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Review: Fun Factory Duke for Simply Pleasure


Posted July 30, 2013 by

The Fun Factory Duke is a toy that’s been on my radar since it was released, but I haven’t had the opportunity to review one, until now.  I was lucky enough to be emailed by Simply Pleasure recently and asked if I’d like to review some toys for them. This was one we both wanted.

The Duke is a uniquely shaped anal toy.  It’s not like any other I’ve seen.  In fact, you’d be forgiven for not knowing which way to insert it, such is the trend these days for anal toys to have extreme pointing prostate stimulators.  It has a straight shaft and a pointier attachment at about right angles which, is designed to point backwards (away from your stomach), not forwards like other prostate toys (lots of which don’t work very well, I might add, like the Rocks Off Rude Boy).  Fortunately, the Duke is much more anal canal friendly and, as such, is very comfortable.


But before we delve into using it, more about what it actually is.  The Duke is a kind of hybrid anal/perineum toy that has a removable vibrator.  The main toy is crafted from Fun Factory’s soft, pliable silicone and is very easy to bend and move.  The vibrator has a plastic outer layer, is rechargeable and is inserted into the main shaft of the toy.  Note that you will need one of Fun Factory’s magnetic chargers to charge the vibe, which are sold separately.  I already had a couple (from my Cobra Libre and Stronic Zwei) so I didn’t need one, but if this is your first such toy, don’t forget to order one! You can pick them up for £4.95 here.


Using the Duke is better than I imagined.  I was a little sceptical about how good it would be, but it feels both stable and comfortable.  Inserting it was a little tricky the first time, as after a couple of inches or so there’s quite a bend in the toy.  You just need to slow down at this point and slowly bend it backwards whilst gently pushing it further inside.  Once you’ve used it a few times though, inserting it is easy.  Once it’s fully in, the outer silicone base will rest against your perineum and the Duke will actually stay in place.

Now, the Duke feels good whilst used as a plug, but it’s better when you turn the vibe on.  It’s reasonably powerful for a small bullet.  Something so small will never rival a bigger vibrator, but it’s enough to vibrate the entire toy, which feels great inside and out.  Internally, there’s enough of a bulge on the main shaft to feel the vibrations on your prostate and you can also feel them against your perineum, too.  The perineum stimulator doesn’t apply much pressure, as the silicone is so soft, but the vibrations are fun.


There are a few different vibration settings on the Duke, all operated by the single red button on the side of the vibe.  The first setting is a constant buzz, the second is a fast pulse, the third is a slower pulse and the final two are variations on a crescendo of increasing pulses.  They’re all ok, but my preference is to have it on the constant buzz or the fast pulse.  Pressing the button turns it on, cycles through the settings then, after all of them, turns it off.  The toy is also asymmetrical and has a cutaway part to expose the button on the vibe on one side to make it easier to use.


Once the Duke is in place, it’s secure enough to stay put during sex.  Positions are slightly limited with this toy as due to the vibe sticking out you can’t sit down with it, which is a change from most hybrid toys that are specifically designed to be sat on or “rocked”, but other than that, it’s fine. Laying down, on all fours etc., all are good.  To be perfectly honest, sitting down isn’t a common position for me to masturbate in.  The only toy I use that way is the Nexus O, as it works brilliantly when used like that, but if a toy is unable to be used whilst sitting it certainly isn’t a deal breaker for me.  If you’re thinking of buying a hybrid toy like this, you should really ask yourself if sitting down is likely to be a position you’ll be in when you masturbate.  Personally, I prefer to buy toys that work in positions I already enjoy.  I prefer to choose the positions myself, not work around the toy.


I’m really happy with my Duke. It’s quite a specific toy.  It’s not a thruster, it’s not really a prostate massager and it’s not a plug (i.e. it’s not really one you can wear for any length of time as it sticks out).  It is, however, a very good toy for masturbating with.  It does what it does very, very well.  If you’re looking for something to slip inside and make your masturbation sessions more fun then I’d definitely recommend it.  It’s not quite for anal beginners, but if you already enjoy anal penetration then this is also one to consider.


Thanks so much Simply Pleasure for sending the Duke to me. I love it!  You can buy one here for £49.95 or click on the banner below!

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