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Review: Steel Pleasures Male Chastity Unit


Posted June 27, 2017 by

It’s 2017 and, as usual, I’m reviewing on my way to work. I’m sat here on the train, locked in this very chastity device and I haven’t had an orgasm for over six weeks. Six weeks isn’t very long, I know, and I haven’t been locked the entire time but it’s enough to give me a good insight into how this device works. It’s also worth bearing in mind that I’ve had this one for almost two years now and I’ve worn it for much longer periods of time (weeks in a row).

I’ve been meaning to review this for ages, but devices and toys I buy myself always go to the bottom of the list. This is actually my first hand built device so it has a special place amongst all the others I own, most of which are completely off the shelf.


Now some of you may recognise this device. Those of you who’ve been into chastity for some time now may remember the website Tickleberry. It’s still around, but it’s completely different from what it used to be. It used to be the number one chastity device store in the UK in the early 2000s. They sold the CB-2000, The Curve and some Tickleberry branded devices, one of which was this one. It was called the 2(d)Ni, which I believe is pronounced ‘to deny’. Clever eh?

If you want to see a bit of history, head over to the chastity-uk website (which again used to be a great resource in the early 00s) and you can see that they haven’t updated it and this device is still showing as being sold by Tickleberry on this page. The new Tickleberry site still shows a couple of photos of it being worn here and here, which is nice.


The 2(d)Ni was always one I really wanted. I’d often log onto Tickleberry and gaze at the shiny stainless steel when I first started fantasising about being kept locked up. I’d spend hours trying to decide which device to buy. I loved the look of this one, but it was risky buying one as a first device without knowing which size to buy. I also loved the original CB-2000, due to its proper cage like looks, but I thought it may be too small for me, being one of the shortest devices on the market at the time. In the end I opted for The Curve, the CB-2000’s big brother as my first device (you can read my review here), which was a good choice as the cage was much longer and it came with many rings (like all CB-X devices) which makes gaining a good fit easier for complete beginners, like I was.

I enjoyed my Curve for a few years before deciding to buy another device but sadly, by that time, Tickleberry had ceased trading and the 2(d)Ni was no longer sold. It was only through searching for custom steel devices a couple of years ago that I discovered Steel Pleasures and rediscovered the Male Chastity Unit. I knew it as soon as I saw it and, sure enough, the guy who owns the business confirmed that he used to supply Tickleberry, back in the day. So, after a few quick emails bouncing back and forth between us, I ordered the Unit from him. I was so excited!


I know most of you don’t become excitable over silly things like chastity devices, but I go crazy. I’m like a little kid! I remember emailing and asking for progress. Ralph, the owner, was very good and kept me up to date. He actually had to delay it slightly due to unforeseen circumstances, but he kept me in the loop. It wasn’t too long (a week or so) that the device arrived at my door.

I couldn’t wait to try it on so I did just that, as soon as I opened it. You can see from the photos below that I actually ordered two rings and a couple of spacers. I wasn’t sure exactly which one to order but Ralph was kind enough to throw in a second ring for free. In the end, I opted for the tighter of the two and the shortest spacer, which seemed to fit the best. I always prefer a tight fit.

You can also tell from the photographs that the poles attached to the back ring are different on each ring. The larger of the two has holes drilled into both poles, so that two padlocks can be attached. Anyone fancy two keyholders? How hot would that be?! You can swap these out with an allen key if you so wish. This actually reduces the security on this device and is my only real criticism of it. If you didn’t have the key and wanted out, a small allen key would free you and enable you to lock back up again. You could easily ruin the heads if you wanted, with a power drill, but it’s a shame you’d have to if you wanted full security. The whole point of a chastity device is you should only be able to remove them with a key. If you’re as keen on chastity as I am, then it won’t be a problem as you won’t even dream of trying something like that, but be wary if you don’t quite have the same amount of self control (or if the person you keep locked, doesn’t).


You will also notice that this is a chunky device! It’s actually, other than my full belts, the heaviest device I own by a long way. It weighs in at 331 grams without a padlock and 348 with the small lock I use on it. Compare that to the CB-6000, which weighs only 53 without a padlock (68 with the lock supplied).

