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Review: Nexus Max 5


Posted August 8, 2011 by

Kindly sent to me by Nexus, themselves, the Max 5 is one of a range of prostate massagers. It’s one of those anal / perineum combination toys that have become quite common in recent years. This one is just under 5″ in length and has a maximum width of 1.5″ so it’s more for someone with a little experience than it is for an absolute beginner.

As you may be aware, I’ve tried out toys like this in the past. Fortunately, this one turned out to be a lot better than my first purchase…


To start with, the silicone is THE smoothest I have ever touched. Nexus call it their ‘Luxury Brushed Silicone’ and it really is one of those products that you can’t stop picking up and feeling. Even now, writing this review, I keep going back to it to have a play. Nexus actually have a small amount of their silicone on the outside of the packaging with a big ‘Touch me’ sign above it (see above), and I can see why. It really is sensational.

The toy itself is very firm. It’s not dissimilar to the Lelo Bob in firmness. It hardly moves a millimetre when you squeeze it. There are two main portions of the toy. The insertable ‘plug’ part of the toy and the perineum massager, which incorporates a small bullet vibrator. It’s very easy to insert, just remember to use plenty of lube and make sure it’s water based so it doesn’t damage the silicone. Be aware though that the angle of the perineum massager is acute and, as such, makes the toy press forward a lot. Lots of toys are shaped like this to ensure pressure is always applied to the prostate, but this one is angled more than most, so insert it slowly if you’re new to this style of product. Personally, I don’t insert this one all the way. I find the most enjoyable position to be about two thirds in, with end of the vibrating portion pressing against my perineum and the plug firmly against my prostate. Now, I won’t lie… the bullet won’t break any records, but none of them ever do. It’s simply impossible to incorporate Hitachi size vibrations in something so small. This one is actually better than most though as it has 3 speeds with the 3rd being more powerful than any other bullet I’ve tried, but if you want mind blowing vibrations then you can always hold a Hitachi Magic Wand or other powerful vibrator against it. To be completely honest though, the perineum vibrations are really secondary to the shape of the toy. It’s still enjoyable to use without turning the vibe on and I find myself only turning it on about half of the time. I usually start with the vibe off then turn it on towards the end for a little extra sensation. I also prefer to use this toy lying down so I can move it around if I want to with one hand. There is a flat section of the base so you can sit down whilst using it but, for me, that presses the toy in further than I like. As with all dual purpose toys (i.e. toys designed to stimulate two or more areas), positioning will be different for everyone so it’s worth while taking your time with them and finding out which position is best for you.

If I had to change anything, I’d alter the angle of the perineum massager to be a tiny bit less acute, but Nexus produce a wide range of anal toys at differing angles, from this to right angles (90 degrees) and many in between. That’s just me though and everybody is different.  Overall though, this is by far the best dual prostate/perineum toy I’ve tried and I’ve tried quite a few (Rocks Off, Aneros etc.).  It’s certainly the most finely crafted and is a better shape than all the others I’ve used, too.

To sum it up, the Max 5 is a great toy for someone who’s experimented in anal play before but wants to take it a bit further.  Maybe someone who has tried a plug or toy and wants a little more.  I also need to mention the silicone once again!  It really is something else. As much as I love having toys of different types, I wouldn’t be disappointed if they were all made from this. As with all Nexus toys, it also has their guarantee to be completely odourless and phthalate free.  You can find them here at Pleasure2Me.

Thanks again to Chloe at Nexus for sending me this!



    Nice review.

    Regarding the bullet, swap it out for an RO-80mm bullet, one of the new 3-speed vibes, and select the highest setting. That’ll ramp up the power noticeably.




      Hey mate,

      Thanks for the tip!

      I have a couple of the old RO-80mm bullets but none of the 3 speed ones. Will have to give that a go 🙂



    *gasp* I want one. Purple!

    A ghat

    What is the best way to keep it in place without holding it all the time? Suggestions would be welcomed.


      There isn’t a good way, unfortunately.

      The only toy of this kind that stays in on its own is the Rocks Off Butt Boy but even then it doesn’t keep the pressure on your perineum unless you hold it there.

      The best way is still to use your hand (or a partner’s)!

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