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Posted September 10, 2012 by

I hadn’t heard of Lux For Men but, when Paul from sexshop365 sent me a couple of links and asked me if I wanted to try a couple of their products, I was intrigued. The marketing is very well done and pitches this range of toys at the ‘distinguished gentlemen’ (their words), which immediately made me smile.  Even the packaging is crafted to a high standard and will remind you of days gone by when chaps wore bowler hats and wandered around swinging umbrellas.  As someone who commutes into the financial district of London wearing a suit every day, I thought I should try one…

The LX1 is crafted from a combination of hard ABS plastic and smooth silicone. This combination, with the plastic on the inside, makes the LX1 very stiff. The main part of the toy hardly flexes at all, even when you try to bend it with both hands.  The layer of silicone covering it is also very thin so there’s very little movement when you touch it, either.  Make no mistake, this is a firm toy.  The only part that is pure silicone is the handle.  Both the main insertable and the perineum stimulator are silicone covered plastic.  The perineum stimulator however, is quite thin, so does have some give in it and is bendable.

To touch, the LX1 feels very smooth.  The silicone is not dissimilar to that of the Nexus Max5 (which has some of the best I’ve ever felt).  It’s not heavy at all (as ABS plastic is very light) but it doesn’t feel flimsy like the Aneros MGX can.  There are no lines or seams, which is great and there is even an apology for the EU code that is slightly raised upon the base.  This is hardly noticeable though and the raised letters are much easier to clean than those that are embossed.  Good job Lux, so far…

The LX1 was a bit of a surprise.  Let’s be honest, there are quite a few of these hybrid prostate/perineum toys out there.  I was expecting something average at best.  Particularly as this one isn’t shaped like a typical prostate toy.  When I tried it though, I was pleasantly surprised.

There are two bulbs on the LX1.  The first is 1 inch in diameter and the second is 1.2 inches with a shaft of about half an inch in between them.  No part of the toy is terribly big so it’s very easy to insert and, once inside, I could feel the second, larger bulb pressing against my prostate whilst the external bulb pressed against my perineum.  This is how the LX1 works best.  Inserted all the way and held in place with the handle.  Sure, you could slide it in and out or you could use the first bulb to actually passage the prostate (instead of just press against it), but there are better toys out there if that’s specifically what you want.  If, however, you’re looking for a toy that you slip inside and keep it there whilst you play, then the LX1 should be on your radar.

Like many of these types of toys, when inserted and you flex and relax your PC muscle, the toy is pulled inside you a little more.  What happens then is that the base prevents it but pushes harder on your perineum, which feels good.  I like to use one hand to keep hold of the handle and steady the LX1 which leaves one hand free for… well, stroking, sounding…anything that takes your fancy, really.

The obligatory “coffee and dildos” photo…

Are there any downsides to the LX1? I’d say not, but it has a limitation.  The bulb to shaft ratio isn’t huge so it won’t stay in on its own.  This makes it unrealistic to use during penetrative sex.  If you’re looking for something that will stay inside you easily, then this probably isn’t the toy for you and you’d be better off looking at a butt plug or something similar.  If, however, you’re looking for a toy to use during solo play or foreplay with a partner, then you might very well enjoy the LX1.  Especially so if you are a distinguished gentleman yourself…

Thanks for sending this one my way!  You can pick one up yourself  for £34.99 (with free UK shipping) by clicking here or on the button below:

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