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Review: ElectraStim Flick


Posted April 13, 2013 by

Before I start, you might want to make yourself comfortable.  Grab a cup of tea or coffee, relax in your favourite chair and then we’ll start.  Why?  You may ask.  Well, this is going to be a long one.  So let’s begin…

The ElectraStim Flick isn’t my first electro-stimulation machine, but it’s my first outing into electrosex and, without wishing to ruin the rest of the review, it won’t be my last.  As you may have already guessed, the ElectraStim Flick is a TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine. Transcutaneous basically means “applied through the skin”.  To the layperson, it’s a device that transmits an electrical signal through the skin to the nerves.  It sounds very hardcore but it’s actually very commonplace and is used a great deal in physiotherapy & pain relief.  If you Google “TENS machine” you’ll find lots of units available to the consumer.

ElectraStim Outer BoxElectraStim Inner Box














Now, I know what you’re thinking.  That Flick is a lot more expensive than the TENS machine I can buy from my local pharmacy. Isn’t it the same thing?  Well, internally it’s very similar, for sure.  But the Flick comes with a lot more attachments (regular TENS machines don’t come with an anal probe, by way of an example…) and the Flick unit itself delivers completely different patterns to a regular machine. So, similar? Yes. The same? No.

So what comes with the Flick?  Well, there are a couple of different units and several different packages.  I have the regular Flick, which has one output jack, 7 regular patterns, 24 intensity settings and a “flick” feature (hence the name), which I’ll delve deeper into later.  It has a rechargeable battery (which is charged via USB) and comes with it’s own carrying pouch.  The attachments that accompany it are four regular TENS pads, two electro-loops and an anal/vaginal plug (pick one, don’t use for both).  It also comes with a small sachet of water based lube and some conductive gel (also water based).

ElectraStim Entire Package

So what exactly is electro play?  Well, it’s all about passing a current through your body.  There are various reasons for doing this.  As I mentioned earlier, the most common use of a TENS machine is for medical reasons.  Injury treatment is a common use.  However, anyone who has used a TENS machine for anything at all will be able to testify to the tingly feeling it gives you when you use it.  When you stimulate an area with an electrical current it provides you with a sensation unlike any other.  It’s a little like being vibrated, but much deeper.  It’s hard to describe but if you think of a tingling feeling deep in your muscles, that’ll be pretty close.  So, like all forms of stimulation, it was only a matter of time before they reached the sex organs.  Is it dangerous?  Well, there’s always a risk when playing with electricity, but with something as low powered as the Flick, the chances of anything going wrong are almost nil if you follow the instructions and use your common sense.  For example: Don’t use in the bath.

ElectraStim Control Unit

So, is it easy to use?  Yes!  Surprisingly so.  Much easier than my other TENS machine, which is so awkward to change settings and modes on, I usually don’t bother.  The Flick is far easier to use.  There’s an on/off button, a pattern select button and + & – buttons for increasing & decreasing the power from 0-24 (twelve lights, two brightness settings on each, so you’ll always know how much power you’re using).  Once you switch the Flick on, it starts with zero power on the first setting, which is continuous.  You can increase the power to your desired setting and then change the pattern (there are seven) if you so choose.  I’ve never been one to use patterns when I use vibrators but I found myself using the patterns with this.  The main reason is that at the highest power setting it can be a little too much if it’s constant, depending on where you’re stimulating.  With the patterns, you can give yourself a more powerful stimulation for short bursts, which is great fun!  I like to change between the crescendo patterns, building up to something just a little too much to take my breath away before starting again.

So how does it work?  Well, that would require a lengthy explanation but for the layperson all you need to remember is that you’re passing electricity around a circuit (a closed loop). A circuit that contains the Flick unit and your body.  The Flick unit has one output jack that connects to a cord which splits into two connectors.  Both of these connectors need to be used in order for the current to complete a circuit.  Some attachments, like the probe, use both connectors.  Some use only one.  With the attachments that only use one connector, you have to use two of them to complete the circuit.  Make sense?  If it doesn’t, just remember you have to use both connectors and you’ll be fine.  Now I know what you’re thinking, or at least what some of you are thinking. Can it be used with more than one person?  Yes, it can!  In fact, that’s one of the best things about it.  You can attach one pad to yourself and one to your partner.  When you touch each other you complete the circuit.  Sound good?  That’s because it is.  If you think touching your partner feels electric anyway, wait until you try this.

If you haven’t been already, you may be starting to wonder now why it’s called the Flick.  Well, this is, as far as I’m aware, a unique feature for this particular range of devices.  If you hold down the pattern button for 3 seconds when you enter Flick mode.  This then provides you with a continuous buzz (that, of course, you can still control with the unit) but it also gives the holder of the unit a way to provide a jolt.  This is another time when it’s great to use with a partner.  If you’re stimulating your partner with pads or loops (or anything) you can give them a constant buzz and, with a flick of your wrist, give them a short burst of power.  The Flick unit senses sharp movements and, depending on the intensity of the movement, transfers an amount of power to the recipient.  Want to give a small buzz, hold the unit and flick your wrist lightly.  Want even more?  Do the same but increase the power of the flick.  Can you do any at any time?  Of course!  The Flick is quite sensitive and will provide a range of jolts depending on how much you flick the unit.  It’s especially good if the recipient can’t see you or tell when you’re about to jolt them (or if you can’t tell when you’re about to be jolted!).

