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Review: ElectraStim Jack Socket


Posted March 17, 2016 by

This review is a first. Not a complete first, the way reviewing my first anal toy was or my first urethral sound, but it’s close. This particular combination of technology and design is a first*. And not just for me, either. This is a complete, never before been manufactured, brand new idea type of first. What is it? I hear you ask. It’s an electro sleeve, aptly named the “Jack Socket“.

It’s actually so simple an idea, you may wonder to yourself why nobody has tried this combination yet. You must remember however, that electro play is still relatively new (compared with lots of other sex toys) and there are only a few manufacturers out there at the moment. Also, in all cases, ideas may appear to be obvious in hindsight, but often it’s not quite as easy as that. Or you’d have thought of it yourself, right?


So what is it exactly?

Well, it’s firstly a TPE sleeve with a platinum grade silicone outer layer. Now the material is important. The platinum silicone is faultless, but the inner sleeve is crafted from TPE which, although bodysafe, is a little porous; so I’d avoid sharing this one, and you may want to replace the inner part over time. What makes this toy unique though, is that it has specific connectors for your TENS machine so that you can stroke and experience an electric current on your penis at the same time. It has a clever design where you open a couple of tiny holes at one end (that come with silicone caps on each side of the toy) and insert a little conductive gel (which is supplied with the Jack Socket). When establishing an electric current, the lower the power, the better the connection needs to be. This is why your battery powered sex toys need a solid connection but lightning can jump through air and complete the connection through the atmosphere. With low powered electro sex toys, establishing a good connection makes a difference so it’s worthwhile taking the time to use a little gel as well as your lube. The supplied conductive gel tube fits perfectly in each hole and when the tube is squeezed, gel is pushed through the purpose built holes in both the outer and inner sleeves.



At the opposite end of the toy to the conductive gel holes are a a couple of actual jack sockets for your 2mm TENS machine plugs. As a side note, you can buy adapters if you have a TENS machine that uses 4mm plugs. There are also silicone caps for each end of the toy that need to be removed (obviously) before you insert your (or your partner’s) penis. Once you have added the gel, attached your TENS machine and removed the caps from either end, you’re practically ready to go! All you need to do before starting is to add a little lube. I find that lubing up my penis is the easiest way, but you could feasibly lube the inside of the toy instead, if you really wanted to. Once you’re lubed up, simply slide your penis into the sleeve and you can begin (I’d slip inside first before turning on your TENS machine).

Now, there is one important thing to remember when using this kind of electro toy, and that is this: The less skin that comes in contact with the toy, the more concentrated the stimulation will be. This means that when just the tip of your penis is in contact with the sleeve, it will feel slightly more intense than if the whole thing is inside. It’s not dramatic like when using an electro urethral sound, but it’s worth mentioning. Just start off slowly and increase the output slowly. You’ll be fine.

What’s it like to use?

This is an interesting toy for me. The sleeve itself is ok. It’s not my favourite sleeve, but it feels ok. It’s only 4 inches long which means when I’m fully inside it I have a few inches poking out the other end, but you don’t really notice that when stroking. What I did notice was the tightness. Now ElectraStim do warn that the maximum width of the toy is 1.75 inches but I found that to be a little bit conservative. If your penis is perfectly cylyndrical then 1.75 is, I’m sure, the maximum. However, my penis is a slightly flatter 2 inches wide and, as such, I didn’t have a problem sliding it in. It was very tight, but not unpleasant. Personally, I’d prefer it to be wider and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a girthier penis than myself, but I wouldn’t let it put you off if you’re the same size.

Using the sleeve on its own is fine, but you’d never just do that. You really must use this with a TENS machine. If you don’t, it would be like trying to get off with a Hitachi Magic Wand without plugging it in. Utter madness. So plugging it in and turning it up to eleven is what it’s all about. And this is why I find it interesting: If I turn the toy up to a level that feels high, it’s too powerful for me to orgasm. Normally, when I use toys like this, I like to edge with them. I like to bring myself to the brink of orgasm and then stop, cool down and start over. Again, and again, and again… Usually, this means turning the toy down. But this is different. With this one, I found myself actually turning it up to prevent my orgasm. When I turn it up, it feels amazing, but my body becomes so tense that climaxing becomes too difficult. It makes for an interesting play time.


What I would say is that if you’re just starting out or not sure if you’d actually enjoy edging at all, then turn up the toy a little, find out how much you can take before feeling uncomfortable, then crank it back a few turns. Keeping it at about the middle of whatever your personal range is will feel fantastic whilst without keeping your body too tense. Of course, everybody is different and you may find that cranking it right up brings you to an amazing climax faster than anything else. You’ll just have to experiment and see for yourself!

And the actual orgasms? Wow. Extremely powerful. Every muscle in your entire body will be tense. In fact, I can’t remember when an orgasm from masturbation has felt so intense. The electir current really penetrates the penis and you can feel the pulses from the inside out. They build and build until you can’t take any more and have to give in to your orgasm.


Aside from the climax itself, the Jack Socket is very enjoyable to use. I love electroplay so any excuse to wire up a TENS machine to my penis is a good one in my opinion, but even for people who are new to it all, this will be an enjoyable toy. In fact, it’s probably one of the best places for you to start if you’re thinking of trying it out. It’s easy to use and a lot more accessible than a dildo or butt plug. It’s as easy to use as one of ElectraStim’s cock rings, in my opinion.


This is dead easy. Everything (aside from your separately sold TENS machine) is waterproof so it’s as easy as pulling the sleeve out and washing everything in hot soapy water. What makes it even easier to clean is the open ended design. Just be careful where you use it in the first place, though. You could find yourself having to clean up the area you’re in as well…



This is a good toy. It’s fun, it’s accessible (which isn’t always easy to say with electro sex toys) and it’s unique. It’s enjoyable to use, provides the user with mind blowing orgasms and is dead easy to clean. It’s a winner.

What I will say is that this is quite a niche toy. It’s also quite expensive at £79. I know I mentioned earlier that it would be a good starting electro toy and I stand by that, but £79 alongside the price of a TENS unit is possibly a little pricey for some. But aside from the price, I can’t really fault this toy at all. Yes, it would be nice if there was a suitable material for the inner sleeve that was both non porous and soft, but there isn’t. I’d rather have a sleeve that is enjoyable to use and needs to be replaced over time than have one that is completely non porous but I never use it because it feels awful. ElectraStim are onto something here. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if others don’t try to emulate the Jack Socket very soon. But if you want to be first, you can click here or on the banner below and buy yours today!

*I was actually lucky enough to receive this toy (in exchange for this review) before it was released to the public, so I was possibly one of the first people on Earth to have an electro sleeve orgasm. Lucky me!

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