However, you don’t notice it at all whilst you’re wearing it. In fact, the only time I noticed it was when I removed it. I always feel naked without a device on. It feels odd. You know if you wear a watch every day and then, one day, you forget to put it on after a shower? It’s like that. Except it’s not your wrist that feels odd, it’s your penis.  It’s multiplied with this device, though. When you walk around without wearing it, after a few weeks, it really feels odd. It’s also an absolute joy putting it back on again and feeling it there.


The other main thing to remember with this device, other than the weight, is the chunkiness of the rings. They’re flat on the inside, like all good back rings. At least, in my opinion. I know some of you prefer standard rings, curved on the inside, but they just chafe more, in my experience. They poke into my skin. Flatter rings are far more comfortable. These rings, because they’re larger than many, move even less than standard flat rings, due to the amount of surface area that is touching your skin. More surface area = more friction = less movement.  This means that you will probably need to apply a tiny bit more lube than normal (at whatever your desired frequency, mine’s usually twice a day), but I still don’t need as much as when I wear a standard curved ring, which chafe all the time.


Other than the weight, it feels very much like other standard devices. Because of the tube design, it protrudes slightly more than some of the lower profile devices like the CB-6000 or Holy Trainer, but not by much, and not so you’d notice. I wear this underneath a business suit very easily and it’s unnoticeable. Beneath my gym shorts, you can’t tell it’s there. In the changing room, that’s another story, but it’s the same with every device I wear…!

One thing you do need to take into account is the end of the tube. Now, there are multiple options available, but you should have a think before you order one. This one is completely open ended. I opted for this one mainly because I remember seeing this exact version on the Tickleberry website and wanted to see it on myself. But I think I’ll probably order an enclosed end soon, for a little extra protection. The open end looks great, but it’s relatively easy for my penis to grow quite a bit out the end when I’m aroused and I tend to prefer the feel of being completely trapped. Open ends (and large air holes) can also sometimes be an issue for penises with foreskins, so bear that in mind, too. If you have skin you don’t want protruding and want to protect it, the enclosed version may be best. Skin protruding out the end of a device, even a tiny bit, can be a little painful when rubbing against your underwear.

Aside from the enclosed and open ends, there are a couple more. One with tiny screws at the tip that turn it into some kind of torture device. Probably a lot of fun, but you’d have to remove them for everyday wear. And another that has a PA fixing at the end. Now these are the standard options, but if you wanted something a little different, please email them. They’re very open to custom designs.


Wearing this device still feels special, to me. It still reminds me of those earlier days, surfing the Tickleberry website many years ago and lusting after this very item. It’s also my first hand crafted device. Now, there’s nothing at all wrong with off the shelf, machine built items, but there is just something about having something made by hand, just for me.

I’d definitely recommend one of these to anyone. Yes, there are a couple of minor things that aren’t perfect, but the overall package is a joy to wear. And it looks amazing! Chastity devices can change your appearance a lot. Many of them are designed to be as small as possible, constraining you inside them. Lots are see through, to be less obvious. The vast majority are designed to at be lightweight, even the ones that are polycarbonate and the extra material wouldn’t make much difference. This one doesn’t follow those principles. It’s obvious and proud. Walking in to a room naked but locked in this is a statement. Not a statement like many other devices, where you could be embarrassed at how small your penis now looks in its new prison, but a ‘look at me!’ statement. This device is big and chunky and obvious and is shining, glimmering, beautiful stainless steel!


Chastity devices, like clothes, can suit or not suit a person, depending on their physique. I’m tall with a long torso, so I tend to buy underwear with a thick waistband  as I know it’ll suit me more than something tiny. With chastity devices, I like the bulky design on this one as I think it suits my physique more, too. Sure, smaller, lightweight cages look ok, but this one suits my broader, muscular physique. If you’re a bigger guy, like me, you should consider if the device you want is the right kind of statement you want to make (if it’s your choice, of course!). If you check out Tumblr and search for ‘chastity’ you’ll see more and more muscular & athletic locked guys, these days. Most of them are locked in standard cages, but I think a lot more would look good in something like this.


Thanks so much gain for hand crafting this amazing device for me, Ralph. Can’t wait to buy another!

If you want to purchase one yourself, you can find this device (and a whole bunch of more, as well as other amazing steel toys) at Steel Pleasures.



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