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Review: The Curve chastity device


Posted July 10, 2011 by

This is going to be one of those reviews that splits my audience in half.

I imagine that at least half of you will read this think “What the he’ll is Andy doing? Is he mad?!” The rest of you will probably be intrigued, curious or even keen to try one of these devices yourself. Or on your partner ūüėČ

I should probably start by stating that I am not in a D/s relationship. That may seem a strange thing to start with, but if you do a quick Google search for ‘chastity’, you’ll find that most of the sites are BDSM and Femdom based. It’s quite understandable, as to give up control of your orgasms to your partner is quite a submissive thing to do, but believe me you don’t need to be generally submissive in order to enjoy this particular fetish. I, for example, am not submissive at all in day to day life. I do, however, become very turned on when I give up this little bit of control to my partner.

The Curve-3


Chastity is a strange thing. ¬†It’s addictive. ¬†Once you try it, you spend the rest of your days chasing the dragon. ¬†That’s not to say that my partner and I always practice it. In all honesty, most of the time I’m not locked. ¬†However, after a while, I always want to go back and beat my record, which, incidentally, is 45 days. It’s not amazing I know, but when you think most guys probably jerk off once a day, going over 6 weeks isn’t bad ūüôā ¬†Now why is it addictive? ¬†Like everything, it’s different for different people. ¬†I can tell you though that, for me, the main reason I crave it is because the longer I go without orgasm, the more aroused I feel. ¬†It’s hard to explain in words, but there’s a feeling of constant arousal I experience after a couple of weeks without orgasm that cannot be achieved sooner. ¬†Achieving this wonderful sensation isn’t as easy as you may think, however, as there is a constant temptation to give in and just make yourself orgasm after a short period of time. ¬†For me, this comes usually about an hour after my last orgasm… This is where chastity devices come in!

Anyway, that’s probably enough about chastity in general. As I was intimating at the end of my last paragraph, a chastity device is a wonderful way to keep yourself (or your partner) from achieving orgasm. In fact most penile chastity devices, including the ones I own, prevent the wearer from even achieving an erection.

The Device

This chastity device is called ‘The Curve‘ and it’s one of a popular range of polycarbonate devices made by AL Enterprises, who craft a series of penile chastity devices. There are a number of devices in the range, from the CB-6000s (the smallest device they currently manufacture) to The Curve (the biggest) and the PA-5000 (a different style device designed for the pierced penis).

I picked this particular device because it was the biggest in the range. I’m sure this is where you all groan and think I’m just trying to brag! Seriously though, if you’re thinking about buying a device, please please check measurements first. I’ve looked at many, many devices and the vast majority of them are small in size.

The Curve itself is made of several different parts that, when put together, form the device. The main part is the tube/cage itself. This is probably the most important part of this particular device as it’s the only single part that you receive. Everything else in the pack is given to you multiple times, in many different sizes. It’s just under 4″ long and it’s 1.5″ wide. Unlike other tubes, this one is cylindrical and doesn’t flatten out at any point. It’s quite cage-like in appearance and has many long holes in the form of slots, all the way around, including at the end so it’s sanitary when you urinate. Attached to the rear end of the tube are two, white plastic posts that help secure it when attached to one of the rings. These are at their longest when they arrive and you may well need to sand them down (as I have done), depending on the size of the spacers you find most comfortable.

The Curve comes with five¬†rings. These range from a 1.5″ wide diameter to a 2″ wide diameter. They are hinged, with a metal rivet at the bottom, to make it easier to put on. At the top, there are three holes. The two on the outside for the white posts on the tube and a middle hole for an additional post (of which there are three of varying lengths). Also included are five¬†clear spacers, five¬†plastic single-use padlocks (each with its own serial number) and one plastic covered brass padlock with a single key (be careful not to lose this!).


First things first. Don’t rush. Fit is extremely important so relax and take your time choosing the right rings, spacers etc. before you first wear it. I find the easiest place to put it on is in the shower as you can use shower gel as lube then blast it all out when it’s all fitted. The first time you try it, though, may be easier sitting down with everything laid down in front of you. The most important part of the device is the ring. This will cause you the most pain if you don’t pick the right size (and leave it on too long). Start big and reduce it in size if it’s too loose. Remember that what may feel good right now might feel either too tight or too loose later, depending on your arousal levels.

