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Review: Nexus O


Posted June 15, 2011 by

Firstly, I must say a big thank you to Chloe from Nexus, who has kindly sent me this toy (and more) to review. You can find her on Twitter if you ever have any questions about Nexus products.  I’ve been fortunate to receive a couple of toys from Nexus, but I wanted to try this one first, due to it’s unique design.

Right.  The Nexus O is prostate massager. It’s double ended, with a ball at each extremity and one in the middle for good measure. It reminds me of another massager I own, the Jacknobber, which is a completely non-sexual tool that has, ironically, a name surely fit for a masturbation aid… Anyway, the Nexus O is firm but flexible. The silicone has some give, but not much. It’s somewhere in between Lelo and Fun Factory and feels smooth to the touch. The balls are a little under 1.5″ wide and each stem is just under an inch think. This is their smallest ‘O‘, but they offer an ‘O Max‘ if you want something bigger. Manufacturing quality is excellent. It’s very well crafted and has no imperfections. As with many silicone products, there is one tiny tiny seam running through but it’s so small you won’t be able to feel it when you use it. As with all Nexus toys, it comes with their guarantee to be 100% phthalate free and completely non-porous.

The Nexus O is designed so that one side is inserted and one isn’t. The inside ball should stimulate the prostate and the outside ball , the perineum. The middle ball should help to keep everything in place. From this position, the idea is to rock back and forth, thus changing the emphasis from one ball to the next and apply varying degrees of pressure to both areas. I’ll be honest, though, this is reasonably tricky so take your time (it took me a few goes). Inserting the Nexus O is easier when using both hands, but can be done with one, with a bit of practice. The trick is to straighten it out a little first, then let it fall back into it’s regular, curved shape, once its inside. I always try to insert toys with one hand, if I can, to avoid covering them both with lube, which, by the way, you should be using lots of (water based lube, of course, so as not to affect the silicone).  Because of the grip the Nexus O gives you, though, it may seem a little fierce, at first. It’s comparable to the NobEssence Romp when inserted the right (wrong) way. If you know what you are doing, however, and are looking for something to hit your prostate (and hard), this is definitely worth a go. Personally, in this position, I like to insert it almost, but not all, the way in on one side and rock back and forward gently on the middle ball. The outer ball does stimulate my perineum  but, truth be told, it’s *nothing* compared to the way the inner ball hits my prostate…

After all that, however, you might be surprised to hear me say that I probably only ever use it like that under half of the time. For me, the best use of this is to take the outer end in one hand and manipulate it myself.  I know exactly how I like my prostate to be touched, caressed and stimulated.  Whilst I enjoy the changing pressure of the rocking motion, that isn’t really what does it for me as much as a little added back & forth movement, which is easily achieved if I take the Nexus O into my own hands. In my Aneros review, I mentioned prostate milking. Personally, I haven’t been able to achieve that with rocking alone, but when I move the O with my hand, it’s very easy. To be honest, this is the way I like to use the toy, too. I don’t often tend to use toys and jack off at the same time. I’d rather just use a toy and concentrate on the sensations it provides on its own. With this one, it’s easy to lie back, relax, and just lose myself as I move it back and forward…

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is purely a solo toy, though.   Like the Lelo Bob, the handle can easily be controlled by a partner.  It’s easiest if you’re lying on your back as your partner can then hold onto one end and move the O the way you like it.

As with any toy that’s a new design or is different from other toys, it can take a few goes to become used to it.  Personally, it was on my third or fourth go that I really started to understand how to use it. I don’t mind that at all. I don’t like it when companies tell users they may need months of practice with their products and if they don’t work it’s their own fault, but products that require a little more practice can often deliver fantastic results , which this one does.

The bottom line is this is a finely crafted, uniquely designed, pleasurable toy.  It’s probably slightly more suited to someone with a little anal experience under their belt already, but if you like the look of it, there’s no reason why as a beginner you can’t enjoy one, too.  They’re available at a number of online toy stores but if you’re in the UK, like me, then you can buy them here from, who stock the complete Nexus range.

Thanks again Chloe for sending this to me to review!



    Interesting toy. Sounds a bit complicated, but worth the trouble. The shape reminds me of a circular barbell…. As in body jewelry.

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