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Review: Nexus Revo 2 for Lovehoney


Posted August 9, 2013 by

The Nexus Revo has been on my radar since the beginning.  I remember Nexus telling me about it before the launch and that it was very hush-hush.  I never pestered them to review one though as I’d had so many toys from them already and, if I’m honest, I didn’t think it would be any good.  I thought it would be a novelty.  Either it would just feel weird or that I wouldn’t be able to feel much at all.


I didn’t even read any reviews, either.  I assumed I’d receive one to review at some point and would have to write a review stating that, whilst it was a good idea, the implementation wasn’t great, that future generations of the Revo would probably be good, but that this one wasn’t perfect.  You know the kind.  As it happened, the Revo completely passed me by but was extremely popular.  Enough for Nexus to build a Revo 2.  I wasn’t surprised.  Many underwhelming toys are very popular and go through iterations being, at best, average.  Take the Rocks Off Rude Boy, for example.  Massively popular and has just gone through another iteration where Rocks Off have spectacularly failed to fix the one thing that was completely wrong with it: the shape.  Instead, they’ve given it a bigger vibrator, which it didn’t really need.  I assumed that the Nexus Revo 2 would be following a similar situation.

But I was, happily, wrong.


I didn’t know how wrong when Lucy from Lovehoney emailed me asking me if I wanted to review it.  I replied, somewhat enthusiastically, that I’d quite like to give it a try as it would look good in the photographs.  When it arrived in the post I wasn’t even that keen on trying it.  I took a few photos and put it back in the box.  It did need reviewing though, so after a week or so I thought I’d better give it a try.


To my surprise, it was fantastic!  Now, at this point, it’s probably worth describing what the Revo actually is.  It’s an anal toy, of a similar shape to other Nexus toys, with a vibrator built in to the base and also, importantly, a mechanism inside the toy that makes the end move around in a circle.  It’s designed to mimic your (or your partner’s) fingers.  There are lots of toys out there that claim to be prostate massagers, but the Revo range, as far as I know, is the only selection of toys that actually massage the prostate without the user having to move the toy themselves.


I’m sure many of you are wondering why anyone would design such a toy.  Is having your prostate massaged really so pleasurable?  Well…yes.  Yes, it is.  It’s amazing, in fact.  Having your prostate massaged not only feels fantastic in itself, but it sends amazing sensations to the penis.  With continuous massaging, it’s possible to actually ejaculate, too.  The prostate is just underneath the seminal vesicles, where semen is stored, prior to ejaculation.  Applying pressure and massaging these areas forces semen out making the user ejaculate without orgasm. Where’s the fun in that? You might think.  Well, you’d be surprised.  It feels phenomenal.


So anyway, after charging up the Revo 2 which, by the way, charges via USB with a magnetic attachment, I tried it for the first time.  And I was hooked from the start.  It’s rare that a game changing toy like this feels great from the first time you use it.  The Fun Factory Stronic Zwei, for example, felt odd the first few times I used it, but I love it now.  The Revo 2 however, needed no such trial period.  It felt awesome from the first time I used it and, surprisingly, felt just like having someone massage my prostate with their finger.  Of course, the motion of the Revo 2 is repetitive, which wouldn’t be the case if a human being was massaging you, but it does feel eerily similar.  The pressure from the toy is just right, too.  I was sceptical that it wouldn’t be enough, but it is.  It’s also powerful enough not to slow down or stop if you tense your muscles, which I was also sceptical about before owning one myself.


So, how do I use it?  Well, I prefer to use the Revo 2 in its most simple form.  I forget the vibrator.  For me, it’s just a distraction from the main event.  I don’t want any other sensations taking my mind from the massaging motion of the business end of the toy.  If you like that kind of thing then there are a few standard vibrating patterns, constant, on-off etc., but it’s more fun to leave them off.  The Revo 2 also moves at two different paces, but I prefer the slowest.  So, all I do when I use it is slip it inside and turn on the slowest setting (just hitting the solitary button once) then lie back and enjoy it.  That’s it!  I don’t bother masturbating or using other toys as well.  I just lie back and periodically tense my PC muscle, which make increases pressure on my prostate and makes it much more intense.


If I’m honest, it’s not really a toy I’d use during sex or foreplay.  It’s not even a toy I’d use during masturbation.  It’s one I use on my own, on its own.  And it really is another game changer.  It’s possibly my favourite prostate toy.


Needless to say, like all Nexus toys, it’s completely body safe.  The base is crafted from ABS plastic and the insertable portion is silicone.  It comes in a cool black box and has a soft carrying pouch to save space, so you can throw the box away once you’ve opened it.  Thank you so much Lucy for sending this to me!  It’s been the most surprisingly awesome toy I’ve ever used.  The Nexus Revo 2 isn’t a cheap toy, but it’s worth it, I promise.  You can pick one up from Lovehoney here for £119.99 or by clicking on the banner below.  Enjoy!



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