Smooth & Deep Penis Plug for UberKinky

“You’re going to stick that in where…?” where my other half’s words when I mentioned I’d been sent a penis plug by ÜberKinky.  I imagine that’s quite a normal reaction to such toys as t...

Crystal Delights Butt Plug next to a decanter of Scotch whisky
Crystal Delights Butt Plug next to a decanter of Scotch whisky
Crystal Delights Butt Plug next to a decanter of Scotch whisky

Toy With Me Tuesday – Crystal

Welcome to Toy With Me Tuesday! I was struggling to think of something to shoot for this.  I didn’t just want to take a photo of a toy, I wanted it to have a theme.  Whilst rummaging through my toy chest, I decided to tak...


Toy With Me Tuesday – Anyone for espresso…?

I’ve been looking forward to this. Ever since I first heard of Toy With Me Tuesday I’ve wanted to enter and, now it’s begun, I’m excited to post my first entry.  If you follow my Tumblr or Twitter you...


Review: Erolution Super Sckr for

This is my first masturbation sleeve. I just wanted to put that out there in the spirit of full disclosure as I don’t want anyone thinking I’m some kind of Fleshlight aficionado. I’ve used Tenga Eggs but that&...

June 2, 2012


Review: Male Power Stretchy See Through Thong for Lovehoney

I was lucky enough to be sent some underwear for Lovehoney’s underwear month of April to test them out and review them. They had a selection of underwear available to so I marked a selection down containing those that I&#...

Butt Plug

Review: Tantus Ryder

Reviewing the Tantus Ryder is a bit like reviewing the film Star Wars. Even if you haven’t seen it, you have a pretty good idea that it’s a great movie. The Tantus Ryder is the butt plug equivalent of Star Wars. I d...

April 18, 2012

Hybrid Toy

Review: Evolved Get A Grip for

I was lucky enough to be sent this toy recently from Paul at He asked me if I was ready to review something else for him and, if I was, to have a look round the SexShop365 site and come up with a few suggestio...


Review: Tantus Charmer

The Charmer was my first Tantus toy. I remember searching for it online.  Not it specifically, but for a new toy in general that fit a particular description.  I was always fussy about materials so it had to be something safe, ...

February 20, 2012

Urethral Toy

Review: Hollow Princes Wand for Titus Toys

This is my first urethral toy. Well, that is to say my first of two toys that I have been kindly sent to review from Titus Toys. This particular toy is a surgical steel princes wand. A long, slender tube that slides down into t...