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Posted March 12, 2012 by

I was lucky enough to be sent this toy recently from Paul at

He asked me if I was ready to review something else for him and, if I was, to have a look round the SexShop365 site and come up with a few suggestions.  I had a good look around and sent him a few links.  I included a couple I’d had my eye on for a while, a couple that I thought would be good and this one.  I thought this would be ok, but not great.  It looked like a reasonable shape and the idea was good but so many toys like this don’t live up to their expectations.  The Rude Boy is a classic example.  This one, however, is different…

I thought I’d be writing a review that described this toy as average, I really did. Not so.  The Evolved “Get A Grip” is, by far, the best designed vibrating prostate massager I’ve tried.

To start with, the choice of material is good.  It’s crafted from hard ABS plastic with a polyurethane coating that gives it an exceptionally smooth finish.  It’s similar to the ultra soft silicone finish of some Nexus toys, for example the Max5, which is certainly no bad thing. It feels silky to touch.  I keep finding myself picking it up to feel it, like I did with the Max5.  The finish is also perfect.  If you look very closely, you can see a seam, but you can’t feel it.  It’s also rock hard.  There’s no give at all in the plastic and the reason for choosing a hard plastic became apparent the first time I used it.

The reason it’s hard is because the vibrating portion is right at the end of the toy.  It’s not like a Rude Boy or similar toy that’s powered by a bullet or has a small vibrating portion in the handle.  This vibrates where you want it.  Right at the end.  The vibrations are also quite rumbly for such a small toy.  Much more powerful than any bullet powered toy I’ve ever used.  The vibrations don’t slow down much when you grip the end firmly either, which can happen with some products.  It has a choice of seven patterns.  A few different constant settings and a few that stop & start.

Using the toy isn’t a let down.  It feels nice inside, not sharp or awkward, and the handle is excellent (even for someone with hands as big as mine).  The size is small enough for a near beginner to use, but don’t let that put you off.  It’s big enough to tease the prostate, which is what it was designed to do.  It’s not meant to be a big toy that fills you up.  It’s meant to be moved around inside, which is how I like to use it.  I like to slip it in (not all the way, about 3 inches) and apply varying pressure to my prostate over and over.  The vibrations aren’t essential but if I do turn it on then I like everything to vibrate so I’ve been using my Cobra Libre simultaneously

I’ve used this toy a number of times now and I’ve always enjoyed it, whether alone or with my other half.  The handle is probably best when used with a partner.  It’s easy to hold like a gun (if on all fours) or in reverse (if laying down).  It’s still very easy when used as a solo toy, however, which is how I’ve used it most of all.

After publishing my Rude Boy review, I received a few messages from people who enjoyed using theirs.  It turned out that almost all of them liked using the Rude Boy’s perineum massager as a handle and used the tip to stimulate their prostate.   This is the toy they need instead!  With the Rude Boy the vibrations only serve to make your hand buzz.  Not that many reach the end of the toy.  With this one, it’s the end that vibrates.  I can’t begin to tel you how much better it is for this kind of use. If you’re thinking about buying a Rude Boy, don’t.  Buy one of these instead!

You can find them here from for a sale price of £31.44 with free shipping.  Thanks so much Paul for sending me this!

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