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Review: Nexus iStim


Posted September 18, 2013 by

The Nexus iStim has been an interesting toy.  It’s caused me to be frustrated and infuriated, but has also caused amazement and joy.

I was excited to receive it from Nexus, as I’d recently reviewed the ElectraStim Flick and was keen to try more electroplay toys.  It comes in a lunchbox style package with foam inserts that hold everything in place in their own compartments. Sadly, however, the iStim itself isn’t quite so easy to well designed when it comes to changing the batteries.


The first thing you have to do before you use the iStim is insert the oblong battery.  This might seem like an easy task to do.  Sadly, no.  For a start the instructions don’t actually tell you where the battery compartment is located.  Obviously it’s inside the iStim somewhere but it gives no indication as to how to take it apart.  There’s no cunning catch that allows you to open it up, connect the battery and close it again. You actually need to unscrew the iStim and take the whole thing apart.  Once you unscrew it and take it apart, that’s where it becomes very awkward.  Attaching the battery to the connectors is easy, but putting it back together is a real pain.  The main circuit board and a couple of other pieces that connect the battery to it are not bolted down, which means that closing the iStim back together is a really difficult task.  It’s very easy for one piece or more to become dislodged and you have to start again.  It was so awkward that I actually decided not to use the unknown brand battery supplied with the iStim and bought the longest lasting Duracell battery I could as I didn’t want to go through changing it again soon.  I did eventually manage it, but I timed it and it actually took over 20 minutes from start to finish.  Compare that to the ElectraStim Flick that’s rechargeable via USB and it doesn’t come off well.


So, after that first experience with the iStim I was left infuriated. And I hadn’t even used it yet! Fortunately, once the batteries are in, the iStim became a lot easier to use, but I’ll come to that in a moment.

Once I had the dramas of battery insertion out of the way, I was keen to give the iStim a try, and fortunately the device itself is a lot easier to use than the battery compartment.  It’s actually as easy or as complicated to use as you want.  There are a variety of easy to use modes to choose from, including standard constant settings and various pulse modes & crescendos.  I tend to pick from one of these and just use the dials on top to change the power.  You can set up everything manually though, if you so wish. Also worth noting is that the iStim is a dual channel device so I can attach four pads to it, two on each channel.

So what else comes with the iStim, other than the power unit?  Well, four electrical pads are included, as well as a Nexus Neo prostate toy and some attachments that for a multitude of Nexus toys (including the Neo).  Many Nexus anal toys (Neo, Glide, Titus, Excel and Vibro) have small steel balls as perineum stimulators.  Included with the iStim is a small tool that you use to prod the steel balls out and replace with plastic iStim attachments so you can connect them to the iStim power unit. It’s pretty easy to remove the steel balls and even easier to pop in the new attachment.  Once that’s done, the Neo (or other Nexus toy) is ready to be electrified!


So, what is it like to use?  Well, in a word, great.  At this point, after the battery shenanigans, I was ready for the whole package to be sub par, but I was pleasantly surprised!  To start with the Nexus Neo is a good shaped toy for prostate stimulation.  I hadn’t used the Neo before, but Nexus seem to have improved their shape since the last time I reviewed a toy like this (The Nexus Max 5).  Secondly, the iStim is very, very powerful. It’s bulkier than the ElectraStim Flick, but with that extra size comes a lot more power.  I actually tested both units side by side and the Flick on full power is about where the iStim is on 50%. It packs a punch.

Thirdly, I love how easy it is to turn the dials at the top of the unit, rather than pressing buttons repeatedly to dramatically increase the power.  It’s so easy to change in fact, and so powerful, that you have to be careful not to twist too far when playing.  I’ve found that in most places, having the iStim set to 2 or 3 (out of 8).



Other than the sheer power of the iStim, my favourite part of this toy box is the Neo.  Anally, Nexus toys like every one that is compatible are great when it comes to electro play.  Not only are they great, but the competition is nowhere to be seen.  I’m not sure why, but every other electrosex anal attachment I’ve seen, has had a base that is too small.  Most of their bases are the same width as the insertable itself, which means that if you can use the toy, you’re liable to lose it inside you. Some are even worse, with bases less than the diameter of the toy itself, which is madness.  Having a suitably big base is priority on almost all anal toys (with the exception of curved toys, like the Nexus O or Pure Wand), but it is essential on an electrosex toy.  When playing with electricity, you will experience involuntary muscle spasms, which is the whole point of electroplay. It’s what makes it fun.  What isn’t fun, however, is having to explain to a Nurse in your local Accident & Emergency department that you have an electrosex anal probe somewhere in your anal canal that was sucked inside during play due to a shoddy base.

I don’t know why the bases of other electrosex toys are so poor. I really don’t.  But don’t take any chances.  Buy one of these.  It was so good to be able to use an anal toy, hook it up to the iStim and relax, knowing it was never going to end badly.



Overall, in spite of the dodgy battery compartment, I’m really pleased with my iStim.  It’s powerful, easy to use and comes with the best anal attachment I’ve seen.  You can pick up the iStim kit I have here at Clonezone for £135 (which has free shipping to the UK, and they ship worldwide if you need it). However, for an extra £4.99 you can pick up a similar kit that includes the Nexus iStim cock ring which is also here at Clonezone for £139.99. The cock ring would cost you £18 if you bought it separately.

Thanks so much Nexus for sending me this.  It’s been a blast!


Disclaimer: The Nexus iStim was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.




    I am so curious about electroplay. My one measly experience was with some nipple clamps from Pipedream,, that I did not like at all. The sensation was super burny and unpleasant. That sort of put me off exploring electroplay more, but you have inspired me to give it another try. It’s not really fair or reasonable to generalize my experience from one set of nipple clamps to all electroplay, right?

    Granted, I may not have a prostate, but I enjoy anal play and I’ve never tried electro stimulation vaginally either. Even if I hate it, it’s totally worth the experiment.

    The battery insertion sounds nightmarish. I don’t know why manufacturers don’t think these things through. The packaging looks like a good way to store everything. I’m a sucker for good packaging.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


      Just read your review. They don’t sound like the most fun electrostim toy out there!

      I’m glad I’ve inspired you to try it out again, though. It really can be great fun, especially if you have a decent power unit and are in complete control.

      From what I understand, you don’t need a prostate to enjoy anal electroplay and, to be honest, you can put the pads all over and the tingling feels great wherever you put them.

      Hope you find something similar to review so you can try electroplay again!


        After connecting one cable to the Neo, where do you connect the other cable to? Or if it’s connect to a pad, where do you place it? Hope you can help.


          Hey – sorry, this comment slipped through my net.

          You connect the other cable to something else, either a pad or, say, a loop.

          Once you make a full circuit, you’ll feel it. So you can place it somewhere else on your body or, if you want a little more fun, on somebody else. If you place it on someone else, when they touch you, they’ll complete the circuit!

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