ElectraStim Probe

You don’t need a partner to enjoy electro play, though.  It’s great fun on your own, even using the flick feature.  If you want to spice up your masturbation sessions or simply want to try something new, then this might be for you.  If you consider yourself adventurous, it’s something you should certainly try out, at some point. So, all good so far, but what are the attachments like?  Well, it’s good fun to use, but the probe doesn’t have the best base.  It’s the same width as the probe itself so, whilst the stem to base ratio isn’t bad, if you can insert the probe anally then the base will be able to potentially slip inside.  A secure base is always vitally important with any anal toy but you could argue it’s even more so with electro play as involuntary muscle spasms occur (depending on the pattern and power output).  I enjoy using the probe but can’t relax unless I hold on to the base, which is not ideal.  It’s also a pain to clean, as the ridge between the plastic and metal needs brushing and as such takes longer than most other toys.  Do I still use it in spite of these issues?  Yes, but not as much as I would if they fixed the base.  The cleaning isn’t really an issue and, even if it is for you, you can purchase a solid metal plug from ElectaStim instead.  Pricier, but easier to clean.  The base however, would be easy for them to fix and they should.

The pads are similar to the pads that come with any TENS machine.  They’re great, but like all pads, they don’t last forever.  Once they lose their stickiness then you should replace them.  A new set from ElectraStim costs £6.98 but they should last a while anyway (Mine are still fine after several uses).  If you’re planning on using the Flick with a partner to complete the circuit then the pads are your best option.  They’re easy to use and can be fitted to the thigh or crotch area easily.  The loops are probably my favourite though, as they’re great for attaching around the penis.  You need to use both at once (or one and another attachment) to complete the circuit so I usually place both around my penis and play with the patterns.  It’s difficult to describe the sensations, but it feels like I’m being stimulated from the inside out.  The electrical buzz you are given feels like it starts deep in centre of the penis.  It’s unusual, but awesome and achieving orgasm with electro play has to be felt to be believed!  Orgasms are intense and can last longer than normal, but it depends on the power and intensity of the stimulation.


So, other than the probe’s issues, are there any other downsides?  Not really.  It’s a bit pricey at £149.00, but then a lot of sex toys cost the same amount and it’s not bad for an electro sex kit.  If that’s a bit too much then you could pick up the basic kit for £99.00 which doesn’t include the probe or loops, but does include the pads and everything else.  Sure, you can pick up a regular medical TENS machine for about £20, but like all expensive toys, the law of diminishing returns of course applies.  A regular TENS machine won’t be as nicely made, won’t be as easy to use and won’t have patterns designed for sexual stimulation (certainly not the flick feature). As an aside, I actually prefer my ElectraStim Flick to my other TENS machine for treating injuries.  I play lots of sport (at the top level in the UK) and train hard at the gym so I’m always pushing my body to the limit.  Most TENS machines are pretty good for providing deep muscular treatment but the constant stimulation from the Flick feels better to me than any pulsating pattern (which is all I have on my other machine). It could use a removable belt clip like my other machine to make it easier to carry around (if you’re looking for other improvements, ElectraStim…) but that really is being picky.  It’s a great device as it is.

So thanks so much to Helen for contacting me and sending me the Flick to review.  And thanks to you all for reading.  At over 2000 words, it’s been a long review so I appreciate those of you who’ve come this far and not fallen asleep or moved on to another article!  I know I’ve gone on a bit at times about it but there was a lot to say and I didn’t want to leave anything out.  If you were reading about electro play for the first time then I hope I’ve been able to enlighten you a little and help you decide whether it’s for you or not.  If you’re experienced and wanted to know whether the Flick is a good device, I hope I have helped, too.  The bottom line is that, although expensive, the Flick is a great toy that I’d certainly recommend.  You can find one by clicking here or on the link below.  Enjoy!

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    I stuck it out to the end and have decided that I want one…. desperately.

    The loops look fascinating. I wonder if my partner would let me attach them to his penis, since I don’t have one.


      They’re great fun so I’m sure he’d enjoy it if he tried.

      You can attach the pads to both of you and complete the circuit when you touch so you needn’t be left out, too 🙂


    Curious to show this to my resident electrosex guru and get their input. I’ve been looking for more portable estim toys.


      This one’s very portable (far smaller than my regular TENS machine) but I can’t really compare to other electrosex toys as it’s my first.

      ElectraStim sent me a urethral sound attachment which I’m reviewing at the moment so I’ll have another electro review up soon, too!

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