Posted September 30, 2017 by Andy in Photographic

Locktober – The Latest Event To Encourage Longer Term Chastity In Relationships

It’s not unusual for communities to come together and create events to encourage more people to take part in their chosen activity or lifestyle choice. There are specific days supposedly for certain things. Days for giving up eating meat, for example. There are also dedicated months for giving up drinking and smoking. Chastity already has a day, which is primarily for sparking interest in couples who are perhaps curious, but have never tried it. Or those who have only ever tried it for short periods, like for an evening, or out on a date. Locktober is a little different. It’s for those who are already practicing chastity, with the hope of enthusing them into taking things up a notch, or two.

That’s right. Locktober is for staying in your chastity device for a whole month…

I’m not sure who came up with the event in the first place, or who created the pun, but it’s a great idea! I’m sure there are lots of people who take chastity reasonably seriously, but perhaps are a little hesitant about going for longer. Either because they’re not sure they can manage, or perhaps they’re nervous about speaking to their keyholder about it. Either way, this is a great way for people to try taking things to the next level and to have support from lots of us who will be joining you. There will  be beginners taking part and some who, like me, regularly go longer in between each orgasm.

So, to business! If you want to take part, all you need is a chastity device and some determination. The idea is you lock yourself (or a partner) into a chastity device (or belt) this evening and stay locked until November the 1st. Personally, I’ll be unlocking for (very) short periods to clean (as hygiene is imperative). I would encourage you to do the same. The other rule is simple: No orgasms. It’s perfectly feasible to orgasm whilst locked, with a wand massager held against your cage, for example. But don’t! The whole point is you experience the highs and the joys of long(er) term chastity & orgasm denial.

If you’re new to long term chastity, there are a few things to remember:

1 – Don’t shave completely. Short, cropped hair is best. Newly shaven skin can be irritated if you’re not used to it.

2 – Use lube! I apply it at least a couple of times every day, particularly around the back ring. Don’t wait until you’re already sore!

3 – Clean thoroughly. If you’re in an enclosed device, ask permission from your keyholder when you need to. But don’t take too long!

4 – Lots of us are here to help if you have any questions or issues. Never be afraid to ask.

5 – Find a keyholder! It’s possible on your own, but so much more fun with a partner or friend taking control. I’ll link to some, below.

I hope this has enthused you in some way to take part, if you weren’t already. Do join us all on Twitter. We’ll be using the #Locktober hashtag to chat about it all, throughout October.

If you are indeed looking for a keyholder, here are a few I know:

Alice, from Bondageland, Chastity enthusiast & organiser of chastity themed events

Penelope Dreadful, Pro Domme & Keyholder (specialises in chastity training online & in person)

Ma’am Malice, UK based Pro Domme & Keyholder

Mistress Ana, UK based Pro Mistress & Keyholder

Arielle Aquinas, Online Domme & Keyholder

Lady Ness, UK based Pro Domme & Keyholder

Mistress Jules, UK based Pro Keyholder (specialises in strict chastity training, beginner & advanced)

Goddess Laser, Miami based Camgirl & Chastity enthusiast

Mistress Miska, Chastity enthusiast looking for her first online sub to hold keys for

To end, in true internet event fashion, I’ve created a few would be memes for the occasion. Enjoy!