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Review: ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius


Posted August 20, 2014 by

First off, I should point out that the Noir Sirius was sent to me by ElectraStim in return for this review. Right, now that’s out of the way, I can start writing the good stuff.

Up until recently, there was only one electrosex anal attachment that I would ever recommend to anyone with confidence, the Nexus Neo. Why? You may ask. Well, quite. I’d like to know why there haven’t been any other decent ones, too. It’s the bases. Anal toys need flared bases, as we all know, but not just any old flared base. They need something that’s going to prevent the toy from being sucked inside. Whilst you could arguably risk using a regular anal dildo or butt plug with merely an average base, when it comes to electrosex, you really shouldn’t take any chances.  This is because the electrical signals will give you involuntary muscle spasms, which feel amazing, but can make you tense your muscles when you’re not expecting, which could lead to your body trying to pull the toy inside you when you least expect it.  This is why I’ve been reluctant to recommend any (other than the Neo) anal attachments from any company…until now.  Relatively recently, I trawled the net trying to find a decent attachment, but they were all too risky.  Sure, some of them had a decent ratio between the base and the shaft, but none of them had a base that was wider than the widest point of the toy, which meant that if you could manage to inset the toy, the base could feasibly become lost, too. So, until recently, the Nexus Neo has been the only anal electro attachment I’d ever use myself (and recommend).


But that all changed with the Noir Sirius. And not only does it have a long base, it’s quadripolar! This basically means that you can connect four electro plugs to it to for two circuits.  Now there are different types of electro toy and for each type, you need to complete a full circuit for them to work.  So with unipolar toys, like the ElectraStim Urethra Probe, you must connect two of them for a complete circuit. I always pair the probe with an electro cock ring, for example.  With bipolar toys, they form a circuit themselves, you just need to connect two plugs.  Quadripolar toys, like the this one, have four inputs.  The Noir Sirius has all its inputs on the underside of the base.  You need to connect at least two of these to feel anything, to complete a circuit, but it doesn’t matter which two. You can just use the left & right side of the perineum stimulator (by plugging in to the inputs furthest away from the shaft) or you could plug in to the nearest two inputs to the shaft (which would send electrical signals to the left & right side of the prostate massager). Or you could mix and match if, say, you wanted to stimulate the left side of the base and the right side of the shaft. Personally, I just plug ’em all in.

Now I have tried using the Sirius with other electro toys, but it does mean that I have to disconnect one or two of the plugs and connect them to something else, something uni or bipolar. And that’s fine, but I prefer to use this on its own, with all its quadripolar glory.


So how does it feel?  Very, very good.  You are a little limited in the positions you can put yourself in with the Sirius, as the electro plugs need to be inserted into the bottom of the toy. So you can’t sit down and use it, not whilst it’s connected, anyway.  So I find laying on my back the best day to use this toy.  It stays in place, but I like to push it firmly against my perineum with one hand and use the controller in my other.  As mentioned at the beginning of this review, I can turn up the charge with this one as there’s no risk of losing it, which makes it a lot more fun.  The sensations from this anal attachment are just awesome, too.  As I mentioned, you can play around with the connectors and attach different toys to complete the two circuits possible with the Noir Sirius, but I don’t think you’ll want to. For me, feeling both sides of the Sirius emit electricity in both areas feels just sublime. And although you can masturbate at the same time, the sensations you’ll feel mean that it really isn’t necessary.

Firstly, it’s entirely possibly that you’ll orgasm whilst using the Sirius without ever touching your penis.  It may take you by surprise if it’s never happened before, especially as it can occur without you even having an erection, but it’s amazing if you do experience it! Secondly, even if you don’t orgasm, the sensations are intense enough for you not to need to feel anything else.  I always feel that my brain can be overloaded if I masturbate whilst using many sex toys and this is no exception.  When I’m using toys, if I masturbate, then my brain automatically focusses on that, and not the experience of using the toy. It’s the same with this one. As soon as I start touching myself, I can’t concentrate on the sensations as fully as I can if I just lay there and focus. Maybe I’m just easily distracted or bad at multitasking, but I prefer to concentrate on one type of sensation at a time and, I think, you might like that too.  At any rate, you should try the Sirius on its own for a while to start with, even if you plan on masturbating with it. I mean, you don’t want your play time to end that quickly, do you? Certainly, from my experience, using an electro anal toy whilst masturbating always decreases the amount of time it takes to orgasm. If you plan on masturbating whilst using the Sirius, whatever time you think it’ll take to climax, it will be reduced.


Aside from the amazing sensations, the Sirius is a decent shape, too.  It’s not that big or that long, so would be fine for a relative beginner, but it still manages to hit my prostate well.  It has four inches of insertable length, which is actually deeper than my prostate, but when it’s pulsating with electricity the middle bulb on the shaft presses against it nicely.  If I want direct stimulation then I sometimes pull it out a little and hold it so that the end is pressed against my prostate, but usually I’m happy to just insert it, lie back and then let the electric pulses force me to clench and pull the middle bulb against it.  The Sirius also feels great on its own, not that you’d ever use it like that, unless your ElectraStim power unit had broken. But as an anal toy, it’s a comfortable shape and is crafted from silicone (100% platinum cured silicone, no less), which is very smooth to the touch.


So are there any downsides to the Noir Sirius? Not really. You’ll need a Flick Duo power unit (the regular Flick is bipolar so would only power half of it) as well as the Sirius to use it, so it’s not a cheap setup. But no electro setup is cheap. If I could make any improvements, I’d reduce the size of the connectors.  I’m not sure if it would be possible, but if the connectors could be small enough to be inserted right into the base of Sirius so they don’t protrude at all, that would be an improvement as it would mean I could sit down and use it. To be honest, as I rarely use the Sirius other than with all four connectors, I’d be happy if the wires were always attached to the base if it meant I could sit down.

But that really is being picky. The Noir Sirius is an awesome toy.  I know I go on about how good electro toys are, but this one really is fantastic.  If you want to try electro anal play then please, please check this one out.  It’s the best electro anal attachment so far.  Good job, ElectraStim! And thank you so much for sending it to me. It’s been nothing but a joy to play with.

You can buy a Noir Sirius here, for £59 and, if you don’t have one already, a Flick Duo power unit here, for £179.  Enjoy!



    Me and my boyfriend ordered this product for a kinky night in, and let me tell you, we were not disappointed.As we are both fairly new to anal pleasure, this was the perfect toy for us to use. We used it on each other and we both loved it.The unobtrusive size was perfect, and the slightly veined texture made it very stimulating for us.I have used it on myself since, a couple of times, and it has not disappointed.Definitely a good toy for couples/individuals who are new to anal pleasure.


    I’ve ordered an ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius from Amazon, it’s yet to arrive however to make it easier to use when it does arrive I’ve also ordered 2 pairs of these handy:
    ‘TENS or Banana Socket to 90 Degree TENS Pin Adapter Wire’ adapters from HappyStim to connect it to my Erostek Et-312B

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