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Review: Spiral Chastity Device for


Posted November 24, 2011 by

I’ve had this Spiral chastity device for a while now. I was lucky enough to be sent one by UberKinky a couple of months ago but I always like to test out chastity devices for a long time before reviewing.

Devices like this are different from other toys. They’re designed to be used for days, weeks, months at a time so I always prefer to use them a lot and for extended lengths before crafting an opinion on them.

So, without further ado, here is my first steel chastity device review.


The Device

The Spiral is simple in design. It consists of two parts, the cage and the ring. One attaches to the other and once locked together with the padlock provided, cannot be taken apart without the key (this isn’t strictly true with that particular padlock, but I’ll come to that later). The entire device is crafted from stainless steel and is well made. There are no harsh edges or excess steel from welding anywhere. Due to it’s material it’s heavy, but not too heavy as there isn’t too much to it.

Insertable Length: Internal Cage Length is 85 mm (approx. 3 3/8 inches)

Overall Diameter: Cage entrance diameter is 35 mm (approx. 1 3/8 inches)

The cage is a simple design. It’s crafted from a series of steel rings which are welded together in a curved shape. The end is enclosed but there are plenty of holes throughout. It’s probably 20% air and 80% steel, if that makes sense. Of course, none of the 80% air is big enough for you to slip out…! The cage has two posts welded to it and a hole in the middle of the first ring. This fits together with the main ring, which has two holes and a central post. Once locked in place, a padlock can be attached through the central post on the main ring.

Due to being made from steel, everything about this device is slightly smaller and less intrusive than its polycarbonate rivals. Steel is very strong so the rings can be made from less material but still have a much higher tensile strength, which they are.


Fitting the device is easy, certainly compared with others. Because it only has two main parts, it is considerably less fiddly than trying to attach separate posts through holes in rings etc..

As with my previous reviews, I recommend putting this on in the shower. Shower gel is an effective lubricant, which really helps to slide on a device. Start with the main ring. Its a solid ring so you’ll need to be completely flaccid before you begin. Start by slipping one of your testicles through, then the other, then finally your penis. Once this is done, apply a little shower gel to your penis and slip on the cage. Once he cage is mostly on, line up the posts and fit the two parts together. Be careful not to catch your skin when you attach the cage to the ring. Once this is done, you can attach the padlock. Now that it’s on, blast away any excess gel and you’re good to go.

You don’t have to do this in the shower. I always find it easier but it isn’t necessary, particularly with this device. As mentioned earlier, it’s made from less material which means less surface area which, in turn, means less friction. Due to the lack of friction, it’s a lot easier to put on than any other I’ve tried.


Wearing this device is completely different from wearing the others I own.

Physically, it’s similar… but mentally? It’s a world apart. My Bon4 is great and comfortable but it’s made from silicone so I know if I really want out, I can cut it. My Curve is much stronger as its made from polycarbonate but I know if I really wanted to, I could snap the posts on it pretty easily. With this? Not a chance! As soon as I started wearing it, I knew the only way to remove it would be with the key.

Now unless you’re pierced and have a padlock or other device attached through a PA then no non-belt device will be totally secure. This device is no exception. When completely flaccid and with a lot of lube, I could squeeze my penis out of the cage, but I’m not sure I’d ever fit it back in and I certainly wouldn’t be able to remove the device totally, which is why this one feels different. When it’s locked on, that’s it. End of story. Game over. Do not pass go, do not collect £200…

Other than the mental aspect of being locked in steel, this device is very comfortable. It’s heavier than my others, but personally, I like that as I can feel it there all the time. It’s very manageable, too. I probably wouldn’t want to play rugby wearing it but for every day use (including the gym), it’s not too distracting at all.

With other devices I’ve recommended using a little lube around the main ring to stop any chafing but I’ve found with this that I’ve never needed it. As explained earlier, the rings are smaller so have less surface area so there’s less friction involved.

I’ve worn this for days and nights at a time without having to remove it. I’ve been able to wear it for longer in one stretch than any other device and that’s mainly due to the open design which makes cleaning that much easier.

