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Review: Nexus Sparta Milking Motion Prostate Massager for Lovehoney


Posted January 13, 2016 by

I was really, really hoping this toy would be good. Nexus, after all, have great form with regards to innovation with prostate toys. I gave a few of their earlier toys rave reviews as I loved them and some of their more recent efforts like the Revo 2 blew me away. When Lovehoney sent this to me in exchange for this review, I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Sadly, the Sparta doesn’t really do anything for me.Nexus-2

Now, the idea is great. It looks like what appears to be a a decent shape and the motor doesn’t vibrate but instead stimulates the prostate via a moving part at the end, which moves in and out in a stroking motion. It sounds like it should be amazing, but the implementation is, sadly, underwhelming.

The moving part just doesn’t move enough. Not enough to really feel it. You can tell it’s there when you use it, but only just and only when you really concentrate. Otherwise, it just feels like a regular, non-powerful vibe. Even when I altered the position of it manually, to try and increase the pressure on my prostate with slightly more targeted accuracy, I still couldn’t feel much. To be perfectly honest, many of Nexus’s non-moving toys are a lot better for prostate stimulation.

Nexus-1Now it’s not all bad, of course. It’s rechargeable, with Nexus’s handy magnetic USB charging system and it’s coated with their super smooth silicone. It has a finger loop to make it easier to manoeuvre and it’s easy to control with the single button that cycles through each of the three speeds (and two patterns). Sadly none of this really matters when the toy is mediocre at best.

My best advice, if you’re thinking of buying a prostate toy that moves in and out and mimics the motion of having it milked, is to wait a little longer and buy the Nexus Revo 2 instead. Sure, it’s more expensive at £119.99 instead of £69.99, but it’s worth it. If you’re the sort of person that will spend the thick end of £100 on a sex toy then you will probably (I’m guessing) be someone who wants quality over any old thing. With that in mind, just keep saving for a little longer and wait until you can afford one of the Revo toys. They’re more expensive but you’ll use them and you’ll enjoy them. With this one, you’ll use it and enjoy it and won’t just leave it in your bedside cabinet for years until it’s discovered by your cleaner some time in 2019.

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Thanks so much for sending this to me, Cazz!


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