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A Full Chastity Belt

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of chastity and, in particular, chastity devices. Sure, orgasm denial is fine on its own, but there’s just something about being locked in a secure device, unable to become (physically) aroused or orgasm without permission, that I find particularly hot. So far, I have 17 chastity devices and from my first device, The Curve, to my latest hand made steel cage, I’ve loved almost all of them. But they are all just regular devices and sadly, as my penis isn’t pierced, they’re not 100% secure.

I’ve always maintained that chastity, at least with a regular device, is 99% mental and 1% device. If you’re not committed in your head, then it’ll never work. You have to want it. You have to want it because there’ll be times when you’re in pain, times when you can’t sleep, times when…let’s face it…you just want an orgasm, or when it’s been so long since your last erection you just want to remember what it feels like again without the bars of a steel cage biting into your flesh. Don’t misunderstand me, the vast majority of being in chastity is euphoric bliss, but there are occasions when you just want out. And that’s why you need self discipline, as most devices are relatively easy to pull out of. Unless you have a secondary locking mechanism through the end of your penis, you’ll probably be able to pull out of any regular device. Certainly, I’ve never found one that could stop me. Sure, it may be awkward, but with enough time and lube it’s always been possible. Personally, I only ever try that when I’m reviewing devices, as I’ve increased my self discipline over the years, but it’s not always easy to stay locked, when you know you could pull out and give yourself a quick orgasm whenever you liked.

Andy in chastity

This is why I’ve always maintained that if you don’t have a pierced penis, a full belt is the only truly secure option. The only way to prevent erections, anyway. I’m sure that, after a few weeks in a belt, a Hitachi magic wand pressed against the cage would make anyone orgasm, but there’s no way of pulling out or becoming hard.

So by now you’re probably asking yourself one of two things:

  1. Why are you interested in full belts, if you don’t have a problem with discipline? Or
  2. Why aren’t you locked in a full belt already?

Both good, valid questions.

To answer the first question, I don’t have any issues with discipline, but I’d still love to not even have to worry about it. Sure, I can control myself, but it’d be great if I didn’t have to. I also find the idea of being securely locked in a full belt very sexy indeed. I love the idea of going to work in a business suit with a steel belt underneath; of making coffee in the morning in my kitchen wearing nothing else; of manual labour in my garden in just low rise jeans, the steel protruding above the waist band; of walking on a beach wearing the tiniest underwear I can find that show everything. So yes, for me, it’s more about being sexy than being secure. Although, truth be told, when chastity is concerned, secure is sexy.

And in answer to the second question, which is even more valid now after answering the first, I haven’t seen one I really liked. Until now, that is. I’ve been looking for years. I investigated Tollyboy, Carrara, Locked In Steel, My-Steel, Neosteel, Latowski, Fancy Steel… Most were ok, none really made me think “I must have one”. Sure, they all had the security I wanted, but a big part of it for me is feeling sexy and, sadly, none of those made me think that I’d look better naked with them on, than without. When I stand completely naked in front of a mirror, I always think I look a little silly. Aesthetically, I’m quite pleased with my body, until I look at my penis. It’s nothing personal. I think they all look a bit daft. But when I’m locked in a device, if it’s the right device, my mind changes. I can stand there and look at myself, the cold, hard steel tightly confining me, and think “I look hot!”. And that’s what I’ve wanted with a full belt. I want to be able to stand in front of a mirror and think that I look better with it, than without.

Which is why I haven’t bought one. Until now…

Recently, I discovered Behind Barz, a new company here in the UK, who hand craft stainless steel chastity belts. After looking at their designs, I knew that I had to give them a go, as they looked sexier than all the others I’d seen. Of course, looks aren’t everything, so I’ll reserve judgement until I receive it and have worn it 24/7 for a few weeks. But they certainly look like well thought out designs, and I’ve waited so long for one to come along that I really liked I was happy to part with several hundred British Pounds to give them a try.

So far, I have to say, they’ve been great. They’ve even been so kind as to send me a few photos of the belt being made and have given me permission to publish them here. So here it is. Not just any chastity belt. Finally…this one will be all mine!

Sanding the Waistband

Here are a few more photos of it being welded:

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