Sleeping in it is quite comfortable, too. Of course there will be times, particularly during the first week or so, where you’ll become aroused at night and your penis will try to become erect. This isn’t particularly comfortable in any device but it’s a little more bearable in this one due to the reduced amount of friction which is in turn due to the lesser amount of material it’s crafted from, as mentioned above.

One other thing to mention about steel devices… Be careful when sitting down on a hard surface. It might make a noise if you hit anything else that’s hard. I made a clang once when my olympic barbell hit it doing bicep curls once but I don’t think my training partner noticed. At least, I hope he didn’t…


I really like it. Steel is an acquired taste when it comes to restraints. I really like the way steel shines and the look of strength. Others may think it’s a little harsh and overpowering but I think its styling is good.

For me, there’s something about the appearance of being locked away in a metal device that isn’t there with a weaker material. It’s like the difference between being locked in furry leather handcuffs or steel cuffs the police use…

What’s also important is that this device is discreet. It’s small and doesn’t point out too much so is unnoticeable underneath your clothes. I’ve worn it to work under a thin business suit many times and it’s impossible to tell it’s there. As with all non-belt chastity devices, I’d advise wearing tight underwear or a jock strap to keep it from moving too much under your clothes.


As with ANY chastity device, cleaning is imperative. There is no substitute for taking it off and giving it (and yourself) a good, thorough clean. However, if you want a device that you can wear the longest without taking off, you should consider something like this.

As mentioned before, the strength of the steel means that less material is used, meaning less device to clean and easier access to your penis. It’s far easier to give yourself a good clean in the shower in this device than it is with most others as there are more (and bigger) holes. I’ve found that I can clean it, and myself, reasonably well in the shower using just shower gel, a powerful shower head and some cotton buds. The trick is to move your penis around in the device whilst cleaning then blast away all the shower gel afterwards. It won’t beat a proper clean when the device is off, but it’s as good as you’ll be able to do whilst keeping a device on.


Not much, really.  The padlock that’s provided isn’t secure.  I’ve had a couple of devices that come with these style padlocks and each key fits every lock.  If you’re buying one of these then be sure to upgrade to something like a little ‘Master’ padlock.  They’re available from most hardware outlets for a few pounds.  I think mine was £3.50.  The only other thing is that it only comes in one size so be sure to measure yourself before purchasing.  Personally, it’s a little small for me but if you’re about the right size for a CB-6000 then you should be fine for the cage.  Just remember to measure for the ring to ensure it won’t be too tight or too loose.  Other than that, it’s a fantastic device.


It’s great.  It would be better if it came with a couple more rings and a better padlock but other than that I can’t really fault it.  To be honest, if this is the right size for you, there’s no real reason to buy a polycarbonate device.  There was a time when steel devices were expensive and people used to start out with the CB-x000 range before upgrading to something made from steel but when devices like this are available then there really is no need.  I didn’t think I’d say it but this has replaced the Bon4 as being my preferred device.

Thank you so much UberKinky!  I’ve really enjoyed reviewing this one!  If you want to buy one too, you can find them here for the bargain price of £59.99.




    I was thinking about the CB-6000 for the pet, but this one looks like a really nice option too! I love the look of it. Excellent review, thanks!


    I’ve never worn a CB-6000 so I’m not 100% qualified to compare them. I own a Curve though and I certainly prefer steel to polycarbonate.

    Ultimately, they’re both great devices though 🙂


    Great review of this product! All bases covered. This will be the next chastity device I put on my husband/sub.
    Love the look. We currently have the CB6000…this is definitely sexier!!!



    Je porte cette cage depuis maintenant deux semaines, et tout ce qui est dit ici est vrai : confort (après période d’adaptation), contact avec le métal etc. Je reste à disposition de toute personne qui souhaiterait avoir de meilleurs renseignements (Je suis entre Paris et Sud Manche).

    Cette cage est fantastique !.


    These are useful reviews. Have added your site to my links!


    I currently have a Holy Trainer but after any length of time I get a severe burning pain in the scrotum. Even with using ample lube.

    Do you think this device may be a likely alternative?


      It depends on the cause of your pain.

      Is it due to chafing? Or tightness, maybe?

      Or is the cage pulling away from you when your body tries to give you an erection?


        I think the issue maybe when I’m high and tight. The burning seems to go away when my scrotum gets looser. But I don’t seem to have much control over that.

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