Once you’ve picked the right size ring, take one of the white plastic posts and insert it through the middle hole, which will lock the ring in place. ¬†Next take a clear plastic spacer and slip it on the white post. As with the ring, start out big and work your way down, if there’s too much space. When you have the ring, post and spacer in place, just relax as much as you can as it’s time to slip on the tube. There’s a certain amount of irony involved with buying a chastity device for yourself. Just think about it. Being turned on by the inability to become hard or orgasm… ¬† There won’t be a time when you’re aware of this more than the first time you try to put your device on. It’s inevitable that you’ll be aroused so just relax and wait until you’re soft enough to slip the tube on without issue. Trying to put it on when hard (or even semi hard) won’t work and you could hurt yourself. The best time to try a device on is immediately after an orgasm (or two). It’ll be much easier, but, of course, you may not want to do this. You did just buy a device to stop that very thing…

When you’re finally ready (which was a good while for me), slip on the tube and line up the posts with the holes so that they lock in place. You’ll then need to choose a final spacer to slip on the middle post and then lock yourself in place. I’d advise you to try out a few different size rings, posts, spacers etc. before finally picking out the best size and handing the padlock key to a loved one/keyholder/Mistress/Master/random stranger.

The Curve-2

Personal experience

This was my first chastity device. I’d experimented with chastity / orgasm denial with my other half before, but never with a device. We’d both had fun with it before, but the device was my idea. I ordered it when she was away for a week, which wasn’t intentional, but made it easier to try it on by myself to ensure I had the best fit before giving her the key…

I was extremely turned on when I first opened the package. It came in a very nice black box with ‘The Curve’ in gold lettering and a gold piece of string tied around it in a bow. All the pieces came inside in little airtight plastic wallets. Probably not up to Lelo‘s standard in luxury packaging, but nevertheless a nice item to unwrap. After a few tries of different size rings etc. I came across, for me, the perfect combination. I locked myself in place and was very pleased with myself! It had been something I’d fantasized about for some time and finally I was locked! Initially, it was hard to sleep in the device, but it became easier over time. Applying a little water based lube to the ring helps to keep it moving, especially at night. It also helps to stand up or go to the bathroom if you find you’re becoming too hard or if you’ve been woken up trying to become stiff. ¬†One thing I’ve also found that helps, is to change up to a bigger ring (if possible and allowed) at night. That depends on your keyholder, though, of course. ¬†In my experience, it’s always good to take it off every couple of days for a good clean, anyway. ¬†Sure, you can clean it to a certain extent in the shower without removing it, but nothing beats taking it off and giving it, and yourself, a good scrub. ¬†One other thing to remember is that it’s most comfortable if you haven’t shaven yourself completely. ¬†This is because there is a slight risk of ingrown hairs if the device doesn’t move at all. ¬†personally, I like to be 100% clean shaven so I tend to still be smooth, but I make sure I move it around a lot during the day.

As far as long term wear goes, this device is fine. ¬†I¬†usually wear it 24/7 for one or two weeks at a time (except for cleaning, of course). ¬†I’ve had no issues so far.

The Curve-1

As an overall design, it’s not too bad. There are some niggles, however. The rings aren’t the best design. They should be flat on the inside instead of curved. The CB-6000 has rings designed in this way and I believe there is a new version of The Curve coming out with a similar design. The non-flat rings are useable, but the device can move around a bit and flatter rings prevent this from happening. ¬†It’s also a pain having to sand down the two posts on the main device. ¬†If you make a mistake, you could find yourself having to order a new tube portion, although this is quite unlikely. ¬†The CB-6000 has, again, a better design as the rods come from the ring and point outwards so don’t need sanding. ¬† Unfortunately though, for larger penises, this is the only polycarbonate device that will fit. ¬†If you’re unsure about polycarbonate, you could try a custom metal or silicone device. ¬†I have a silicone Bon4 Plus that I’ll be¬†reviewing¬†soon but I haven’t tried metal…yet!

