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Review: E-Stim Helix


Posted November 6, 2017 by

The E-Stim Helix is one of those toys I just stumbled into. It all started when I was checking out the E-Stim website and had a couple of questions about their products. I’d already owned one of their machines, for some time, but had yet to review it. I contacted them and Mick promptly responded with answers to everything I asked. We chatted for a while and, after an enjoyable conversation about electrosex toys, he offered me this kit to review as the E-Stim box I had was an older model. He sent me the Helix Blue, a single channel electrosex kit with the Helix power box and a couple of electro cock rings.

The Helix Blue kit comes in a handy plastic storage box. The box (and the cock rings & cable) are housed inside in foam, to protect them. It’s much like the one my previous kit did, except this one is considerably smaller. Far easier to keep hidden under the bed (which is where it has stayed ever since). It’s rare that I keep sex toy packaging. Most of them I just throw away. There are only a few companies who consistently provide packaging that’s worth keeping, Njoy are the only company that currently spring to mind. This box is great, though. It’s extremely sturdy, lightweight and actually looks pretty good.

The toy itself is great to use. It’s powerful, easy to understand, and the dials are perfect for quick & simple changes to your play. It’s easily as powerful as all the other power boxes I’ve tried and the patterns are actually amazing fun.

I’m usually not a huge fan of patterns. I tend to prefer either being in complete control myself, or having my partner decide absolutely what’s going on. However, because the Helix is so easy to use, you can pick a pattern and change the feel & speed of it with the dials very easily. This has been the only electrosex box where we’ve spent more time using patterns than on a regular setting.

It’s really easy to use. You pick the mode you want, then you’re free to change the settings with the three dials at the top. Level increases or decreases power. Feel changes things depending on which setting you’re on. For example, it changes the range of the setting so that the difference between the top and the bottom of the wave is increased or decreased (without changing the top setting, which is dependent on the level knob). Speed changes the frequency of the settings, for example you’d turn it up if you wanted whichever setting you were on to go faster.

An example is the pulse setting. Firstly, you’d set your desired level, then if you wanted to feel more of a difference between the top & bottom of the pulse, you’d play with the feel. Then you’d adjust the speed to increase or decrease the duration of the pulses.

It sounds a bit complicated, but it’s easy. In the heat of the moment, I only really tend to alter the level and the speed, too. Feel makes a difference, but not as much as the other two settings. You could be forgiven for not noticing the difference between different ‘feels’, but there’s no escaping a power or speed increase.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is my partner’s current favourite couples’ sex toy. She’s never been one to fiddle with settings or spend time discovering different modes. She always prefers toys that are easy to pick up and that make a significant difference to our play time. It’s the ease of use and power of this toy that separates it from the rest.  Sure, it’s not the smallest electrosex power box on the market, but the dials are so much faster to use than buttons. If she wants an increase in power, she simply has to turn the dial once. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re constantly wanting to keep your partner guessing, you probably don’t want to have to press a button eight times to increase the power, then eight times again to go back to where it was. A simple dial twist is quicker and easier. Easy and intuitive also makes a huge difference when you’re actually using a toy during sex. It may sound like a minor point, but in the heat of the moment you really don’t want to be flicking through an instruction manual…

One last thing, and this is for those of you who are perhaps thinking about your first electrosex toy. Toys such as these really do make it easier to orgasm. The amount of stimulation I need to bring me to a climax is so little when I’m attached to a TENS machine. They make a huge difference. If you’re struggling with stamina or dexterity and your partner needs a lot of stimulation to orgasm, toys such as these should be on your list for consideration.

Thanks again Mick for sending this to me. It’s had a *lot* of use!

If you want to pick one of these up yourself, they’re available for £119.00 from the E-Stim Systems website, here.


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