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Male Chastity Day 2018

It’s that time of the year again. That romantic time when you give your partner something meaningful and romantic. No, not St. Valentine’s Day! Male Chastity Day! The day you hand over your keys…

Like every year, Male Chastity Day occurs on Feb 15th, the day after St. Valentine’s Day. I’ve been trying to have the name changed to be more inclusive. I know so many of all genders who are into, or at least curious about, chastity. I know many transwomen, in particular, who practice it. Hopefully I’ll have it changed next year!

So anyway, Feb 15th is the day you can give your partner the keys to your chastity device and it’ll all be OK, because *everyone* will be doing it. Hell, you can even send them this post to let them know how popular it is (and has been for the past few years).

To mark this year’s event, I’ve arranged for an experienced keyholder to answer a few questions for you. I know you’ll want to get to know her as much as I did.

Please may I introduce my good friend Ma’am Malice:

When did you start controlling orgasms?

I have been controlling the male and female orgasm since before I became a professional dominatrix. I began in my teens with ruined orgasms and chastity play. Now I hold keys daily for many different people. So in short, well over 10 years.

Did you start with chastity devices straight away?

I began at first with the idea of orgasm control and ruined orgasm games. Then as I developed my love for tease & denial my intrigue for chastity devices grew.

What do you enjoy most about denying orgasms?

The feeling of total power exchange with me & my submissive. Helping develop the submissive’s mental state & create a deeper and more apparent need for me. Chastity is a wonderful tool to help develop a D/s relationship.

How long do you tend to keep your subs lock / without orgasm?

It depends on the submissive. Everything is subjective. Some of my submissives require long locking with total denial. Others respond better to monthly milkings and some even to full tease and denial in session with me. Every person in chastity requires a different journey.

What’s the longest you’ve denied anyone?

1 year 2 months and counting. Let’s hope those blue balls can survive until our time is up together, haha! Only 4 months left.

What’s your favourite chastity device / belt?

I adore most devices but I have a strong love of metal cages and especially the ones geared more towards CBT & torture for those who adore it.

What’s the best way for a potential sub to contact you?

The best ways to get in contact are via my Twitter @MaamMalice
Or phone when applicable 07923852269

I hope you enjoyed reading about Ma’am Malice as much as I enjoyed interviewing her.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about chastity or orgasm denial. And please do take a moment to think about adding both into your sexual bucket list. If you’re interested in purchasing a device, I have several reviews located here.

So who is going to hold your keys?