One other thing… It’s not 100% secure. ¬†That shouldn’t be a surprise though, as no device of this design is. ¬†Sure, you’ll be able to find sites with guys claiming their wives or girlfriends have locked them up without their consent and they can no longer orgasm but, frankly, they’re lying. ¬†With lube and persistence, you’ll be able to remove yourself from the device. ¬†I’m pretty sure I could snap the white posts, too, if I ever had an emergency. ¬†Devices like this are all about the fantasy of being locked in chastity. ¬†They work, but only with a combination of device and discipline. ¬†If you’re thinking of locking your partner in one of these, trust me, he’ll need to want to be locked or else he’ll find a way to orgasm. ¬†Only fully attached belt style devices can properly prevent touching and orgasm 100%.

Overall, this is a great device. ¬†No chastity device for this price will be perfect, but this one is close. ¬†It’s comfortable, easy to clean and comes with a variety of rings & accessories for the best fit. ¬†For the larger penis, I’d certainly recommend it.

It’s available in the UK here from UberKinky, who also stock a whole range of chastity devices and accessories.



    I’m all for it ūüėČ


    Very cool! I think you’re one of the only guys I know who regularly uses chastity play and I find it just fascinating. It’s nice to see that there are items for use that don’t require a Prince Albert piercing. Those make me a bit queasy.


      Yes, lots of devices, particularly metal ones require a PA piercing. That’s definitely an acquired taste.

      Fortunately, there are designs, like the two I have, that don’t need anything so permanent.


    In my experience the Curve was much too large for me-my glans was never close to the end so became inappropriate to wear long term, urinating would be impossibly messy. I also found hiding it in my trousers quite difficult as it’s quite bulky. I find the cb6000s gives a smaller outline and I can fill it’s tube (most of the time anyway)


      It is quite long, indeed.

      I haven’t had any issues hiding it, but I do always wear tight underwear when I’m locked.

      The CB-x000 series is definitely better designed in a lot of ways. It’s a shame they don’t manufacture a longer device with the same styling.

      Glad you’re happy with your 6000 ūüôā



    Good review… Chastity play is, as you indicate, a sure-fire way to up your level of horniness. I’m on day one of a new stretch, after a 33 day period of denial, so I’m not anywhere near to being in the “zone”. It only takes a few days, however, to be back to thinking about sex and nothing but, and I’m an over-the-hill sixty plus guy.

    One bit of advice I’d add for those who are looking to choose a device, is to measure yourself when you’re totally flaccid. A device that allows your cock to expand when you’re aroused is not the one to pick. I have an above average endowment, yet I’m quite small (2-1/2″) when soft, and the CB6000s that I wear daily is a perfect fit, and the restriction it provides when my wife teases the s*** out of me is excruciatingly delightful.

    By the way, after 33 days (not my record) the orgasm my wife gave me last night was better (stronger, longer and wayyy more volume of ejaculate) than any I had when I was a horny teenager.

    All the best,


      Hey, thanks for your reply!

      I agree. Choosing a device that is tight whilst flaccid is the best idea. It’ll actually be more comfortable in the long run, too and easier to hide when wearing clothes.

      Glad you and your wife having fun with your CB-6000s :o)


    I don’t think I’ve ever read a review of a chastity device before! Thanks for the article.


      Glad you enjoyed it!

      I have a couple more devices on the way that I’m currently reviewing. Expect more in the next few weeks :o)

    The Temptresss

    Nooooooo it’s the opposite of what I’m trying to achieve … ūüėÄ

    Seriously, if it works for you, dude, but not in my house EVER!


    I own this device. I cant sleep through the night and I have tried all the same remedies you have mentioned. I have also broken 2 of the rings. I do however plan on getting a new one and after reading your review on the holy trainer I am leaning towards that one.

    This device is fun to play with however.


      I’m sorry you haven’t found this device to be quite perfect for you, but I’m glad you enjoy chastity in general.

      The Holy Trainer is definitely much more comfortable. It’s still the best off the shelf device I have ever had the pleasure of being locked in.

      Best of luck with that one in stead and don’t give up on chastity. It’s worth sticking with!


    They so need us to take control, don’t they, Miss Reaghan? Those poor boys and their pnseeis. They waste so much time yanking on the things. These pets and slaves need us to control them and train them, to make them useful in some way. LOLGreat article, MsR!

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